• Vscode plug in development (3) theme


    Let’s go back to the book and say that after the installation of the basic environment, we are going to play our own theme 1. Create a theme project $ yo code SelectionNew Color Theme Next, complete the project creation according to the selection in the figure Open the project as shown in the figure […]

  • Code snippet of vscode plug-in development (IV)


    Preface In order to speed up the code, we must have code snippets and create new user snippets I’m crazy. I don’t like to build new computers or vscodes every time. I’m so bored So create a snippets plug-in for your own use. You can modify it as you like. I will reinstall the plug-in […]

  • Vscode plug in development (V) plug in package


    Tired of a plug-in Click to install, a plug-in to find it! I hope:**There’s a vscode, a computer, and a plug-in installation. Put all my plug-ins in my vscodeI want to start writing code in a minute** Then, it’s better to realize your wish by yourself! Create extensions pack To configure This is simpler. Fill […]

  • Vscode plug in development (VI) package and release


    Installation tools $ npm i vsce -g Register publisher identity 1. Microsoft account registration: Https://login.live.com/ log in to your Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, register first: 2. Create an organization https://aka.ms/SignupAzureDevOps Azure 3. Create token After entering the organization’s homepage by default, click Security in the upper right corner To create a token, […]

  • Block level scope binding (temporary deadband) (difference and connection of VaR & & let & & const)


    Introducer In the past, we have been puzzled by JavaScript’s variable declaration mechanism. Most C-like languages create variables (bindings) while declaring them. In the previous java script, when to create a variable depends on how to declare it. The new syntax of ES6 can help you better control the scope. This article will explain why […]

  • Basic use of eslint


    The programming style of JavaScript With the development of front-end projects, JavaScript accounts for a large proportion. Good writing style is needed to improve the efficiency of code collaboration among multiple people. Besides, code still needs to be read by people. Therefore, code with high readability and maintainability is of great significance in many cases. […]

  • Node.js + websocket to create a simple chat room


    Introduction to websocket Websocket is actually a new content in HTML. Its essence is a network communication protocol. Here are some characteristics of websocket: (1) because the connection is created on port 80 (WS) or 443 (WSS), almost all firewalls will not block websocket links, which is the same as the port used by HTTP […]

  • Vs code extension to improve web development efficiency


    Before we start, let’s see if you can answer the question: what’s the difference between visual studio code and visual studio? I’m afraid some people don’t know. I’d like to make a brief explanation. Visual studio is a comprehensive and convenient integrated development environment, while vs code is an open-source, cross platform source editor, especially […]

  • Vscode standard JavaScript coding style guide for obsessive-compulsive disorder


    Tools and information QQ group – Javascript advanced crawler (832946826) – author’s own group, welcome to join! Awesome Java crawler – Crawler related tools and data collected by the author Javascript code specification – Official Chinese document Preface Sorry, obsessive-compulsive disorder is about me.From Java to node, some java coding styles have been brought. Where […]

  • Thank you for “you” —— socket.io


    I have posted an article about how to use node.js + websocket to build a simple multi person chat room. Interested friends can pay attention to my technology Inn, Taotao technology inn. Today, I learned a framework of websocket — socket.io. I feel refreshed and relieved from endless callback functions. Today, I will continue to […]

  • Mac OS configuration iterm2, oh my Zsh, zsh_


    MacOSTo configureiTerm2,oh-my-zsh,’zsh’ zsh MacSelf containedzshterminal cat /etc/shells Modify the default terminal of the system tozsh #Change terminal chsh -s /bin/zsh #Confirm whether the change is successful echo $SHELL # /bin/zsh installoh-my-zsh https://github.com/robbyrusse… install sh -c “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/master/tools/install.sh)” Install themes and fonts Link https://github.com/powerlevel Because it’s installedoh-my-zsh, just install it in the following way git […]

  • Vscode Guide


    Official address Official documents and Downloads Sinicization command+shift+p -> configure language -> Configure Display Language -> zh-cn Color theme Use defaultMonokaitheme Icon theme Use defaultvscode-iconsPlug-in Icon Shortcut keys command 1 2 3Split screencommand bSidebar hiddencommand k vMarkdownturn on side Previewcommand shift kDelete current rowcommand /Single-Line Commentscommand option mJSON decompressioncommand + K + JCreate a new […]