• Uiview control


    Uiview is a view display, which is mainly used for user interaction. It is responsible for rendering the content of the area and responding to touch events in the area. It is not difficult to see from the figure in the previous article that uiview inherits from uiresponder, and most controls in IOS inherit from […]

  • SSM (spring mybatis spring MVC) framework integration [Full Version]


    Integrate SSM 01 relationship between basic configuration files web. XML configurationDispatcherServlet 02 Maven dependency required log4j log4j 1.2.17 org.projectlombok lombok 1.16.10 junit junit 4.12 mysql mysql-connector-java 5.1.47 com.mchange c3p0 javax.servlet servlet-api 2.5 javax.servlet.jsp jsp-api 2.2 javax.servlet jstl 1.2 org.mybatis mybatis 3.5.2 org.mybatis mybatis-spring 2.0.2 org.springframework spring-webmvc 5.1.9.RELEASE org.springframework spring-jdbc 5.1.9.RELEASE src/main/java **/*.properties **/*.xml false […]

  • AgileConfig-1.5. 5 Publishing – supports JSON editing mode


    This update adds two new editing modes: JSON editing mode and text editing mode. In particular, JSON editing mode is a function we are looking forward to. Because everyone is used to Appsettings JSON configuration editing mode, so I naturally like JSON view. With JSON editing mode, you can directly edit the original Appsettings JSON […]

  • An artifact developed by Microsoft to experience the magical journey of code


    [introduction]: codetour is a vs code extension officially developed by Microsoft, which allows recording and playback of code drills and ideas. brief introduction Codetour is a vs code plug-in, which allows you to record and play back the drills and ideas of the code base. We usually explain the function and logic of a piece […]

  • Uistackview linear document flow layout


    overview Uistackview provides automatic layout and automatic scaling features for single row or single column. The feature provided by uiscrllview is that the contentsize is greater than frame Size can slide. In theory, the linear document flow layout can be realized by combining the two characteristics, and the layout is arranged from top to bottom. […]

  • IOS development will these, go to the interview, can increase the salary by 8K (recommended Collection)


    introduce Recently, I have been summarizing and learning. For some time, I have gained a lot from the following contents. It is also recorded here to provide you with likes and forwarding. Statement: I hope youinterviewerDon’t use these questions as interview material to embarrass job seekers 1. The content is biased towards the bottom and […]

  • Flink + Hudi framework Lake warehouse integrated solution


    This article is reproduced from the official account of Qi, and introduces the prototype construction of Flink + Hudi Lake Warehouse Integration Scheme in detail. Hudi The new architecture is integrated with the lake warehouse Best practices Flink on Hudi Flink CDC 2.0 on Hudi 1、 Hudi 1. Introduction Apache Hudi (pronounced “Hoodie”) provides the […]

  • IOS — detailed explanation of off screen rendering


    catalog: 1. Image display principle 2. Image display principle 2.1 image to screen process 2.2 display process 3. Jamming and frame dropping 3.1 vertical synchronization Vsync + double buffering 2.3 essence of frame dropping and screen jamming 4. Off screen rendering 4.1 what is the process of off screen rendering and off screen rendering 4.2 […]

  • Componentone 2017 V2 version officially released


    New version, new experience, componentone 2017v2 surprise you! Recently, the global control industry leader grape city announced that Net full function control package componentone released version 2017v2. This is the second important update of componentone this year since 2017v1 fully supports visual studio 2017. The new version adds new components such as flexviewer, PDF document […]

  • Front end framework Vue interview basic Q & A


    Vue belongs to the popular front-end frameworkFront end trainingIt’s easy to learn Vue, and it’s not difficult to learn, so please read it carefully if you want to engage in front-end work when you have time.What is Vue?First, Vue JS (Vue) is a set of progressive JavaScript framework for building user interface. It is applied […]

  • IOS view layout principles


    Level first, then position: Another idea is to specify the zindex of the view func forUI(){ //Hierarchy is very important. It’s hard to change view.addSubs([ playingV, tShowD, contentHan, progressV, bottomBoard, panelG ]) if calData.isFromStd{ view.addSubs([editX_bt, progressChoosePop]) } layout_h() h.addSubs([rhsMostMenuBtn, downloadB]) if calData.isFromStd{ tShowD.addSubs([vertBar]) } view.addSubs([darkCurtain, donePop, lhsPopViewSpacing, rhsPopViewTimes, speedSelectIdxV]) v.addSubs([resultPop]) let topRhsWidget: (ConstraintMaker) -> Void […]

  • Getting started with IOS swiftui


    At present, swiftui supports ios13 at least. Apple is still upgrading and improving. It is not mature at present, because widgets must be laid out with swiftui, so it is lucky to apply swiftui to the project. When I wrote the demo of swiftui, I felt it was so simple EZ, but there were all […]