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  • 13 JavaScript array reduction techniques


    Author: duomlyTranslator: XiaozhiSource: dev.to Like again, wechat searchGreat migration to the worldPay attention to this person who does not have a big factory background, but has an upward positive attitude. this paperGitHub https://github.com/qq44924588…It has been included in the book, the articles have been classified, and a lot of my documents and tutorial materials have been […]

  • 10 super useful JavaScript skills


    By mahdhi rezvi Crazy technology house Original text: https://blog.bitsrc.io/10-sup… No reprint without permission As we all know, JavaScript has been changing rapidly. The new es2020 introduces many great features. You can write code in many different ways. They will achieve the same goals, but some of them will be shorter and clearer. You can use […]

  • New proposal of es: double question mark operator


    Abstract:Simple and practical new features. New proposal of es: double question mark operator Translator: front-end wit This article mainly talks aboutGabriel IsenbergThe ES proposal “nullish coalescing for JavaScript” was written. It puts forward??replace||And provides a default value. Let’s call this proposalDouble question mark operator, if you have a good name, please leave a message to […]