• Kubernetes and docker installation in Windows


    K8s and docker container technology are very popular technologies at present. What’s more, this technology stack is not very friendly to DONet programmers of CN. To put it bluntly, 1. Many images need a ladder to access; 2. Window programmers are naturally unfamiliar with command line operations. 3. A lot of information is Linux, etc […]

  • KVM foundation of virtualization technology


    1、 Introduction to KVM The full name of KVM is kernel base virtual machine (kernel based virtual machine). It is an open source system virtualization module, which has been integrated in various major Linux distributions since Linux 2.6.20. It uses Linux’s own scheduler for management, so compared with Xen, its core source code is very […]

  • [original] KVM QEMU analysis of Linux Virtualization (1)


    background Read the fucking source code!–By Lu Xun A picture is worth a thousand words.–By Golgi explain: KVM version: 5.9.1 QEMU version: 5.0.0 Tools: source insight 3.5, Visio 1. Overview Starting from this article, we will start a series of research on virtualization, which will probably involve the analysis of arm64 virtualization support, KVM, QEMU, […]

  • Win10 open Hyper-V and simple use


    brief introduction Hyper-V is built into windows 10. Hyper-V provides hardware virtualization, and each virtual machine runs on the virtual hardware. system requirements Windows 10 enterprise, professional or educational. Home version, mobile version and mobile enterprise version cannot be used. 64 bit processor with second level address translation (slat). CPU supports VM monitor mode extension […]

  • Virt install: a tool for creating KVM virtual machine


    In the previous blog, we used virt manager to create a KVM virtual machine. This tool is a graphical tool, which is very convenient to create a virtual machine. In addition, we also used virsh define / create +The virtual machine configuration file is used to create a virtual machine. This way is through the […]

  • About vagrant


    What is vagrant? Vagrant is a tool for creating and deploying virtualized development environments Take VirtualBox for example. VirtualBox will open an interface for creating virtual machines. Vagrant will use this interface to create virtual machines, and use vagrant to manage, configure and automatically install virtual machines. Common commands command explain vagrant box list View […]

  • VMware 15.5.0 installation Mac OS 10.15.0 system installation steps (Part 2)


    VMware 15.5.0 installation Mac OS 10.15.0 system installation steps (2) super detailed!   If you haven’t read the previous passage, portal:https://www.cnblogs.com/Top-chen/p/12802495.html 6: Configure VMware Tools                                               7: Start installing VMware Tools     […]

  • [original] KVM QEMU analysis of Linux Virtualization (2) armv8 virtualization


    background Read the fucking source code!–By Lu Xun A picture is worth a thousand words.–By Gorky explain: KVM version: 5.9.1 QEMU version: 5.0.0 Tools: source insight 3.5, Visio 1. Overview KVM virtualization is inseparable from the support of underlying hardware. This paper will introduce the support of armv8 architecture processor for virtualization, including memory virtualization, […]

  • Automatic analysis of professional sandbox and malicious samples


    Guide to Yun Mei:Sandbox, also translated as sandbox, is usually used to provide an isolated running environment for programs with untrusted sources, destructive power or unable to determine their intentions. Even many professional sandboxes are essentially an enhanced virtual machine. Sandbox usually can strictly control all kinds of resources that can be accessed by programs […]

  • Vernacular makes you understand docker better


      From the logo Before entering the topic, let’s enjoy the docker logoThe students who have a strong sense of beauty can see that this is a salted fish Well, no, this is a whale. The whale is full of containers. You can see the prototype and feel itThe official team’s interpretation of the logo:「The […]

  • Recommendation of 9 domestic Python virtual machines with high cost performance


    At present, there are two types of virtual machines suitable for Python: App Engine and virtual machine. Here is a brief introduction~ 1、 Application engine Generally, it is resource exclusive PAAS and supports PHP / Java / python/ NODE.JS There are mainly three kinds of programming languages Bae: Baidu application engine http://duapp.com SAE: Sina application […]

  • Docker learning notes – Part 1: Introduction


    #1 docker course Preview 1.1 what is docker Docker is a lightweight virtualization based on container technology. It is an open source engine that can automatically deploy developed applications to containers.Docker refers to the concept of container, but containers are used to transport goods. Docker does not care about what is loaded and where it […]