• Redis practice – 02. Redis simple practice – article voting


    demand Function:P15 Post articles Get articles Article grouping Vote for it Values and restrictionsP15 If an article gets at least 200 votes, it’s an interesting article If the website has 50 interesting articles every day, the website should put these 50 articles in the top 100 of the article list page for at least one […]

  • Team and leadership health check | physical examination form


    In this blog post, I want to share a powerful tool, leadership health check. This will help your management team to become stronger and reveal improvement opportunities for an active service leadership team to better empower the agile team you support. First, let’s start from scratch. In the agile coach’s toolbox, one of my favorite […]

  • Excel, the basic document library of go language, is participating in the 2020 open source China software selection


    Go language excel document baseExcelizeWe are participating in the most popular open source China software selection in 2020. Your support is the driving force for the development of the project. Welcome to vote! Voting method: visit the project introduction page to vote www.oschina.net/p/excelize Voting time: 0:00 on October 23, 2020 – 24:00 on November 13, […]

  • Analysis of spring security dynamic authentication process


    If we can’t talk about love, we can feel sorry for ourselves. Wedge We talked about it in the last articleSpringSecurityI believe that after you have read it carefully, you will have a good understanding of itSpringSecurityThe authentication process has been understood for seven or eight points. This issue is a dynamic authentication chapter that […]

  • In simple terms zookeeper


    Zookeeper is a distributed coordination service maintained by Apache. Zookeeper can be regarded as a highly available file system. Zookeeper can be used for publish / subscribe, load balancing, command service, distributed coordination / notification, cluster management, master election, distributed lock and distributed queue. 1、 About zookeeper 1.1 what is zookeeper Zookeeper is the top […]

  • SQL script exercises with SAP Hana web based development tool


    The contents of the database table provided by the CSV file are as follows: links.csv Format: movies.csv Format: a movie can have multiple genres, separated by | ratings.csv: Users score movies: tags.csv : movie tag Exercise 1: List the total number of records in the four tables: select ‘links’ as “table name”, count(1) as “row […]

  • Nacos as configuration center — election mechanism


    Through the first two articles, we can see that Nacos is powerful from the perspective of use. Our existing configuration support is more friendly and less intrusive to the project. This is also the motivation for me to continue to study him and see if it can be introduced into the project. The following three […]

  • Zookeeper’s twelfth company asked, can you do it?


    preface The 12th company of zookeeper, a big factory in the first line, asked, can you stand it? This article has been included in GitHub https://github.com/whx123/Jav… 1. Interviewer: have you ever used zookeeper in your work? Do you know what it is and what is its use? I of chicken Some of them have used […]

  • Raft algorithm election process and scenario analysis


    Raft algorithm is divided into two stages Leader election Three roles Follower, candidate, leader (in order)The three roles cannot be overstepped, that is, leader can only degenerate to follower, follower can only be upgraded to candidate, candidate can be degenerated to follower, or elected as leader. How to convert it? Will term and timeout change […]

  • On chain governance scheme — Analysis of qtum DGP


    introduction Judging from the recent BCH bifurcation process, the governance of pow type chains such as bitcoin has been completely monopolized by large-scale mine owners (ore bullies), and has become a arena for the power and profit of mining bullies, which has greatly damaged people’s belief in the decentralized transformation of blockchain. Although Ethereum has […]

  • The version 4.5.6 of swoole was released, adding zero copy JSON or PHP deserialization


    Swoole v4.5.6 has been released, and two special functions have been added at the bottom swoole_substr_json_decode swoole_substr_unserialize What’s the point? seeSwoole 4.5.6 supports zero copy JSON or PHP deserialization This article only describes the update log: New API newly addedswoole_substr_unserializeandswoole_substr_json_decode (#3762) (@matyhtf) enhance modifyCoroutineHttpServerOfonAcceptMethod is private (dfcc83b) (@ matyhtf) repair Fix the problem of coverage […]