• Detailed explanation of vs2015’s built-in localdb database usage


    Programmers will deal with databases more or less during programming. If visual studio is used for program development, Microsoft’s SQL Server database is the best choice. But the problem is that the SQL Server database is often several gigabytes, and the space occupied after installation is also quite large. Does every developer need to install […]

  • The tutorial of compiling opencv249 with C + + vs2015 in win10 environment


    Open cmake, set the source file path, and build path. In the first step, I used the new build and buildwin32 before, so here I built another folder test to demonstrate. Then click Configure, and the compiler options will appear. Visual studio 14 2015 generates the solution of Win32 and visual studio 14 2015 win64 […]

  • Solution of vs2015 IIS express unable to start


    Because I installed all kinds of messy software, then I accidentally unloaded IIS express and downloaded an IIS express 7 from the Internet. After the installation, I could not start debugging using vs 2015 locally, and F5 could not start IIS, After F5 debugging again, IIS express did not start. The logging error is as […]

  • What to do if Fabs function cannot be used in vs2015?


    In vs2015, Fabs function cannot be used, and its main function is to find the absolute value. Under the. Net platform, if there is a corresponding function named ABS in the math namespace, the absolute value can be calculated. What if vs2015 can’t use the fabs function? Please see the details below. Software name: Visual […]

  • How does vs2015 debug dynamic library? Vs dynamic library call method


    In addition to debugging exe program, vs2015 can also debug DLL Dynamic Library. The operation method is very simple. Please refer to the introduction below for details. Software name: Official Chinese full version of visual studio community 2015 (vs2015 Community Edition) Software size: 3.74GB Update time: 2017-02-22Download now 1. Open vs2015 software and select from […]

  • Detailed process of opencv3.1.0 configuration in vs2015 under win10


    It was found that opencv3.1.0 has been released, and the computer just reconfigured the system. It is found that the configuration process of opencv2 is simpler than that of opencv2, and it has been adapted to vs2015. Download and install opencv3.1.0 1. Download opencv3.1.0, enter the official website, and click opencv for windows to download. […]

  • Text course of OpenCV configuration method under vs2015


    This example for you to share the Android Jiugongge picture display of the specific code, for your reference, the specific content is as follows Please replace the pathname in the following configuration process with the actual pathname. Opencv website: http://opencv.org/ GitHub:https://github.com/Itseez/opencv Configuration process Create a new C + + project. Open project properties. Change the […]

  • Opencv 3.1.0 + vs2015 development environment configuration tutorial


    This example for you to share the Android Jiugongge picture display of the specific code, for your reference, the specific content is as follows 1、 Preparatory work a. Vs2015 environment b. From https://opencv.org/ download 2、 Start installation a. Double clickThe following configuration installation path is obtained: b. Set a path and click extract to start […]

  • Visual studio 2015 + opencv2.4.13 configuration tutorial


    Change the lab, change the computer, and reconfigure the development environment. It’s just that this series lacks a complete configuration tutorial, so we can make it up halfway. May cause this series typesetting change!!! Visual studio 2015 and opencv2.4.13 were selected for this configuration. The reason why opencv3.1 is not configured is that the non […]

  • Vs2015 can’t find Win32 console. How to solve this problem?


    What to do if there is no Win32 console after vs2015 is installed? How to display the console? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Visual studio community 2015 (vs2015 Community Edition) official Chinese full edition Software size: 3.74GB Updated: 2017-02-22 1. First, open the installed vs2015, and then as shown in […]

  • Detailed steps of installing SQL Server 2014 after vs2015 installation


    It has been said on the Internet that if you install SQL Server 2014 and then vs2015, there will be no problem with the software. This time, I installed vs2015 without any preparation. After installation, I found that sql2014 provided by vs2015 only has the function of connecting to the server and managing the database, […]

  • Compilation and Deployment of Netfox Glory 6701/6801 Service Terminal Game


    1. Preface Work needs, contact the code of the net fox, because no contact with VC and cocos after a period of time to build up, record for your reference.Server includes system module (coordination server, chat server, login server, game server), website (front desk, back desk, room card background). 2. Environmental preparation The author here […]