• What are the benefits of using docker?


    This article will show you what docker is, the difference between docker and traditional virtualization, the architecture of docker, the role of docker and the benefits of using docker? What is docker 1.1 what is docker Docker is an open source software deployment solution; Docker is also a lightweight application container framework; Docker can package, […]

  • [flutter 1-3] Android studio error your CPU does not support VT-x


    First address of the article The reason for this problem Android simulator needs calculator processor, which must support one of the following virtualization extension technologies: Extension of Intel virtualization technology (VT, VT-x and VMX) Amd Virtualization (AMD-V and SVM) extension Most processors will support it. Take Intel processor as an example. Open in Bois If […]

  • About docker [1]


    What is it?   Docker is a cloud open source project based on go language. The main goals of docker are“Build, Ship and Run Any App, AnywhereThat is to say, through the life cycle management of application components, such as encapsulation, distribution, deployment and operation, the user’s app (which can be a web application or database […]

  • Complete solution of KVM / QEMU / QEMU KVM / libvirt concept


    prefaceIf you are just beginning to contact with virtual machine technology, you will be confused and confused with the above concepts. Especially when you look at the virtualization technology documents, your understanding ability will decline. Therefore, it is necessary to have an overall understanding and clear understanding of these concepts before you begin to learn […]

  • Docker tutorial – Introduction to docker and containerization


    [note] this paper is translated from:https://www.edureka.co/blog/d…   this tutorial will provide you with the concept and practical knowledge of docker – a new era of containerization technology. In this tutorial, we will focus on the following topics: What is virtualization? What is containerization? Advantages of containerization over virtualization Introducing docker Benefits of docker Virtualization and containerization […]

  • Do you understand the past and present life of docker?


    Virtualization      To explain docker clearly, we should first explain the concept of container.To explain containers, you need to start with the operating system. The operating system is too low-level to be explained in detail in one or two books. Here is a sentence to sum up: operating system (OS) is a computer program that […]

  • You asked me: how to solve the safety problem after the transformation of the container platform?


    BoCloud Bo Yun WeChat official account [you ask me answer] small column, will collect and organize the problems and problems encountered by IT in the construction of enterprises, and make targeted answers by the Bo Yun products and technology team. Every Friday, you can issue the columns for your IT, and hope to provide ideas […]

  • Grey: an application development solution


    greyIt is a subsidiary product of Longyou Tianxia company’s product “overlord at the end of Han Dynasty”. At the beginning, it was developed to solve the product’s scalability, freedom, hot update, video streaming, user DIY, 3D extension, artificial intelligence and other functions. After these functions were integrated, a complete application level solution was formed. greyIs […]

  • Build your own home cloud server cluster


    At the end of last year, we collected wool from two different server manufacturers and got two 2c4g3m cloud servers at a more favorable price. We always wanted to be a server cluster to learn and practice micro service, distributed and big data. But in fact, two servers are not enough, and the cost of […]

  • Cloud solution for VMware business system migration


    background Customers want to move their business from the self built virtual data center to ucloud, hoping to replace the VMware system many years ago with the public cloud system. Among them: Customers hope that the cloud process will not affect the existing business; Remove the over guaranteed equipment hosted by the computer room to […]

  • Linux container technology principle and use


    1.1 isolation and sharing Running multiple logically isolated server processes in a common development environment or a single server. No one’s operating environment wants to affect another. That is, a physical machine needs to virtualize multiple environments or containers. By providing a way to create and enter the container, the operating system makes the application […]

  • Why do mixed clouds exist?


    In recent years, hybrid cloud has been “fried” very well. Now I would like to talk about my views. What is cloud computing? Before we understand the hybrid cloud, let’s recognize the nature of cloud computing. We know that cloud computing has actually become the main form of enterprise infrastructure. It is no exaggeration to […]