• Visual stduio 2010 development environment building tutorial


    Visual studio is a development environment launched by Microsoft. It is the most popular windows platform application development environment. Visual Studio 2010 was launched on April 12, 2010. The interface of its integrated development environment (IDE) has been redesigned and organized to become simpler and clearer. Visual Studio 2010 also brings   NET Framework   […]

  • Vs how to do the C form application startup interface? VS2010 form Application Tutorial


    Making a software startup interface, many c# novices don’t know how to write a program startup interface, and the online tutorial is very complex. Here I share the simplest startup interface making method, which is only applicable to c# form applications. Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 […]

  • VS2010: error msb4018 prompt CL task fails unexpectedly. How to solve it?


    When using Visual Studio 2010, there was a compilation error. The “CL” task failed unexpectedly. Later, it was found on the Internet,Many people think that ramdisk (memory disk) is used as a temporary folder,After testing, it was found that this was not the reason,VS2010 and ramdisk can now be used simultaneously。Let’s take a look at […]

  • VS2010 how to write c + + code and solve the problem of CMD flashback?


    Recently, when using VS2010 to write C ා code, I found that vs also has the function of editing other languages. I want to try how to write c + + code. It took a long time to succeed. In order to prevent people from detours, let’s take a look at what problems we will […]

  • How to find API functions in VS2010


    VS2010 is the 2010 version of Microsoft Visual Studio. We often use it to edit code in our work. How to check API functions in C, let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Pro Pro Pro Professional Edition Xunlei Express Software size: 2.41GB Update time: 2012-04-27Download now 1. […]

  • How to set project font in VS2010


    The default font of VS2010 is hard to see. You can change the corresponding uniform width font and change the font size at the same time, so that the font looks beautiful and easy to read. Software name: Visual Studio 2010 ultimate vs 2010 Chinese ultimate edition with available key Software size: 2.5GB Update time: […]

  • VS2010 + opencv + MFC read image and video display in picture control


    VS2010 + opencv + MFC reads images and videos and displays them in the picture control for your reference. The details are as follows 1. Create a new MFC dialog application. Other options are default. Click Finish to create a dialog application. Delete some original controls, add picture control and two buttons. 2. Because the […]

  • VS C++ Common Compilation Options Settings


    Note: This article is edited from time to time to supplement the settings often encountered in the work. 1. macro expansionThe various macros often used in code, especially macros, continue to define macros, the code looks more complex. It can be seen that macros bring convenience, but also bring some difficulties to code reading. Fortunately, […]

  • C/C++ Accessing PostgreSQL Database in Windows Environment


    PostgreSQL is a lightweight relational database widely used in Linux environment. Everyone has heard of MySQL, but seldom heard of PostgreSQL. In fact, it has the same performance and application field as MySQL. There is little information about C/C++ accessing PostgreSQL database in Windows environment. This paper analyses the process of C/C++ accessing PostgreSQL database. […]