• Front end | simple example of uploading to qiniu cloud storage using webuploader


    background When making an application, considering that the application will produce a lot of pictures, in order to save energy, we chose qiniu cloud storage. We are all interested in the benefits of using cloud storage, but we are still a little worried. If the third-party cloud storage hangs up (= @ @ =), this […]

  • What is webauthn: login on the web with touch ID and windows hello


    Blog text:https://blog.zhangbing.site/2020/12/28/what-is-webauthn-logging-in-with-touch-id-and-windows-hello-on-the-web/ Enable touchid and windows Hello authentication for your website. Introduction to webauthn: how it works and how it’s implemented. What is webauthn? The web authentication API is aCertification specification, allowing websites to authenticate users with built-in authenticators (such as apple touchid and windows Hello) or security keys (such as yubikey). It uses public […]

  • GitHub desktop solved the problem of submitting the update. The error is 0x80092013


    The first week back to work, write code in the company, and then want to submit an updateresult schannel: next InitialzeSecurityContext failed: Unknown error (0x80092013) Whether it’s update or pull, it won’t workThen there’s the long search for solutions In GitHub desktop’s issue, we found some cluesissue #2187However, his solution is to turn off the […]

  • Identity authentication


    I saw the article “the origin and development of token authentication” a few days ago, and I have made it very clear to use token authentication. I have also answered a lot of questions about identity authentication, and I would like to make a brief summary here. In fact, understanding the core principles is the […]

  • Combination of SAP mm mobile type 101 and 103 + 105?


    Combination of SAP mm mobile type 101 and 103 + 105?   Mm consultants all know that 103 + 105 combination can be used in specific business scenarios, and the final receiving effect is equivalent to 101. If a business person is in the process of receiving goods, due to manual operation problems, the combination […]

  • Use Jenkins automation to build your personal website


    preface First of all, the original intention of this automatic construction is that the information on the website has been changed recently, and I need to put it on record again. But now the filing is much stricter than it was a few years ago, which leads to many irregularities in the content of the […]

  • Kong configures JWT authentication


    We only demonstrate inservicesUpper configurationjwtauthentication. Service opens the JWT plug-in #Create a service to be verified by JWT. A successful response returns Baidu curl -x POST localhost:8001/services -d “name=service.jwt” -d “url=http://www.baidu.com” #View plug-in list curl -X GET localhost:8001/services/service.jwt/plugins #Open JWT plug-in curl -X POST localhost:8001/services/service.jwt/plugins -d “name=jwt” #View the JWT plug-in curl -X GET localhost:8001/services/service.jwt/plugins/jwt […]

  • What are simple and complex requests


    >Several questions: 1. What is cross domain? 2. Why is there a cross domain? 3. How to deal with cross domain In our daily development, we often encounter cross domain resource sharing or cross domain interface access. Cross domain resource sharing (CORS) mechanism allows web application servers to control cross domain access. The cross domain […]

  • Credential flow for SAP QM quality notification


    Credential flow for SAP QM quality notification     As shown in the figure below is a quality notification, and the document type is CC (customer complaint),   This quality notification is associated with the sales order and delivery note, as shown in the figure above. Look at the document flow of the quality notification, […]

  • Front end cookies


    Cookies Cookies feature Front end data storage Back end setting via HTTP header The request is sent to the back end through HTTP header Front end readable and writable Follow the same origin policy domain name term of validity route http-only secure(https) Cookies function Store personalization Store unique user ID when not logged in Store […]

  • Common t-code of SAP PP module


    BOM Cs01 create BOMCS02 modify BOMCs03 view BOMCS11 multi view BOMCS15 reverse check BOM according to materialZ4pp001 reverse query to fgcode according to the materialZppbom view BOM in batch. If virtual parts are displayed downwards, others are not displayed downwardsZppr008 exhibition BOM, but cardZpp001 draft upload BOMCS20 batch modify BOM (batch replace, batch modify quantity, […]