• 1. Digital circuit concept


    1、 What is a digital circuit In the world of circuit, signal transmission is divided into two kinds of signals, one is called analog signal and the other is called digital signal Analog signal: analog signal refers to the information expressed by continuously changing physical quantities. The amplitude and frequency of the signal change continuously […]

  • No server, point-to-point, share local files through sound


    Written By ZION3R url : https://www.kitploit.com/2020… First, nearby devices negotiate a webrtc connection by exchanging the necessary session description protocol (SDP) data through a series of audio sequences. After successful negotiation, a local webrtc connection is established between browsers and allows data exchange through the LAN. The details are as follows (2-minute video):https://youtu.be/d30QDrKyQkg You can […]

  • Object storage cos launched one-stop content audit service to help build a green Internet


    This year, the state Internet information office further promoted the special action of “Qinglang · Spring Festival Network Environment”. As of March 24, the online information office had cleared more than 2.08 million pieces of relevant illegal information, disposed of more than 72000 accounts, and coordinated the closure and cancellation of more than 2300 filing […]

  • How to record wechat withdrawal messages in Python


    import itchatfrom itchat.content import *import osimport timeimport xml. dom. Minidom # parsing XML module This is the file directory for saving withdrawal messages (such as pictures, voice, etc.), which has been written dead here, and you can modify it yourself Temp = ‘/ users / yourname / documents / itchat’ + ‘/’ + ‘withdrawn message’if […]

  • C # realize voice chat


    1、 Voice chat says that the professional point is instant voice. It is a network-based technology for rapid transmission of voice information. It is widely used in all kinds of social software. Its advantages mainly include the following: (1) Timeliness: video live broadcasting sometimes has high delay due to bandwidth problems, while voice live broadcasting […]

  • Combination of enumeration and structure in STM32 programming


    01、Structure definition Basic definition: structure, in popular terms, is like packaging. Some attributes with common characteristics (compared with those belonging to a certain kind of things) are oftenAggregation of certain business related attributes)The variables of are encapsulated inside, and the internal variables can be accessed and modified through certain methods. Definition of structure: First:Only structure […]

  • How to pass the quality control of real-time voice?


    Hello, everyone. I’m CV Jun. I’ve been dabbling in voice for some time. Today, I’d like to talk about how to pass the quality before and after voice transmission, that is, how to evaluate the quality of our voice, such as microphone and other sound equipment. In terms of speech quality, we have three overall […]

  • [SOTA overview of AI stack] if you don’t know all these, how dare you say you can AI? [speech recognition principle + practice]


    Chapter contents preface Principle of speech recognition Signal processing, acoustic feature extraction Identify characters to form text Acoustic model Language model Lexical model Speech acoustic feature extraction: the principle of MFCC and logfbank algorithms Practical ASR speech recognition model System flow API interface based on HTTP protocol client future Actual combat second tone Baidu and […]

  • Take you to realize audio and video playback with avplayer


    Project overview The following items are based on the actual application of AVPlayer, which can achieve the full play effect of audio playing, vertical and vertical screen video switching, and tiktok vertical screen.Project address:AVPlayerAudioVideoIf articles and projects are helpful to you, please give a star ⭐ Hello, your star ⭐ It is the driving force […]

  • Tencent cloud speech synthesis TTS


    Tencent cloud speech synthesis c# example Official API document of speech synthesis Start writing in the order of official documents. 1、 Request URL splicing The first pitfall is that the URL must be byAscending orderArrange and splice, otherwise the nextauthentication Definitely fail Basic link: https://aai.qcloud.com/tts/v1/<appid>? Parameters: { “projectid”: “0”, “sub_service_type”: “0”, “speech_format”: “mp3”, “volume”: “3”, […]

  • Secret of Xinye voice service architecture


    Secret of Xinye voice service architecture preface Telemarketing and post loan contact are an important part of the company’s business. In order to realize the function of voice call, the company has a set of self-developed voice system to support it. Are you curious about how the voice system is realized? With the development of […]

  • Explain the technological innovation behind windows 11


    Over the past 30 years, windows has become an indispensable partner for hundreds of millions of people in the world to work, live and create. On October 11, 2021, Microsoft officially ushered in its latest product. Under the background that mixed office and remote collaboration have become the new normal, the innovative functional design, efficient […]