• Web GL enters the three-dimensional world


    Three dimensional objects are composed of triangles, so we need to draw each triangle of the object one by one as before, and finally draw the whole three-dimensional object, but there is a significant difference between three-dimensional and two-dimensional. When drawing two-dimensional objects, we only need to consider X and Y information, but when drawing […]

  • On good articles and bad articles


    Introduction:Why do we write? For many technical students, writing is much more difficult than writing code. It is not a good experience to spend hours with the computer and find that they can’t write anything decent. Author Xu XiaobinSource|Alibaba cloud official account Writing motivation Why do we write? For many technical students, writing is much […]

  • Does front end development have to know back-end technology


    First of all, after the era of software development by people, especially after Web2.0, front-end developers do not need to grasp the back-end development skills. The separation of front-end and back-end can not only improve the efficiency of development, but also ensure the stability and scalability of software development to a certain extent, and has […]

  • In depth interpretation of Huawei cloud fine-grained text sentiment analysis and its application


    Absrtact: This article mainly introduces some basic tasks of sentiment analysis, including text, voice, image generation and recognition, focusing on two aspects of Huawei cloud’s fine-grained sentiment analysis. Guide: first, briefly introduce some basic concepts of text sentiment analysis, and then introduce Huawei cloud’s two works in fine-grained sentiment analysis, one is attribute level fine-grained […]