• Installation and configuration of shorewall firewall under Linux


    Environment Description: This machine has only one network card and uses static IP to surf the Internet   Command: apt get install shorewall Ubuntu will automatically give youinstallOK, but shorewall is not configured or started   【1】 First, CP / usr / share / Doc / shorewall / examples / one interface / * / […]

  • How does Linux prohibit specific IP address access to ensure system security


    In the Linux system, if you need to prohibit access to a specific IP address to ensure the security of the system, you only need to operate iptalbes. The following small series will introduce you how Linux prohibits access to an IP address. Interested friends can learn about it. 1、 Overview These two files are […]

  • How does Apache prohibit IP access


    How to make the web server built with Apache accessible only through the set domain name, but not directlyserviceThere are two IP addresses to access the devicemethodCan be achieved (limited to what I know, of course, there will be others)methodCan be implemented), which is to modify httpd Conf file, as illustrated below.   method1: In httpd […]

  • robots. Txt detailed introduction


    robots. Txt is a plain text file. In this file, the website manager can declare the parts of the website that do not want to be accessed by robots, or specify that the search engine only includes the specified content.robots. Txt basic introductionrobots. Txt is a plain text file. In this file, the website manager […]

  • Linux building dynamic web server configuration


    Apache configuration fileImportant configuration optionsServerroot the root directory where the server runsMaxclients the number of clients that can access the server at the same timeThe starting location of the DocumentRoot server shared fileListen the port on which the server listensMailbox of serveradmin administratorIdentity of the user & group server operatorErrorlog error log fileDirectoryindex default folder […]

  • Some skills of deep optimization to improve the access speed of the website


    Some skills of deep optimization to improve the access speed of the websiteWebsite access speed can directly affect the traffic of the website, and the traffic of the website is almost directly linked to the interests of the website. Therefore, the speed of the website has become a problem of great concern to enterprises and […]

  • Apache rewrite anti-theft chain setting method


    Now when you are a website, you will encounter chain theft problems, including image chain theft, music or video file chain theft (such as MP3, flash, etc.) I believe many friends have encountered the situation that files, especially pictures, in the website have been stolen. The so-called chain stealing means that the other party’s website […]

  • Solution to slow first visit of asp.net website


    This experience takes iis8 and windows server 2012r2 as examples. Iis8 runs on platforms above Windows Server 2012 and windows 8. In IIS, the application pool and website exist separately, but the website must run on the premise that the corresponding application pool is started. By default, when the application pool is inactive (no requested […]

  • Python accesses and views the computer interface through the mobile terminal


    This article mainly introduces how Python can access and view the computer interface through the mobile terminal. It is introduced in great detail through the example code, which has a certain reference value for everyone’s study or work. Friends in need can refer to it My favorite little sister wants to see what web pages […]

  • Example analysis of DOM node operation and access method in jquery


    This paper introduces the operation and access method of DOM node in jQuery. The details are as follows: Operation of DOM node in jquery Existing object. Append (object to add) Add as last child element Object to add. Appendto (existing object) prepend()/prependTo() Add as first child element Existing element. Before (element to be added) / […]

  • The method of jQuery accessing servlet and returning data to page


    This article describes the method of jQuery accessing servlet and returning data to page. Share with you for your reference. The specific implementation method is as follows: one servlet:AjaxServlet.java As follows: Copy codeThe code is as follows: package com.panlong.servlet;  import java.io.IOException;  import java.io.PrintWriter;  import java.net.URLDecoder;  import javax.servlet.ServletException;  import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet;  import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest;  import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse;  public class […]

  • stay ASP.NET Methods and steps of accessing httpcontext in core5.0


    ASP.NET Core applications access httpcontext through the ihttpcontextaccessor interface and its default implementation httpcontextaccessor. Ihttpcontextaccessor is only necessary if you need to access httpcontext within a service. Using httpcontext through razor pages Razor pages pagemodel exposes the httpcontext property: public class AboutModel : PageModel { public string Message { get; set; } public void OnGet() […]