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  • Deep optimization of streaming scene of taote fluent


    Author: Jiang Zejun (true meaning) Taote uses flutter in many business scenarios. Coupled with the complexity of the business scenario itself, it is obvious that flutter uses native (android/ios) development in the sliding browsing process of low-end streaming scenes. After a series of in-depth optimization by analyzing the performance problems of the business layer at […]

  • How to use the useintersectionobserver method provided by vueuse package (parameter; return value)


    const {stop} = useIntersectionObserver(target, fn, options) 1. The parameter target represents the DOM element being monitored 2. The second parameter is the callback function, which is used to notify the listening action (the first formal parameter isintersecting of the callback function indicates that the monitored element has entered the visual area) 3. Parameter three indicates […]

  • New issue of dry goods come, how to use bootstrap (Le byte) 1


    BootStrap                                           A kind of                     primary coverage Installation and use of bootstrap Introduction to bootstrap Official website: http://getbootstrap.com/ Chinese website: http://www.bootcss.com/ Bootstrap is a ready-made collection of CSS styles (which is still very friendly). It was done by two twitter employees. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework […]

  • Sticky head effect


    Introduction A recent effect: when the page scrolls, when the specified element exceeds the visible area, it needs to be fixed at the top of the visible area. Later I came up with another way to record it. Origin My GitHub Train of thought This kind of thinking is quite common and has been used […]