• How to adjust the volume of the MAC device to the minimum sound


    For the volume in the store, sometimes we feel that it is too low, so we should turn it up a little. In some occasions that need quiet, we try our best to turn it down. But we will find that we can’t use volume adjustment to meet our requirements. What should we do then? […]

  • Convert video to small volume apng


    APNGAlthough it is loved by many users, it is not popular for an organization, so up to now, there is no popular library that can compress apng to a very small knowledge. There is oppression, there is resistance, and there are developers dedicated toAPNGOptimized the compression algorithm. After my rough test, the compressed volume can […]

  • Differences among GHO, Wim and ESD


    This article only introducesCompression formatThe difference is not misunderstood by some individuals“Ghost image = fast installed image with drive”, the actual ESD format and WIM format can also be integrated to drive the image of the quick installation version of the secondary package. So we need to explain the premise, and then look at the […]

  • Achieve a song playback pause fade in fade out effect — electron + Vue write a player (I)


    order Decided to start blogging, start with something simple. Today, I’m still thinking about the implementation details of music on various platforms. I found that they will have a short gradual in and out effect when playing and pausing songs. Let’s start to implement it. Design At present, a better idea is to call the […]

  • Browse loader 0.3.0 release


    browserify-loaderrelease0.3.0, there is no function update. The promise feature of ES6 is used to replace the dependency on the RSVP and EventEmitter node packages. The size of the class library has been greatly reduced. Next, we plan to provide plug-in mode to support more languages that can be compiled into JavaScript, includingJSXWait.

  • IPhone doesn’t turn on? A move to help you “revive”


    Some students will choose to buy iPhones with small memory because of insufficient funds, which can really save money. However, after a long time, you will find that the memory is far from enough. When sliding the mobile phone, you often receive the prompt to clean up the space. If you turn off your mobile […]

  • Explain in detail behind webrtc’s high sound quality and low delay – AGC


    Introduction:This paper will comprehensively analyze the basic framework of webrtc AGC with examples, and explore its basic principle, mode differences, existing problems and optimization direction. Earlier, we introduced the in webrtc audio 3aAcoustic echo cancellation (AEC)In this chapter, we will talk about another “a”–   Automatic gain control (AGC). This paper will comprehensively analyze the […]

  • What if you regret upgrading your iPhone? Teach you how to lower ios15 back to ios14


    The current versions of IOS 15 and ipados 15 are not official versions, but only beta versions, so there are various bugs. If you don’t feel good about using them, how can you reduce them from IOS 15 to IOS 14? If you are ready to return to stable IOS 14 for some reason, this […]

  • About the optimized configuration of Ant Design Vue


    Currently used in the projectant-design-vueThe component library is officially configured with on-demand loading function, but in the actual use process, many unused components are still packaged into the project, mainly focusing [email protected]/icons、momentIt takes up a lot of volume Configure the on-demand loading function of the component first <!– Install on demand plug-ins — > yarn […]

  • Webpack 4 Performance Optimization Practice


    Why performance optimization When using webpack, if you don’t pay attention to performance optimization, there may be performance problems, which will lead to the development experience is not very smooth. The main performance problems are slow compilation speed and large packaging volume. Therefore, performance optimization is mainly analyzed from these aspects. This article is mainly […]

  • Solidjs said: I’m more react than react


    Hello, I’m Casson. Recently, there was an old man who often appeared in the marketFront end frameRelated tweets. I thought, “who are you, brother?” A check, the original is a framework author, works called solidjs. This sentence successfully attracted my attention Support modern front-end features, such as JSX, fragments, context, portals, suspend, streaming SSR, progressive […]

  • Learn go and rust through examples — closure


    A closure, in short, is a piece of stateful code. Let’s try to make a counter with closures. Each time we call, the state of closures will be increased by 1 Go func intSeq() func() int { i := 0 return func() int { i++ return i } } func main() { nextInt := intSeq() […]