• Your product needs a customer loyalty program


    The profitability of Internet products is usually generated after a period of user operation and services. Therefore, the app without stickiness and retention will probably end in failure. Product homogenization leads to increasingly fierce competition. If you want to occupy a place in the mobile Internet, it is very important to improve user stickiness and […]

  • Android event bus framework design: eventbus3.0 source code explanation and architecture analysis (I)


    Blog Homepage Publish / subscribe event bus. It makes it easy for us to deliver messages between Android components, and the code has better readability and lower coupling. Simplify communication between components Event sending and receiving are completely decoupled Perfect solution to switch between UI (such as activities, fragments) and background thread Avoid complex and […]

  • Android event bus framework design: eventbus3.0 source details and architecture analysis (2)


    Blog Homepage 1. Viscous event Sticky events can be received by subscribing to the event after sending it, similar to sticky broadcast. First, let’s look at the release mode of sticky events: EventBus.getDefault().postSticky(“hello, eventbus!”); Let’s look at the source code of the sticky event method private final Map<Class<?>, Object> stickyEvents; public void postSticky(Object event) { […]

  • Regular expressions for the front end (3): using the ES6 feature


    Author: Wang ago Crazy technology house Original text: https://wanago.io/2018/05/14/ No reprint without permission Previous (click direct): Regular expressions for the front end (1): basic concepts Regular expressions for the front end (2): write more elegant and precise regular expressions So far, we’ve covered many of the features of regular expressions. But there are more. This […]

  • Five different values of CSS position


    Position property positionAttribute specifies the type of positioning method (static, relative, fixed, absolute, or sticky) to use for the element. There are five different values: static relative fixed absolute sticky Then usetop,bottom,leftandrightAttribute to locate the element. However, unless set firstpositionProperties, otherwise they will not work. They work differently depending on the location value. position:static; By […]