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  • Learn the engine and host container of Tomcat (4)


    In the previous article, we introduced the connector of Tomcat. The connector will listen to the specified port, convert the received message into HttpServletRequest and httpservletresponse, and submit it to a servlet container for processing. Tomcat’s servlet containers are divided into four types: engin container / host container / context container / wrapper container. These […]

  • CentOS virtual host construction based on IP, domain name and port


    IP based virtual host construction in CentOS First, check that the httpd package is installed Install httpd package installation is complete Start service The main configuration file is / etc / httpd / conf / httpd.conf Edit the configuration file, move to the bottom and start modification Then create web1 and web2 at / var […]

  • Nginx step learning


    Terminal connection to remote server ssh [email protected] //Where name refers to the server login user name and IP refers to the server address #Example: ssh [email protected] Press enter and enter the server password. No accident, you have connected to your server. Next, do whatever you want. Basic configuration start-up Nginx direct start In CentOS 7.4 […]

  • Three implementation methods of virtual host under Linux 7


    1、 Same IP address, different port numbers Virtual host 1: the host IP address is, the port number is 80 (the default port), and the DocumentRoot is / var / www / vhost1. Create the virtual host site home page file in the DocumentRoot directory. [[email protected] ~]# cd /var/www/ [[email protected] www]# mkdir vhost1 [[email protected] […]

  • Tomcat summary


    1. Overview Tomcat is simply a network server running Java. The bottom layer is a program of socket and a container of servlet 2. Structure catalog 1. Bin — start and close the bat file of Tomcat2. Conf — configuration Server.xml configure server related information, such as port number, host 3. Lib — put the […]

  • Let me show you the reward system developed by Xiaobai blogger


    This article was originally published in xjhui’s blog. No one can reprint it without permission! For the best reading experience, it is strongly recommended that you click here to visit xjhui’s blog! Hexo-Donate ❤ Reward system; After the reward and filling in the questionnaire, the information can be displayed in the reward list automatically; GitHub […]

  • About Tomcat


    The server Server refers to the hardware facilities that can provide services to the outside world. It can be divided into server hardware and server software. Only when the server software is installed on the server hardware can the service be provided to the outside world.Server hardware: a computer with an independent IP address on […]

  • Building PHP environment from scratch – openresty


    Reference source:http://openresty.org/en/insta… 1、 Configure the compilation parameters and use the default > cd /usr/local/src/ > tar -xvf openresty- > cd openresty- > ./configure -j2 1、Can’t locate File/Temp.pm in @INC (you may need to install the File::Temp module) (@INC contains: /usr/local/lib64/perl5 /usr/local/share/perl5 /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/lib64/perl5 /usr/share/perl5) at ./configure line 9. yum install perl 2、./configure: error: the […]

  • Tomcat server


    1、 Server related concepts1. What is a server Server: divided into software server and hardware server Hardware server: a computer running on the Internet with static IP (usually with high configuration) Software server: a computer program (software) running on the Internet. Only when the server software is installed on the hardware server, can it provide […]

  • Play Tomcat configuration necessary 10 tips!


    By Jason Brittain & Ian F. Darwinsource:http://www.orielly.com/  Translator: Chen Guang Now developing Java Web applications, building and deploying web content is a very simple task. People who use Jakarta Tomcat as a servlet and JSP container are all over the world. Tomcat has many features such as free, cross platform and so on, and it […]

  • Primary school students will see the Apache virtual host configuration tutorial


    @ catalog preface Configuration process preface Lengyue today in the company’s development, need to configure a local virtual host, configuration process also encountered a lot of holes, for this record, you can learn from it. In this article, all the complete code and steps are on the blog, you can go to viewConfigure virtual host […]

  • How to implement nginx forbidding IP access


    Nginx forbids IP access We will encounter a lot of malicious IP attacks when we use it. At this time, we will use nginx to prohibit IP access. Now let’s take a look at nginx’s default virtual host, which takes effect when a user accesses through IP or through an unset domain name (for example, […]