• A small function similar to JD plus equity introduction


    Recently, the company is going to develop a set of online paid member app, which is a hybrid development with the original. There is a member equity module that is all developed using H5. I want to show you the cases that need to be made: In fact, there is no difficulty. The main functions […]

  • One of UML, why UML?


    Think in UML learning Object oriented and process oriented are two different ways to describe the world. Process oriented: the world is regarded as a process, and the world is built by interconnected small programs,It is precision.。 But there are too many factors that make up a system. It’s very difficult to take all possible […]

  • Nine of StarUML, some special properties of StarUML


    UMLThe extensibility mechanism of allows you to expand in a controlled wayUMLLanguage. Such mechanisms include:stereotype, tag values, constraints. StereotypeExpandedUMLThe glossary allows you to create new building blocks that are inherited from existing ones, but specifically for your problems. Tag value expandedUMLThe building block properties allow you to create new information in the element‘s specifications. Constraints […]

  • How can IOS simply draw love?


    Inspiration comes from the principle reference of front-end CSS drawing red center Custom love view code #import /** Inspired by the principle of red center drawing in front-end CSS: a square + two circles + a certain angle of overall rotation */ NS_ASSUME_NONNULL_BEGIN IB_DESIGNABLE @interface WGBHeartView : UIView // Mei How big is the heart? […]

  • Ui2code re evolution! Combined with Redux framework upgrade!


    Abstract:Since I had ui2code, my mother never had to worry about me working overtime background The goal of ui2code is to get the corresponding code by analyzing the visual manuscript, so that AI can improve the development efficiency. However, in the past, the output of static pages could not meet the needs of business scenarios. […]

  • Using UIKit and uiview to perform IOS animation on views


    This article aims to become an introduction to IOS animation, aiming to introduce different implementation methods in detail. Given the breadth of the topic, we will cover each section concisely at a fairly high level. The goal is to teach the reader to add animation to his / her IOS application through a set of […]

  • Angular 2 TemplateRef & ViewContainerRef


    Read the latest tutorial of angular 6 / rxjs, please visit the front-end fairy Road TemplateRef Before introducing templateref, let’s take a look at the HTML template element – < template >. Template elements are a mechanism that allows you to include client-side content that does not render when the page is loaded, but can […]

  • Oracle view


    Oracle view In project development, multi table query is sometimes used. There are many methods, such as association, such as view, but for query, view query is the fastest. If you have a lot of field information in your database, you need to query the whole table, such as two table query. We can extract […]

  • Flask web development: basic structure of program


    This series of notes is my notes reading Miguel Grinberg’s “flask web development”, with the title synchronized with the book. I hope to promote my understanding of knowledge by recording technical notes. This chapter corresponds to chapter two: the basic structure of the program. Initialization From flag import flag App = flask (ᥧ name ᥧ) […]

  • SQL Server view query efficiency test


    I.Test backgroundDevelop a project, the database is SQL server. The data in the account table is one or two million, not big or small. In consideration of whether to use the view and worry about efficiency, Baidu has different opinions. Well, practice is the best proof, so let’s test it. 2、 Test environmentWin8 system, memory […]

  • Angular 2 ViewChild & ViewChildren


    Read the latest tutorial of angular 6 / rxjs, please visit the front-end fairy Road ViewChild Viewchild is an attribute decorator used to get matching elements from the template view. The view query is completed before the ngafterviewinit hook function is called, so in the ngafterviewinit hook function, you can get the elements of the […]

  • Hellodjango Article 12: Unlock blog sidebar, gogogo!


    By hellogithub-Dreamer The sample code involved in this article has been synchronously updated to the hellogithub team warehouse Our blog sidebar has four items: the latest article, archive, category and tag cloud. These contents are relatively fixed and independent, and will be displayed on each page. If you get these data from the view function […]