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  • How to manually release swap, buffer and cache in Linux


    Author: Darren_ WenLink: https://blog.51cto.com/wendas…This paper introduces the principle and operation of Linux memory mechanism, virtual memory swap, buffer / cache release and so on. 1、 What is the memory mechanism of Linux? We know that reading and writing data directly from physical memory is much faster than reading and writing data from hard disk. Therefore, […]

  • Fundamentals of computer operating system (10) — virtual memory for storage management


    introduction This is the tenth article,Virtual memory for storage managementBefore we get to know it, there is a problem. A game has more than ten gigabytes, and the physical memory is only 4G. So how does this game run? In order to solve this problem, we need to introduce in this articlevirtual memoryKnowledge of Virtual […]

  • Interviewer: talk about your understanding of physical memory and virtual memory


    The article keeps updating every week, and it’s not easy to be original. It’s the biggest affirmation for me to let more people see it. WeChat can search the public for the first time to read the official account of “backend Technology School” (usually one to two updates earlier than blogs). Let’s continue to learn […]

  • Installing permanent virtual memory on the Ubuntu server system


    Virtual memory, when we install Linux system locally, we usually divide the separate swap partition in advance.But usually, the cloud server doesn’t give you virtual memory when you reinstall the system.And the physical memory of the cloud server is very expensive. It can hardly live without virtual memory.I ran into this problem a few days […]

  • Command usage of monitoring CPU and virtual memory running information in Linux


    mpstatMpstat is the abbreviation of multiprocessor statistics, which is a real-time system monitoring tool. Its reports and CPU statistics are stored in the / proc / STAT file. In a multi CPUs system, it can not only view the average status information of all CPUs, but also view the information of specific CPUs. The most […]

  • Operating system – Operating System Basics


    Concept of process Process: executing program Create process: apply for PCB first – > generate process entityEnd process: end process entity – > release PCB Zombie process More zombie processes still occupy memory, only PCB has no process entity Orphan process Init is like an orphanage Process state switching https://blog.csdn.net/AKUANer… Parallel and concurrent Memory management […]

  • Mongodb 4.2 memory limitation


    Let’s start with conclusions. This paper adapts mongodb 4.2.1 Cannot strictly limit the memory occupied by mongodb through its configuration file Just configure the storage.wiredtiger.engineconfig.cachesizegb to occupy about 60% of the expected maximum memory Recommended to learn Tang Jianfa’s mongodb master class How to use memory in mongodb? Why is the memory full? View mongodb […]

  • Redis tutorial (11): introduction to virtual memory


    1、 Introduction: Like most NoSQL databases, redis also follows the key / value data storage model. In some cases, redis will save keys / values in memory to improve the efficiency of data query and data modification. However, such an approach is not always a good choice. In view of this, we can further optimize […]

  • Common commands of vmstat/top/iostat/route/sar


    【vmstat】The abbreviation of Virtual Meomory Statistics (Virtual Memory Statistics) can monitor the virtual memory, processes and CPU activities of the operating system. It is the overall situation of the system statistics, the shortcoming is that it is unable to conduct in-depth analysis of a process.page accessPage exchangeFrequently used recentlyRational Planning and Design of Memory Use […]

  • Method Tutorial for Extending Virtual Memory


    When the Linux disk is just partitioned, we will partition a swap partition, which acts as a virtual memory and expands the memory. However, in our work, we will encounter the situation that virtual memory is not enough. At this time, we can not re-partition the disk. We can only expand our virtual memory by […]

  • Teaching and Practical Teaching of Setting up Virtual Memory in Linux


    What is virtual memory? First of all, I will take a direct excerpt from the introduction on wikipedia. Virtual memory is a technology of memory management in computer system. It makes the application think that it has continuous and available memory (a continuous and complete address space), but in fact, it is usually separated into […]