• Detailed explanation of Linux VIM utility command


    Linux common commands – learned CD RM (followed by RF to delete files or folders) ls (view files and folders under the current path) MKDIR (create folder) touch (create file)Cat MV rmdir whoamI PWD– / ා the root directory Linux system has no drive letter, only the root directory /.– CD directory jump– CP ා […]

  • Basic use of vim tutorial


    Reprinted from: https://www.jianshu.com/p/f1fc65a245e2. Since the form of “think no” looks a little strange, you can go to the original address to view this article. Although this article is not an important achievement, it is also the work of the author. If it is reproduced, it should be stated. Due to the limited time and level, […]

  • VIM directory of vim plug-ins


    Traditional VIM directory plugin Name: name of plugin.vim Load on VIM startup doc Name: name of plugin.vim Using documents syntax Name: name of colorscheme.vim Define color scheme for highlighting indent Name: filetype.vim Define indentation ftplugin Name: filetype.vim Load only for special files autoload Name:???. VIM Only user calls will be loaded to avoid too long […]

  • VIM roaming key, why not set the left hand? Introduction of a 5x speed roaming mode


    Original: little sister flavor (wechat public ID: xjjdog), welcome to share, reprint please keep the source. Let me tell you a story first. A child in his hometown is used to eating with his left hand, even wiping his buttocks. He takes paper with his left hand. As a result, this habit was discovered by […]

  • Highlight the column of vim’s row


    It’s believed that most of the elder brothers like this simple and smooth line highlight: Yes, by default, use column highlighting set cursorcolumn Then, if line highlighting is used by default, underline will appear. It’s not nice. You know…Today, I sawvimColor chart, hahaha, thank you very muchFinally, it is adjusted: set cursorline hl CursorLIne cterm=None […]

  • VIM high frequency operation and common plug-ins


    When you have a server, or operate several servers, there is nothing more uncomfortable and heartwarming than not being proficient in vim. VIM mode is also popular in various editors. Therefore, it is necessary to study vim. There is no practical content about the server in this chapter, just simple operation and proficient use of […]

  • Vim connotes a solution to the go language syntax highlighting problem


    Operating system: CentOS7.3.1611_x64 Go version: go1.8.3 Linux /amd64 Vim version: version 7.4.160 Vim has encountered several problems with syntax highlighting of the go language, and it is too troublesome to look it up every time. Here is a summary. Install git: yum install git Install vim – go: cd ~ mkdir .vim cd .vim mkdir […]

  • WebRTC introduction


    I. what is webrtc Webrtc, name fromWeb im(English: Web real time communication) is an API that supports web browsers to have real-time voice or video conversations. It was open-source on June 1, 2011 and was included in the W3C recommendation standard of the World Wide Web Alliance with the support of Google, Mozilla and opera. […]

  • APUE notes


    Based on the third edition of APUE I am a directory. Chapter 1 UNIX Basics Chapter 2 UNIX standard and Implementation Chapter 3 document IO Chapter 4 documents and contents Chapter 5 standard I / O Library Chapter 6 system data files and information Chapter 7 process environment Chapter 8 process control Chapter 9 process […]

  • Linux — VIM programmer


    Document editor: Emacs, Pico, nano, Joe, VIM, VI vi Three modes: General instruction mode: To open a file with VI is to directly enter the general instruction mode, delete, copy and paste. Edit mode: [I, I, O, O, a, a, R, R] enter editing mode, and insert or replace will be displayed at the bottom […]

  • VIM keyboard shortcut


    Follow-up update: https://www.yuque.com/wangdd/… Overall situation Save the file as SaveAs filename Close the current window:close cursor Move the cursor to the top, middle, bottom H, M, L of the page Move to the beginning of the next word, ending w, e Move to the beginning of the last word B Move the cursor up, down, […]

  • Simple use of vim


    summary First inputThe vim/vi compiler enters the viewing state. I Enter the Entry StateESC exits compilation state to enable it to enter command line stateW Q w save file Q exit program details Use of vi/vimBasically vi/vim is divided into three modes: Command mode, Insert mode and Last line mode. The functions of these three […]