• Java language asynchronous non blocking design pattern (principle)


    There are 2 articles in this series to popularize the asynchronous non blocking mode of Java language. Principles explains the principle of asynchronous non blocking model and the basic characteristics of the core design pattern “promise”. The application section will show richer application scenarios, introduce promise variants, such as exception handling and scheduling strategies, and […]

  • [object moving_ C language version] [continuous update]


      #include “stdio.h” #include “time.h” #include //=================================================== // //Title: C language to achieve villain mobile v1.0 //Author: Zou Yang // Date : 2020/05/28 //June 4, 2020 1. The problem of walking map restriction is improved, and the optimization algorithm is p_ X±P_ When the speed is greater than or less than the map boundary, the […]