• ERP extremely fast configuration tool, LR intelligent rapid development platform


    In recent years, with the deepening of marketization and increasingly fierce competition, the enterprise resource management system (ERP) has been introduced in a timely manner to fully integrate sales, procurement, production, cost, inventory, distribution, transportation, finance, human resources and other resources to achieve the most It has become the focus of SMEs management upgrade to […]

  • Quickly develop OA system to make enterprise management smoother


    “The development of informatization has become an irreversible trend. It affects the office model of enterprises to varying degrees. The emergence of OA makes the road of informatization go further. It makes the management of enterprises from top to bottom more smooth .” Mechsoft rapid development platform analyzed according to the latest situation. 1. Task […]

  • VSCODE multi-line comments, shortcut keys


    arts /Jing Zhaoxiapublic number /Asahi’s light and shadow notesID / zhaoxiajingjingThe official account is starting, please supervise me to complete it1 article/week vscode multi-line comments, modify shortcut keys:File>>Preferences>>Keyboard Shortcuts>>Search for comment>>Toggle Block Comment>>Edit>>Press the keyboard shortcut>>”Enter” to confirm

  • Learn the solution and project structure of WPF


    1. Overview The ancients said: If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. To learn a new development, you must first understand its development tools and project structure. At present, the development tool for WPF projects is commonly used Visual Studio, and there are other development tools such […]

  • Entity Framework one-to-one relationship mapping


    One-to-one relationship is a very complex relationship in Entity Framework, involvingHasOptional 、WithRequired 、 WithOptionalPrincipal 、 WithOptionalDependent. In this article, we will explain in detail how to use them. Let’s take members and orders as an example. A member may or may not have an order, but an order definitely belongs to a member. Let’s first […]

  • VS 2013 writing C precautions and usage skills


    Install If the downloaded Visual Studio Community 2013 is the English version, you can install the Simplified Chinese language pack for Visual Studio Community 2013, click to download. Uninstallation: Use the official Microsoft tool Microsoft Visual Studio Uninstaller to uninstall. write C New Project Tips: Uncheck “Precompiled Header” first, and then check the empty project. […]

  • Entity Framework many-to-many mapping


    In the previous article, we explained the one-to-many relationship mapping in EF. In this article, we explained the many-to-many (Many-to-Many Relationship) relationship mapping in EF. In this article, we also use a simple example to explain the many-to-many relationship mapping. Zero, automatic generation of relational tables Story: In a student course selection system, there are […]

  • VS2019 practical settings


    scroll bar curly braces in c++ Brackets Background Settings

  • osg+ActiveQT embedded ie64 bit


    written in front Recently, Boss asked to embed the current osgGIS effect into the webpage to realize it. After more than a week of tossing, it was finally done.Let me talk about my own environment first: the system is Window10, the osg version is 3.4, the qt version is 5.9, and the vs2017 compilation project […]

  • Entity Framework entity state


    Starting today, we begin to explain the entity state and data operations in EF. This article first explains the entity state.Through the previous study, we know that EF is responsible for tracking the state of the entity through the upper and lower bits. The location of the entity state is in the namespaceSystem.Dat.EntityinnerEntityState, there are […]

  • Microsoft: officially released the Winform designer for .NET Core


    As Microsoft’s most proud IDE editor, Visual Studio has already shocked countless developers who focus on the .NET platform by its powerful design capabilities and WYSIWYG effects. And .NET Core, as the first cross-platform (Mac OSX, Linux) application development framework launched by Microsoft, has also been placed with great expectations. Today, Microsoft officially combines the […]

  • Entity Framework little knowledge (5)


    existMany-to-many relationship mappingThe middle association table is automatically generated by EF. But sometimes we need to display the definition association table. We can define it in the following steps (continue to use the many-to-many relationship mapping article to starve the code): Define the association table class: public class StudentCourses : BaseEntity { public int StudentId […]