• Solve the problem that VMware 15 centos7 bridging mode SSH suddenly cannot be accessed


    Because I want the virtual machine to have its own LAN IP, I use bridging, which is convenient for testing Here comes the question: 1. SSH suddenly fails to connect, and the items on the virtual machine cannot be accessed 2. The virtual machine is networked as usual, and there is no problem pinging with […]

  • VMware 15 installation of Mac OS System (picture and text tutorial)


    Installation environment WIN10 VMware Workstation Pro 15.0.0 Build 10134415 Tool preparation VMware Workstation Pro 15.0.0 Build 10134415 Download address on official website: http://download3.vmware.com/software/wkst/file/VMware-workstation-full-15.0.0-10134415.exe Give several serial numbers: AC11H-4HZ05-08EDQ-APQGX-YCUC8 ZG780-8EZ9M-M89LY-M5PEG-W2AZ8 ZF3NU-D6XEJ-48E7Q-27YNC-PC8ED MacOS Unlocker for VMwareDownload address https://github.com/DrDonk/unlocker Local download address: https://www.jb51.net/software/638933.html MAC OS 10.11 Download address: https://www.jb51.net/software/354290.html preparation After the installation of VMware Workstation Pro 15, […]