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  • Virtual host configuration and pseudo static of Apache


    Virtual host is usually used to configure multiple domain names. We can configure many websites in a server. At this time, we need to have multiple configurations to ensure that the content and source code of each domain name visiting the website are different. Don’t talk much nonsense First we go inApacheThe directory after installation […]

  • Ubuntu install Apache


    1. Install Apache To install Apache, pleaseapache2Install the latest metapackage by running the following command: sudo apt update sudo apt install apache2 After running the command, all the necessary packages will be installed and we can test it by entering the IP address of the web server. If you see the above page, Apache has […]

  • Installation and deployment of CentOS 7 01


    1、 Installation and configuration of virtual software virtual machine(virtual machine) refers to a complete computer system with complete hardware system function and running in a completely isolated environment through software simulation. The work that can be done in the physical computer can be realized in the virtual machine. When creating a virtual machine in a […]

  • The reason and solution of laravel admin user profile not showing


    reason:Right click in the browser to check the head image elements and find that the picture link showshttp://localhost/storage/imag…, is an absolute path, resulting in a 404 error.For the virtual host, the absolute path may not be displayed, but the relative path can be displayed as long as the file exists. So the solution is to […]

  • Nginx configuration virtual host


    Nginx virtual host configuration nginx nginx.confmysql my.cnfphp php.iniapache httpd.conf (1) Open the nginx configuration file VI / usr / local / nginx / conf/ nginx.confAdd a line include Vhost / *. Conf in line 116;Each server module is a virtual host[note] before modifying the configuration file, backup a CP nginx.conf nginx.conf.bak , develop good backup […]

  • Like GitHub paegs, give each user a domain name


    demand This week, Mr. Pan put forward a requirement: students upload files (HTML, JS, CSS )After, can add domain name with student number, for example: 123456 example.com To view the job effect directly. This is not just like GitHub pages. I used to build a GitHub pages blog, which I haven’t used for a long […]

  • How to run two PHP versions on one server at the same time


    Need to learn to communicate with friends, please join the exchange group of us, have problems to communicate together, progress together! The premise is that you learn technology. Thanks for reading! Click here to join the group​jq.qq.com   Suppose you have installed Apache, created virtual hosts for both projects, and added the necessary PHP PPA. […]

  • Script of searching virtual host and domain name with vbs


    If WScript.Arguments.Count <> 1 Then WScript.Echo “Example: CScript ” & WScript.ScriptName & ” www.sohu.com” WScript.Quit End If url=”http://www.seologs.com/ip-domains.html?domainname=”&WScript.Arguments(0) Set oXMLHttpRequest = CreateObject(“Msxml2.XMLHTTP”) oXMLHttpRequest.Open “GET”, url, False, False oXMLHttpRequest.Send str=oXMLHttpRequest.ResponseText ipos=instr(str,”<font face=”&Chr(34)&”arial”&Chr(34)&”>”) ipend=instr(str,”<!—end loop—>”) str=mid(str,ipos+19,ipend-ipos-139) str=Replace(str,”<b>”,””) str=Replace(str,”</b>”,””) str=Replace(str,”<small>”,””) str=Replace(str,”</small>”,””) str=Replace(str,”</font><font face=”&chr(34)&”arial”&chr(34)&” size=”&chr(34)&”-1″&chr(34)&”>”,””) str=Replace(str,”Found”,” Found”) iposa=instr(str,”with”) iposb=InStr(str,”1)”) stra=mid(str,iposa,iposb-iposa) str=replace(str,stra,”lcx”) str=replace(str,”lcx1)”,”<br>1)”) ‘wscript.echo str Set oXMLHttpRequest=Nothing Set objExplorer = WScript.CreateObject(“InternetExplorer.Application”) objExplorer.Navigate “about:blank”    objExplorer.ToolBar = 0 objExplorer.StatusBar = 0 objExplorer.Visible = 1 objExplorer.height=600 objExplorer.width=500 objExplorer.left=400 objExplorer.resizable=0 objExplorer.Document.Body.InnerHTML = str objExplorer.document.parentwindow.clipboardData.SetData “text”, str Set objExplorer=nothing ========================Regular: MSG: “please enter the IP or domain name you want to query:IP = InputBox (MSG, “domain name […]

  • Virtual box 6.1 installs centos7 virtual host


    introduce Requirements: run a set of local and online environment for local development VirtualBox is a powerful open source virtual machine software that can run windows, MAC and Linux operating systems CentOS is the Linux operating system get ready Download and install it from the VirtualBox official website. Open it after installation as follows: Download […]

  • Primary school students read the Apache configuration virtual host tutorial of the city


    @TOC preface Lengyue needs to configure a local virtual host in the company’s development today. There are many holes in the process of configuration. Therefore, it is recorded, and you can learn from it. All the complete code and steps in this article have been put on the blog. You can go to check the […]

  • Play Tomcat configuration must have 10 tips!


    Author: Jason Brittain & Ian F. Darwinsource: http://www.orielly.com/  Translator: Chen Guang Now developing Java Web applications, building and deploying web content is a very simple job. People all over the world use Jakarta Tomcat as a servlet and JSP container. Tomcat has many features, such as free, cross platform and so on. It is very […]

  • Deploying nginx with docker compose to configure virtual host


    About nginx NginxIt’s a high performance oneHTTPServer, reverse proxy server and e-mail(IMAP/POP3)Proxy server. Official testNginxIt can support 50000 concurrent links, andCPUAnd memory consumption is very low, running very stable.  Application scenarios of nginx HTTPThe server:NginxIt’s aHTTPServices can be provided independentlyHTTPService. Can do web page static server. Virtual host: can realize in a server virtual out […]