• Rapid development of web form page in jnpf zero code development platform


    JNPFIt is an excellent software platform product, visual development environment, new zero code development, the operation is quite simple, process form development allows business personnel to participate in it, do what you see is what you get, greatly improve development efficiency, can help the company greatly save labor costs and time costs, while not losing […]

  • Jnpf rapid development platform 3.0 will be released soon


    After about 7 months of R & D testing, the 3.0 version of jnpf rapid development platform will be released in October. Compared with the current version 2.5, version 3.0 has made a lot of major breakthroughs, innovation, optimization and upgrading on the basis of the old version. The new version mainly has the following […]

  • Build cross platform front end app with electron


    preface Now, with HTML, JavaScript, CSS Node.js Writing desktop applications is not a new thing. As a front-end, it is exciting to be able to use a familiar language to quickly realize the desktop application that you want.At present, the common ones areNW、heX、Electron。 Today, let’s start with electron. What is electron? Electron is a framework […]

  • Some skills about markdown


    The purpose of this note is to sort out some of markdown’s rare but useful tips. What is markdown? Markdown is a lightweight markup language founded by John Gruber. It allows people to write documents in plain text format that is easy to read and write, and then convert them into valid XHTML documents. This […]

  • New zero code designer of jnpf rapid development platform version 3.0


    Jnpf rapid development platformThe biggest upgrade of version 3.0 is the birth of zero code designer. The emergence of zero code designer reduces the threshold of jnpf rapid development platform again, and greatly increases the convenience and ease of use of rapid development platform. The so-called “zero code” means online development through automation and visualization […]

  • Mongodb start message about after fassert() failure in MAC environment


    Start error after mongodb installationThis is a problem of permissions. You can run as an administrator directly For example, if mongod can be started, add sudo in front of it sudo mongod Success ~ ~ ~ you can connect to the database visualization tool to test whether it is successful

  • Introduce two docker visualization tools


    Original text: https://www.toutiao.com/i6780… Docker is a very popular container technology, now it is widely used in all walks of life. However, how to manage the docker container is a problem, so I would like to introduce two docker visualization tools to you today, hoping to help you. Portainer Portainer is a visualized docker management tool, […]

  • Full data link analysis solution


    Introduction:Front end early chat live dry goods Author: idle fish technology – Yunting Background Since its establishment in 2014, Xianyu has realized the transition from 0 to 10 million dau. With the rapid development of business, business decision-making methods are closely updated. From the most primitive experience driven to more scientific and reasonable data driven. […]

  • Overview of automatic generation of logical code


    Introduction:How to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of software development has always been a concern in the field of software engineering. Among them, automatic program generation technology is considered to be an important method to improve the degree of automation and final quality of software development, and has been widely concerned by academic and […]

  • Data analysis — Rethinking visualization


    1、 What is big data visualization and its application 1. What is big data visualization It is the theory, method and technology of transforming data or information into graphics or images and displaying them on the screen by using computer graphics and image processing technology. 2. Generalized visualization 3. Visualization Science The purpose of scientific […]

  • Rational Rose 2007 cracked version


    First download the good software, the link is here Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1op-W-ZX1tqefHffs3m-r0AExtraction code: 0jwm This includes the visual modeling software of rational rose 2007, as well as cracking files. You can download them directly. I can’t open the software after installation according to other people’s instructions on the Internet, and say that I need to modify […]

  • Play with regular expressions! Recommend a quick check, debugging, verification, visualization tool


    As a programmer and contemporary coder, you need to write regular expressions from time to time. But, after all, regular is not a language, not all programmers can, or very proficient, sometimes, you will encounter a very wonderful regular expression, maybe you can’t write it, the boss is still in a hurry! The project is […]