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  • [issue 32] spring recruit golang internship: seven cattle


    One side (ask too many questions, just remember these) 1. The difference between red black tree and binary search tree 2. The difference between red black tree and balanced binary tree is compared with balanced binary tree. 3. Methods to resolve hash conflicts 4. Consistent hash algorithm 5. LRU algorithm What is the difference between […]

  • Linux server swap virtual memory


    1、 Memory mechanism of Linux We know that reading and writing data directly from physical memory is much faster than reading and writing data from hard disk. Therefore, we hope that all data reading and writing are completed in memory, and the memory is limited, which leads to the concept of physical memory and virtual […]

  • Summary of redis middleware performance problems


    Summary of redis performance issues preface Preparation background: The current network fault of XXX system is caused by redis memory overflow. In combination with some previous projects, redis components are also used, and there are more or less problems, but there is no targeted and effective analysis. Considering that there are more and more projects […]

  • Linux system diagnostics – memory Basics


    Introduction: Linux system diagnosis – memory Foundation background ====== When it comes to Linux memory, we often focus on basic commands such as free and top. When the system encounters abnormal conditions, the root cause of memory problems is traced, and the deep-seated debugging ability is lacking in on-site diagnosis. This space does not discuss […]

  • Start optimized binary rearrangement


    1、 Virtual memory and physical memory If the process can directly access the physical memory, it is undoubtedly very unsafe. In order to solve the memory security, the current computer and operating system have established a layer of virtual memory on the basis of physical memory.Virtual memory and physical memoryI won’t repeat it here. We […]

  • Redis source code compilation and installation


    Install dependent packages yum install gcc tcl Download source package wget http://download.redis.io/releases/redis-4.0.8.tar.gz decompression tar -xzvf redis-4.0.8.tar.gz Server installation cd redis-4.0.8 make cd src make test make install PREFIX=/usr/local/redis Copy the configuration file to the redis installation directory cp redis.conf /usr/local/redis/redis.conf Start service, configuration /usr/local/redis/bin/redis-server /usr/local/redis/redis.conf The first is to start the redis server The second […]

  • On virtual memory of Linux


    catalogue origin virtual memory Paging and page tables Memory addressing and allocation function Process memory management data sharing SWAP common problem 32-bit and 64 bit Direct operation of physical memory The JVM process is consuming too much virtual memory Common management commands View system memory status pmap Modify memory configuration Swap operation Summary origin virtual […]

  • Deep understanding of zero copy


    Title: in depth understanding of zero copy date: 2021/5/21 16:11 1、 I / O concept 1.1 buffer zone Buffer is the basis of all I / O. I / O is nothing more than moving data into or out of the buffer; When a process performs I / O operations, it sends a request to […]

  • Virtual Memory Essence


    Blog original Virtual Memory Essence introduction Virtual memory is one of the most important abstract concepts in today’s computer system. It is proposed to manage memory more effectively and reduce the probability of memory error. Virtual memory affects all aspects of computer, including hardware design, file system, shared objects and process / thread scheduling. Every […]

  • 3.9 resource limitations of containers


    usedocker run –helpYou can see which resources of the container can be restricted #The following command limits the available memory of the container to 200m #Docker also allocates virtual memory of the same size for containers by default, so it adds up to 400m #Run the stress pressure measurement tool and find that it can […]

  • Embedded Software Engineer written interview guide – operating system


    Hello, everyone. Today update a written interview summary. Due to the limited space, this paper only gives questions and no answers. I put the PDF version inBaidu online disk groupIf there is a problem, you can give feedback to me in time. You can find my contact information on my home page and send it […]

  • How does the shared memory area of openresty and nginx consume physical memory


    OpenRestyAnd nginx servers are usually configured with a shared memory area to store data shared between all worker processes. For example, the nginx standard modulengx_http_limit_reqandngx_http_limit_connThe shared memory area is used to store status data to limit the rate of user requests and the concurrency of user requests in all work processes. Openresty’sngx_luaModule passlua_shared_dict, provide shared […]