• How does the MAC system check whether it is infected with iworm virus?


    Recently, a MAC system virus called “iworm” has spread wantonly. This virus can directly execute commands on MAC computers and steal user data. According to statistics, 18500 Macs around the world have been infected with this malware.   How to check whether you are infected with iworm virus: In the finder, press the shortcut key command […]

  • Searching virus host in nbtscan LAN


    1) The nbtscan in the compressed package Cyg1.exe and cyg1.exe Decompress DLL into C:. 2) In Windows start run open, enter CMD, enter C: > nbtscan in the DOS window that appears (you need to enter according to the user’s actual network segment here), and press enter. 3) By querying the IP MAC correspondence […]

  • Virus control of large equipment manufacturing enterprises from the shutdown of Toyota


    1. Event background Toyota Motor Company suspended all domestic production in Japan on March 1, including 28 production lines in 14 factories. The reason is that its domestic supplier and parts manufacturer Xiaodao stamping industry Co., Ltd. was attacked by the Internet. Toyota announced that all factories in Japan will resume production on the 2nd. […]

  • Av-test: ranking of famous anti-virus software tests in April 2021


    During March and April 2021,av-test21 windows system security products with default settings were continuously evaluated. The latest public version is adopted for the test. The test software is downloaded from the official website. During the test, the security software can query its own data in the cloud service. The test scenarios are all the actual […]

  • Typical transmission routes of blackmail virus and prevention suggestions


    1、 Typical transmission route of blackmail virus (1) Website hanging horse Users browse websites hung with trojan virus, and the computer system of Internet terminal is likely to be implanted with Trojan horse and infected with blackmail virus. (2) Mail propagation Mail transmission is a common way of virus transmission on the Internet. By using […]

  • Trojan free principle


    Trojan free principle 1、 Experimental purpose 1. Understand the basic principle of anti-virus software signature to detect and kill viruses 2. Master the principle and method of killing Free Trojan characteristic code 2、 Experimental environment 1. System environment: Windows environment, XP environment 2. Software tools: grey pigeon, myccl, OC_ Cntrump, AVG antivirus software, OllyDbg 3、 […]

  • Note the use of backdoors and malware to maintain access in learning penetration testing II


    Series articles: Information collection of learning penetration test Scan port of learning penetration test Recognition operating system for learning penetration testing A brief description of vulnerability scanning in learning penetration testing Remember the proxy server of learning penetration test (keep a low profile) Enumeration of learning penetration tests Vulnerability scanning of learning penetration testing Vulnerability […]

  • New virus — strengthening blackmail virus prevention


    Notice on strengthening blackmail virus prevention Blackmail virus, is a new type of computer virusMail, Trojan horse, web page hanging horseIn the form of. This virus uses various encryption algorithms to encrypt files. Infected people generally can’t decrypt. They must get the decrypted private key before they can crack it. Latest case: one in Wenzhou, […]

  • Analysis of the principle of a vbs script virus


    1、 Foreword The virus teacher threw us an encrypted vbs script virus code to try to analyze. Here, the analysis process is sent out for your reference. If you find any errors or suggestions in the text, you can leave a message to me directly. Thank you! 2、 Catalogue The whole analysis process can be […]

  • What is the SIR epidemic model that has recently been wildly spread in statistical science?


    Recently, I saw a picture of Sir infectious disease model posted on the Internet. Many people should not know much about this model. Let’s talk about this model today. This one is only academic, not anything else. SIR model is one of the most classical infectious disease models. There are also Si and sis. Sir […]

  • Alibaba cloud machine poisoning


    Last night, I received a text message and e-mail from Alibaba cloud saying that the server was poisoned. The contents are as follows: It has been detected that your cloud server (IP) has malicious contracting behavior. In order to avoid affecting the normal use of your server, please pay attention to it and deal with […]

  • Record of operation and maintenance, a virus cleaning


    background The server CPU of a project is overloaded. The top command shows that a wave of high consumption CPU processes are running, and the executing programs are linux commands, as shown in the figure Basically, it can be confirmed that it is a mining virus. Unlike previous mining viruses, the names displayed by the […]