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  • Tomcat adds context configuration, which causes the project to be loaded twice during startup


    Tomcat demining notes 1. SceneEclipse publishes a web application to Tomcat. By default, accessing the project requires the project name http://localhost :8080/myapp/。Now it needs to be changed to this way http://localhost 。Modify Tomcat’s server.xml File, add the following configuration<Context path=”” docBase=”myapp” reloadable=”false”/>After modification, the host part is as follows: <Host name=”localhost” appBase=”webapps” unpackWARs=”true” autoDeploy=”true”> <!– […]

  • Exchange 2013 learning notes 18: ECP settings


    1.1 on the exchange server DC1, click the windows start menu, find “exchange administrative center”, and then click. 1.2. Click “server”, select “virtual directory”, then select “ECP”, and then click “Edit”. 1.3. Click the “general” option to see the “internal URL”. 1.4. Click the “authentication” option to change the authentication method according to your own […]

  • Centos7 Tomcat service opens Web access directory browsing mode


    By default, due to security considerations, Tomcat does not allow files under the directory to be listed. However, in certain scenarios, you may need to use this function again. Here are the steps: 1. Configuration web.xml File location:%tomcat_home%/conf/ Tomcat’sweb.xml There is a property value in the configuration filelistingThis property value controls whether the virtual directory […]

  • Asp.Net Virtual directory in core


    Write it at the front Deploy now Asp.Net Core applications are no longer limited to windows IIS. They are deployed by docker container and various reverse agents. There are also a small number of IIS deployment, IIS deployment is really fast and simple, graphical operation of three, five division two can publish a system. in […]

  • Spring MVC receives uploaded pictures and stores them in the local directory


    Preface: Project Environment This simple demo is based onSpring MVC frameworkOn, the deployment environment istomcat, bootstrap + jQuery used in the previous section_ file_ Upload component. The way to store pictures is to store them in the virtual directory and return the path to the virtual directory. It is recommended to match the spring MVC […]

  • Apache configuration virtual directory + Zend studio access


    1 General Apache configures the virtual directory, which can be accessed through Zend studio’s project. You only need to modify Apache’s httpd.conf Documents 2 modification httpd.conf Find the httpd.conf , add at the end: <IfModule dir_module> DirectoryIndex index.html intex.htm index.php Alias /alias path <Directory path> Options All AllowOverride None Require all granted </Directory> </IfModule> Where […]

  • Steps and use of building private open source network disk nextcloud under centos8 (based on lamp)


    Introduction:Nextcloud is an open-source and free private cloud storage network disk project, which allows you to quickly and easily build a set of cloud synchronization network disk belonging to yourself or your team, so as to realize cross platform and cross device file synchronization, sharing, version control, team collaboration and other functions. Its client covers […]

  • Tomcat is so simple


    What is Tomcat Tomcat is simply a network server running Java. The bottom layer is a socket program, which is also a container of JSP and servlet. Why do we need Tomcat If you have learned HTML and CSS, you will know that the pages you write can only be accessed by yourself,People can’t access […]

  • Virtual host built by IIS Web


    Virtual host built by IIS Web Virtual directory: it can store the files of a website in different directories of the same computer and other computers. Benefits of using virtual directories: 1. Store the data on different disks or computers, which is convenient for development and maintenance. 2. When the data is moved to another […]

  • Introduction to iisvdir.vbs IIS Virtual Directory Management Script


    IIS manager also creates and deletes virtual directories by calling iisvdir. vbs. We can execute iisvdir. VBS scripts from the command line 1) Create virtual directories: cscript c:\windows\system32\iisvdir.vbs [/s server] [/u username /p password] /create [virtualRoot] Alias PhysicalPath2) Delete virtual directories: 1cscript c:\windows\system32\iisvdir.vbs [/s server] [/u username /p password] /delete [virtualRoot]/Alias3) View all subdirectories under […]

  • Method of Creating FTP Virtual Directory with iisftpdr.vbs


    Applications: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1 Using the command line script iisftpdr.vbs (stored in systemroot\System32\\\\\\) you can create a new FTP virtual directory on a local or remote computer running Windows Server 2003 family members with IIS 6.0. This command does not create or destroy content, but simply […]