• The change and invariance of const modified variables in C / C + +


    constKeyword is a common keyword in C / C + +, which is used in many booksconstThe decorated variable is described as a constant. In general, a constant cannot be modified. First look at the following code: const int a = 10; a = 11; At this time, some intelligentIDEIn the environment, for examplevs2019The red […]

  • Vector of C + + STL


    1.new vector<int> V; 2.push a element to V V.push_back(element); 3.visit elements in V by index cout << V[i]; by iterator iterator is analogous to pointer,the definer is: vector<typename>::iterator it; then ‘it’ is a variable,the type is ‘vector<typename>::iterator’,we can get the address of the element via *it eg: vector<int>::iterator it = V.begin(); for(int i=0; i<V.size(); i++){ […]

  • . net tool resharper: how can I help visual studio users?


    ReSharperIs a well-known code generation tool that can helpMicrosoft Visual StudioBecome a better ide. In essence, the resharper feature can be used for C, vb.net, XML, asp.net, XAML, and build scripts. With resharper, you can conduct in-depth code analysis, intelligent code assistance, real-time error code highlighting, solution wide code analysis, fast code correction, one-step code […]

  • How to remotely debug nodejs applications running on the server with Visual Studio Code


    Suppose I have a nodejs application running on AWS – amazon Web Service. I want to use the local Visual Studio Code to debug the nodejs application on the server side remotely. The debug configuration for Visual Studio Code defines two types, attach and launch. The official documentation of Visual Studio Code explains these two […]

  • Software shortcuts


    vs Shortcut keys explain Use scenarios ctrl+T To all Global search for files, strings, variables, types, etc. is very useful ctrl+ G Go to line N vs code command Common shortcuts Shortcut keys explain Use scenarios CTRL+P To all Global search for files, strings, variables, types, etc. is very useful ctrl+ shit+` Callout terminal ctrl+j […]

  • HDOJ-1003: Maximum Continuous Sum


    The title of HDOJ-1003 is as followsProblem DescriptionGiven a sequence a[1],a[2],a[3]……a[n], your job is to calculate the max sum of a sub-sequence. For example, given (6,-1,5,4,-7), the max sum in this sequence is 6 + (-1) + 5 + 4 = 14. InputThe first line of the input contains an integer T(1<=T<=20) which means the […]

  • HDOJ1004-Let the Balloon Rise


    Problem DescriptionContest time again! How excited it is to see balloons floating around. But to tell you a secret, the judges’ favorite time is guessing the most popular problem. When the contest is over, they will count the balloons of each color and find the result. This year, they decide to leave this lovely job […]

  • HDOJ-1005: Number Sequence


    Problem DescriptionA number sequence is defined as follows: f(1) = 1, f(2) = 1, f(n) = (A f(n – 1) + B f(n – 2)) mod 7. Given A, B, and n, you are to calculate the value of f(n). InputThe input consists of multiple test cases. Each test case contains 3 integers A, B […]

  • The Problem of Const Modified Variable Value Variability and Invariance in c/c++


    constKeyword is one of the most commonly used keywords in c/c++, which will be used in many books.constModified variables are described as constants, so in general, constants cannot be modified. First look at the following code: const int a = 10; a = 11; At this point in some of the more intelligentIDEIn the environment, […]

  • A Practical Example of Developing Etaifang Based on. net Platform (C#)


    This is an early version of this article to help developers who have a basic understanding of the Ethereum Block Chain Platform learn how to program the Ethereum Platform using the Nethereum. NET library. I’ll add more in this article later, but for now, I’m using it to publish a series of C # examples […]

  • Resolve VSCode Opening Zsh Scrambling under Mac


    1. Scrambling The iTerm2 terminal uses Zsh and configures the Zsh theme, which requires the installation of fonts to support the arrow effect. The font is set in iTerm2, but the arrow in VSCode still displays scrambled code. ITerm2 is shown below: VSCode is shown as follows: 2. Solutions 2.1 font Find out if the […]

  • “The strongest in the universe” IDE, Visual Studio officially released in 2019


    Reprinted please indicate the source: Grape City official website, Grape City for developers to provide professional development tools, solutions and services, enabling developers. This article was translated and published by Vineyard Visual Studio 2019 was officially released early this morning and is now available for download. With Visual Studio 2019, you and your team will […]