• A tutorial on adding status bars for the command line interface and VIM in Mac OS


    What is powerline If you don’t find this article through search engine, maybe you haven’t heard of powerline. If you happen to be a * UNIX party or VIM party, it is strongly recommended that you understand and use powerline. Powerline is a status status line, which is a global status / prompt bar. If […]

  • Methods of setting up golang environment and VIM highlighting go keyword under CentOS


    1、 CentOS builds go environment 1: Download https://golang.org/dl/ Downloadgo1.4.1.Linux-amd64.tar.gz           ArchiveLinux64-bit 2: Switch sudo permission and decompress to / usr / local /tar xzvf go1.4.1.linux-amd64.tar.gz -C /usr/local/ 3: Return to normal user rights 4: Set path vi ~/.bash_profile export GOROOT=/usr/local/go export GOBIN=$GOROOT/bin Export gopath = $home / golang_git the download path when the library is set […]

  • On tab and space indent in VIM


    Analysis of vim indentation parameters Indent with tab tab or space, personal preference. But in most projects, you are used to using spaces. As for indentation, VIM can be configured with the following four parameters set tabstop=4 set softtabstop=4 set shiftwidth=4 set noexpandtab / expandtab1 Resolution: tabstop Indicates that after pressing a tab, it will […]

  • Methods of listing notes such as todo and fixme in VIM


    Preface Many programmers, including me, will habitually use todo, fixme, hack and other comments as prefixes when writing code. In this way, it is convenient for you and the latecomers to know the status of relevant comments and codes in advance However, such a remark can only be seen when you happen to see this […]

  • Summary of vim plug-ins developed by ruby


    Before you start to write a plug-in, you need to confirm whether VIM supports Ruby by the following command: $ vim –version | grep +ruby If the output is empty, it means that your current VIM does not support ruby. You need to recompile it and enable Ruby support. By the way, my current environment […]

  • Ruby learning note 2 helps generate code for VIM to add code headers


    The scripting language is so strong. My goal is to add my default dock generation function to vim. /****************************************************************************** * COPYRIGHT NOTICE * Copyright (c) 2014 All rights reserved * —-Stay Hungry Stay Foolish—- * * @author : Shen * @name : * @file : G:\My Source Code\DefaultCode.cpp * @date : 2014/06/14 02:44 * @algorithm […]

  • Explain the input and output management of Linux system and the common functions of vim


    ####Management of input and output in the system#### 1. Understand input and output redirection of the system Input redirection refers to importing a file into a command, while output redirection refers to writing data information originally output to the screen into a specified file. 2. Manage input and output symbols ##Output redirection ##Redirect correctly##Redirect error […]

  • Tutorial of installing youcompleteme with VIM under Ubuntu


    Tutorial of installing youcompleteme in VIM under Ubuntu 16.4 Youcompleteme is a VIM code prompt plug-in 1 check VIM version first vim –version As shown below VIM – Vi IMproved 7.4 (2013 Aug 10, compiled Nov 24 2016 16:44:48) Included patches: 1-1689 Extra patches: 8.0.0056 Modified by [email protected] Compiled by [email protected] Huge version without GUI. […]

  • Go notes the ides of go


    After a series of work, go language environment has been built. We also have a preliminary experience of most of the commands provided by go. But before the official development, there is still work to be done, that is, to choose an IDE that suits you. Why use IDE “Why programmers use ide”, in some […]

  • How to find the location of vim configuration file in win10 system?


    The power of vim also indicates that it is not so friendly to ordinary users, and its learning cost is higher than other text editors. But this doesn’t affect our enthusiasm for it. Today we’ll take a look at the process of finding VIM’s configuration file in win10 system. For details, please see the introduction […]

  • An overall analysis of the future development trend of e-commerce system


    An overall analysis of the future development trend of e-commerce system Wechat distribution mall system, B2C mall system, o2o e-commerce system and so on. These terms are full of the network, and also reflect the popularity of e-commerce system from the side. This summer, Kui e-commerce will analyze the future development trend of the e-commerce […]

  • Building Lua development environment with VIM


    Building Lua development environment with VIM Original link: https://spacevim.org/cn/use-v Spacevim is a modular VIM IDE, and the support for Lua mainly depends onlang#luaModules and other modules related to them.This article mainly introduces how to use spacevim to build Lua development environment, focusing on the use skills related to Lua development.Before reading this article, you can […]