• Visual studio 2017 cannot load the SharePoint solution created by visual studio 2015


    The latest visual studio 2017 enterprise edition was installed a few days ago. It was found that the SharePoint 2016 solution previously created with visual studio 2015 could not be opened. It was prompted that “update required”. resolventAs follows: Right click Edit. Csproj, change the value of minimumofficetoolsversion from 14.5 to 14.0, and then reload […]

  • How to set copyright in Visual Studio 2017


    How to set copyright in Visual Studio 2017 is as follows 1. Visual studio 2017 setting copyright   A in team development or company development, we generally like to set copyright descriptions for our created classes or interfaces and other templates, but it is very hard to add each class one by one, so we usually […]

  • Causes and solutions of compilation errors in Visual Studio 2017 creating. Net standard class library


    The official version was released last month. Since then, we often receive update tips. It is estimated that there are still many problems! Of course, what attracts me most are. Net standard and. Net core. Just recently contacted the. Net standard project and created a new class library to compile directly, but there was an […]

  • Vs2017 Cordova ionic2 mobile development environment building tutorial


    Share vs2017 Cordova ionic2 mobile development environment building tutorial 1. Document overview This document is used to describe the running environment configuration for cross platform development using ionic 2 under Visual Studio 2017. 2. Installation environment Windows10 3. Install visual studio 2017community 3.1 official download address:https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/ 3.2 to run the installer, you need to select […]

  • Solutions to visual studio 2017 installation failure


    Vs2017 installation failed. After vs2017 update today… Mvc5 right click and no controller appears Then I repair and reinstall… And the installation operation fails.. prompt that the installation of. Net.core.sdk fails Then I downloaded an SDK… Can’t install it Error message: The product failed to install the listed workloads and components due to one or […]

  • How visual studio 2017 publishes dotnet core to docker


    Needless to say, docker has many advantages that can be moved《Getting started with docker》, as an old bird in. Net, I also want to catch the last bus of docker early to reduce all kinds of holes in deployment. The following steps are for me to fully run after the official release of visual studio […]

  • Go mod graph visualization — gmchart


    background Previous buildgolangA problem was that the dependent package version was clearly specified, and the version number was automatically raised during construction. I didn’t know why at that time. I know there’s one in the backgo mod graphThe command can list all dependencies. After trying, it is not intuitive at all. It has to be […]

  • Open download! OSS operation and maintenance basic practice manual


    With the advent of the era of big data and cloud computing, developers will encounter some problems in technology, operation and maintenance and solutions by using traditional operation and maintenance methods. This book club will solve various OSS problems encountered by operation and maintenance personnel when deploying services on the cloud, overcome existing difficulties and […]

  • Writing static libraries using Visual Studio 2017


    Building wheels is an interesting thing. Vs is a powerful tool and can be competent for large-scale projects, but seriously, it is not so friendly to the configuration of less large projects (other tutorials on the Internet are not friendly at all orz). Here is the correct pose for building a simple static library. (by […]

  • Visual studio looks for the necessary runtime files for c# programs


    In project packaging, sometimes a headache is that the library files required for operation cannot be fully included, especially sometimes a series of external extensions are called. For these problems, we can borrow the packaging function of visual studio to help us find the library files necessary for software operation. First, we create a new […]

  • Visual studio 2017 release more powerful!


    Visual studio 2017 release: more powerful! Official release Original:A fresh update to Visual Studio 2017 and the next preview In March this year, Microsoft released visual studio 2017, which is also the latest and most powerful integrated development environment for windows devices. At this build developer conference, visual studio 2017 was enhanced again. Microsoft today […]

  • Visual studio for Mac first experience


    Your favorite IDE is now available for Mac. Before visual studio for Mac, there was visual studio code for Mac. At that time, we thought visual studio code was a cross platform version of visual studio, but Microsoft didn’t think so. Visual studio code is still too simplified compared with visual studio, and enterprise application […]