• How to open port 80 in CentOS VPS to solve the problem of unable to open website


    Are you unable to open the website when using the cloud server? Most of the problems are that the 80 port of VPS is not opened or blocked. How can CentOS open the 80 port of VPS? Need to open through the firewall, specific with a small make up to understand it. CentOS firewall opens […]

  • Method of modifying DNS of VPS host in Linux system


    Godaddy domain name change DNSAmong many domain name registrars, most of them use GoDaddy. Whether or not most of the people support credit card payment nowadays, the ordinary domain name preferential price is also relatively cheap, which is within the acceptable range. After we buy a domain name, what we need to use is to […]

  • The method of partition, format and mount hard disk on VPS of Linux system


    This is the summary of my experience in setting up my VPS these days. My VPS system is Ubuntu. The VPS server is partitioned into a disk, which is the system disk, in the initial server. Therefore, we use DF – HL When the command looks at the hard disk, it is found that the […]

  • Explain how to add hard disk to CentOS on VPS without restarting the server


    For most system administrators, expanding the disk space of Linux server is one of the daily tasks. So this article will use Linux commands to demonstrate some simple steps on CentOS 7 to expand your disk space without having to restart your production server. About expanding and adding new disks to the Linux system, we […]

  • How to solve the problem of VPS forgetting password in CentOS system?


    It’s not applicable to OpenVZ under the solusvm management panel or Xen, because you forget to reset root password directly under the background. However, if you are a stand-alone server or a KVM installation step by step, what if you forget? This article is to record solutions to similar problems. A friend who used to […]

  • How to select and build shadowsocks for foreign servers


    background Just a few days ago, Alibaba cloud sent me a text message and called me to tell me that my student certification has expired. Please renew it as soon as possible. If it stops, it means my blog can’t be used. A blog that has been running for so long is still reluctant to […]

  • What kind of server should be selected to build a station? Which foreign VPS is suitable for building a station? No need to file VPS


    If you want to put the station in China, you can see another article of mine (delivery address: choice of VPS service provider and domain name service provider). If you have decided to put the VPS abroad, you should consider the following aspects of the VPS: stability, speed and price. This article introduces how to […]

  • How does win7 implement the dial-up VPS server of this server?


    How to implement the dial-up VPS server in win7 system? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. 1. Right-click the network icon on the desktop and selectProperty options. 2、Network and Sharing CenterIn the window, click Set NewConnection or network options. 3. Set the connection or network window, selectSetting Dial-up Connection Options。 4. Create […]

  • Aliyun student discount, cloud server pays 9.5 yuan per month


    Aliyun + Campus launched student preferential activities, also known as Yunyi Project, cloud computing inclusive campus plan, to help students achieve a brilliant future! After completing student certification (automatically considered as students below 24), 100% CPU performance servers with a minimum of 9.5 yuan/month can be enjoyed, which is the best choice for learning Linux […]

  • The Solution of Nodejs Unable to Install and Delete Normally under Linux


    Preface Since I bought VPS, I have not been idle. I always want to make full use of it. So I decided to install nodejs and build web servers. Now the stable version of nodejs has been updated to 8.x, so I try to install 8.x. I didn’t expect to run into a pit again. […]

  • The things about deploying hexo blogs on VPS


    Say in frontMacOS is used locally, and VPS system is Debian 8.Although it is a guide to jumping pits, but this article is intended only for self-use, summed up the problems encountered and solutions, for reference only, if there are other problems, please Baidu (google) Overall thinking:The locally debugged hexo project file is pushed to […]

  • CentOS 7 Opens BBR for VPS Acceleration Details


    What is BBR? TCP BBR is a TCP congestion control algorithm produced by Google. BBR aims to maximize bandwidth and avoid queuing. BBR可以起到单边加速TCP连接的效果。 It’s a good alternative to Sharp Speed, but it’s free after all. TCP-BBR congestion control algorithm submitted by Google to Linux mainline and published in ACM queue journal. It inherits the research […]