• Apicloud developer’s way to advance | [module tutorial] Touping module demo example


    The Touping module realizes the video screen casting function based on DLNA in LAN, and supports the functions of searching equipment, casting and playing, adjusting the playing progress, adjusting the volume and exiting the screen.`1. <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <head>     <meta charset=”utf-8″>     <meta name=”viewport” content=”maximum-scale=1.0,minimum-scale=1.0,user-scalable=0,width=device-width,initial-scale=1.0″ />     <meta name=”format-detection” content=”telephone=no,email=no,date=no,address=no”> < […]

  • Code splitting-04 of Vue package optimization


    When it comes to the booming front-end circle, there are not only various frameworks, such as Vue, react, angular and so on, but also the development of packaging tools is in full swing, with a hundred schools of thought contending; from the early kings browserify, grunt, gulp, which won the throne later, and fis3, the […]

  • Code splitting-05 of Vue package optimization


    Recently, I found that the technology of ecui + 441 was very poor. Is this tolerable? Start optimization decisively. Here’s how I packed one1.44MBAfter the project becomes packaged, only0.42MB, performance improvement70%Yes. Optimization process get ready: vue-cliProvides a very convenient command to view the volume of code after packaging, just add one after the normal packing […]

  • On demand loading of NPM package development


    On demand loading of NPM package development brief introduction People who do NPM packages will find that if you have n methods in your NPM package and only one of them is referenced in a project, all of them will be entered in the webpack package. As a result, the file size is inexplicably too […]

  • Introduction and application of Web audio API


    What is web audio API As an older programmer, most of our knowledge of web pages is in HTML / CSS / JavaScript. We will be proud to think that web pages are UI components used to display content and call server API. But history is always teaching us that if we don’t learn, we […]

  • Well, the webpack plugin with a tinypng compressed image is also soeasy


    preface Once published a performance optimization articleFront end performance optimization guideThe author summarizes some performance optimization experience used in the project development process. To tell you the truth, performance optimization may be useful in the interview process. In fact, few students will pay attention to the details of performance optimization in the process of project […]

  • Realizing the effect of gradual in and out of a song playing pause — electron + Vue writing a player (1)


    order Decided to start blogging. Start with something simple. Today, we are still pondering over the implementation details of music on various platforms. We find that when playing and pausing songs, they will have a short gradual in and gradual out effect. Let’s start to implement it. Design At present, a better way is to […]

  • Using webp image to improve loading performance in CRA


    Webp is a new image format advocated by Google, which aims to provide a smaller image format for the web. In general, lossless compression can be reduced25%-35%In some cases, it will increase the volume, but it is caused by the incompatibility of the converted image format). The lossy compression can save about75%-90%The volume of. compatibility […]

  • Optimization of Web loading speed


    introduction Due to recent work requirements, it is necessary to greatly optimize the user’s loading speed.Next, I will make a summary from the aspect of network request optimization. Some of the pictures are sprite Sprite, also known as CSS Sprite, is a kind of CSS image synthesis technology, which can reduce network requests by taking […]

  • Self portrait tutorial 50 Python_ ADB random key simulation for 2 hours


    Android terminal (car, mobile phone), etc,It is necessary to consider the operation of all kinds of buttons (vehicle steering wheel buttons, mobile phone hard keys),The stability of the system response to key events is tested for 2 hours. Preparation stage Generally, we use ADB shell input keyevent + keycode to simulate key events,For example, the […]

  • What memory is SRAM


    Static data random access memory (SRAM) is a kind of ram. In other words, “static data” means that if the power supply is maintained in this kind of memory, the data information stored inside can be maintained constantly. Under relativity, the data stored in DRAM must be upgraded periodically. However, when the energy supply is […]

  • AHK keyboard enhancement ✨✨✨ v1.1


    AHK keyboard enhancement ✨✨✨ Update to v1.1 Myahk aims to enhance the keyboard function under windows First of all, thanks to the gods of AHK, this tool can greatly increase productivity AHK a keyboard enhancement script, only in thewinwodsUnder available, long term update warehouse link Updated on June 30, 2020 I found some problems after […]