• How to use vs2013 rich client visual experience function?


    When using vs2013, you sometimes need to set and enable rich client visual experience, but this function needs to be turned on by yourself. Many friends can’t find a location. Today, let’s introduce in detail the skills of opening rich client visual experience in vs2013. Software name: Visual studio 2013 official simplified Chinese flagship / […]

  • Detailed steps for vs2012 / vs2013 local publishing website


    Detailed steps for vs publishing website   To publish a website locally (on your own computer), you must first build an IIS server (for specific construction methods, please refer to myLast blog)。 Here are the specific steps: 1. Open your vs2012 website project and right-click the Project menu to regenerate the website project; Right click […]

  • Vs2013 installation prompts the solution that ie10 must be installed


    Although ie10 should be installed directly, it was not very smooth after trying. The following solutions were found and passed the personal test. Create a new bat file with the following contents. Right click to run as an administrator, and vs can be installed normally. @ECHO OFF :IE10HACK REG ADD “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer” /v Version /t […]

  • How to avoid ie10 restrictions during vs2013 installation


    How to avoid ie10 restrictions when installing vs2013 is as follows Vs will tell us that the current environment is not suitable for installing vs2013, and we must upgrade ie version to ie10 If you don’t want to install ie10, is there any way? The answer must be yes. Save the following paragraph of text […]

  • How to build a standard MFC project in vs2013? Skills of creating MFC project in vs2013


    When developing vs2013, we need to use MFC project. How to create MFC project? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Visual studio 2013 official simplified Chinese flagship / professional official edition (full ISO image of vs2013 MSDN original) Software size: 2.85GB Update time: 2018-04-22Download now 1. Choose firstFile – New-engineering,As […]

  • How does vs2013 display line numbers? Visual studio 2013 set line numbers tutorial


    When visual studio 2013 writes code, sometimes when an error is reported, it will find the error according to the line number, but if there is no line number, there is no way to start. If the line number is easy to operate, how can vs2013 display the line number? Let’s take a look at […]