• Mobile phone web development (APP / Applet / H5)


    Smart phones have changed everyone’s life from all aspects. It has become a daily phenomenon to take a taxi, play games, work, order takeout, brush news, chat and make friends through mobile phones. The visit volume of traditional websites and forums has declined dramatically, and the transformation of mobile Internet has become the trend of […]

  • Xmake v2.1.9 release, add visual graphic menu configuration


    This version is mainly addedxmake f –menuRealize user-defined graphic menu configuration, with interface style similar to Linuxmake menuconfig: For more instructions, please read: documentation manual. Project source code: GitHub, gitee New characteristics Add todel_files()Interface to remove some files from the list of added files Add torule(), add_rules()Interface to implement custom build rules and improveadd_files(“src/*.md”, {rule […]

  • Regular debugging tool sharing


    [TOC] It is said that if you want to be good at your work, you must first make use of your tools. So do you learn to be regular. Good tools can help us understand better, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Today, I will talk about a few regular […]

  • Using tensorboard to visualize instances of loss and ACC


    1. Try… Except… To avoid import errors due to different versions try: image_summary = tf.image_summary scalar_summary = tf.scalar_summary histogram_summary = tf.histogram_summary merge_summary = tf.merge_summary SummaryWriter = tf.train.SummaryWriter except: image_summary = tf.summary.image scalar_summary = tf.summary.scalar histogram_summary = tf.summary.histogram merge_summary = tf.summary.merge SummaryWriter = tf.summary.FileWriter 2. Write code to scope (scope does not affect code operation) with […]

  • Getting started with tensorflow


    brief introduction Tensorflow is the most popular deep learning framework. Let’s first refer to the introduction of tensorflow on the official website, and take a look at Google’s positioning for this product. TensorFlow™ is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. Nodes in the graph represent mathematical operations, while the […]

  • Wonderful review of pycon China Shenzhen station (with PPT and video)


    This article is a joint launch of pychina and the “programming school”. The author is Earl Grey. The programming school is a WeChat official account for Python learning and communication. On September 25, the sixth pycon China Conference was held in Shenzhen. This is the second stop of the conference. The first stop has been […]

  • Python quick advanced – Opening


    I have been writing technical articles on the front page, and found that the circle is very small, and there are few visitors. From today, I will move the headline articles to segmentfault one after another, and add new content. Python fast advanced series of articles are suitable for those who have Python foundation to […]

  • Tensorflow learning notes (6): embeddings of tensorboard


    Preface This paper is based on how to on tensorflow. Tensorboard is a visualization tool of tensorflow. Embeddings is one of its functions, which is used to explore high-dimensional data in two-dimensional or three-dimensional space. An embedding is a map from input data to points in Euclidean space. This article uses MNIST data to explain […]

  • Online regular expression testing tool


    Share regular expressionsVisualizerandtest tools。 Regular expression visualizer It’s easy to understand points by graphically displaying regular expressions. address https://jex.im/regulex Online regular testing tool In addition to providing regular tests, it also provides the ability to display group capture results. Address: https://regex101.com

  • Shadow widget, a visual development tool for react, is not a proper primer (Part 6: markdown)


    From the perspective of shadow widget authors, this series of blog posts explains the design points of the framework. This article explains the application of markdown in shadow widget. Application of markdown in shadow widget Markdown in shadow widget adopts the markdown syntax rule of John Gruber. Thanks to markdown support<tag>For the writing method with […]

  • Building a multi node elastic search cluster on centos7


    The brain map of this paper is as follows: There are 747 words in the article. It takes about 2 minutes to read! Summary Recently, I learned elastic search. Since I learned it, how can I play without a real cluster? So I have to build one myself! Note:This article starts fromMy personal blog: codesheep, […]

  • Function introduction of highreport report report tool


    At present, most of the domestic report tools are Java versions, such as Runqian and fanruan, while the report tools written by C ා are not available in China. This paper introduces a domestic report tool written by VS2010 (C ා), which is designed with Excel like design and zero code to realize complex report […]