• @Appstorage research


    preface In Apple ecosystem applications, developers will use userdefaults more or less. My personal habit is to save the user-defined configuration information (precision, unit, color, etc.) in userdefaults. With the increase of configuration information, more and more @appstorage is used in swiftui view. stay[Health Notes 3]In the configuration view, I plan to open more customization […]

  • [masonry] detailed explanation and three constraint methods and precautions


    Masonry essence Masonry is the systemAutoLayoutPackaging, including manyAPI, all for the systemAPIPrimary and secondary packaging was carried out. typedef NS_OPTIONS(NSInteger, MASAttribute) { MASAttributeLeft = 1 << NSLayoutAttributeLeft, MASAttributeRight = 1 << NSLayoutAttributeRight, MASAttributeTop = 1 << NSLayoutAttributeTop, MASAttributeBottom = 1 << NSLayoutAttributeBottom, MASAttributeLeading = 1 << NSLayoutAttributeLeading, MASAttributeTrailing = 1 << NSLayoutAttributeTrailing, MASAttributeWidth = 1 […]

  • Ali Sanmian: Soul strike – there is a react fiber. Why don’t you need a Vue fiber?


    When it comes to react fiber, most people know that it is a new react feature. After reading some online articles, they can probably say the keywords “fiber”, “a new data structure“, “scheduling mechanism during update” and so on. But if asked: With react fiber, why not use Vue fiber; Before recursively traversing a virtual […]

  • Class view and function view of Django


    In the very old version of Django, there were only function based views, but the problem was that the function based views were too simple to expand and customize, so they could not be reused. To solve this problem, class based views was born. Therefore, Django now has two views based on function or class. […]

  • Springmvc notes (3)


    1、 Springmvc interceptor 1.1 quick start step Create an interceptor class to implement the handlerinterceptor interface public class MyInterceptor01 implements HandlerInterceptor { /** *Before the target method is executed * @param request * @param response * @param handler * @return * @throws Exception */ @Override public boolean preHandle(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, Object handler) throws Exception […]

  • Implementation principle of shutter provider


    Provider source code analysis Relationship among changenotifierprovider, changenotifier and consumer relationship 1、 Changenotifierprovider 1. The parent class of changenotifierprovider, listenableprovider, implements_ Startlistening method_ Startlistening is mainly used to add the element refresh method to the changenotifier_ In listeners class ListenableProvider<T extends Listenable?> extends ListenableProvider({ … }) : super( key: key, startListening: _startListening, … ); static […]

  • Introduction to Redux data flow


    Excerpt translationa cartoon intro to redux Introduction to Redux data flow Initialize the store, create the store by root component, and use the createstore method to tell the store to use the root reducer There are already multiple child reducers under this root reducer Root reducer uses combinereducer() to integrate child reducers into rootreducer Establish […]

  • Projectors for event consumers – event traceability


    This article is reproduced from [how to decouple]:https://codedecoupled.com/php… In the event traceability architecture, obtaining the current state of the application through the event flow may cause performance problems. The projector generates an independent view to save the current state of the application by listening to events. We can think of it as a materialized view […]

  • Python code reading (Chapter 22): mapping a new dictionary from a source dictionary


    Introduction to Python code reading collection:Why not recommend Python beginners to look directly at the project source code The code read in this chapter creates a new dictionary based on the input source dictionary, keepingkeyValue unchanged,vauleValue is corresponding to the source dictionaryvauleObtained by mapping. The code snippet read in this article comes from30-seconds-of-python。 map_values def […]

  • ClickHouse DDL


    1. database The database acts as a namespace, which can effectively avoid the problem of naming conflicts, and also provide support for subsequent data isolation. Any data table must belong to a database. The complete syntax for creating a database is as follows: CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS db_name [ENGINE = engine]; The database currently […]

  • Devexpress 15.1.8 Breaking Changes


    | Devaxpress 15.1.8 installation file downloadASPxGridView and Editors Suite Bc3133: setting PageIndex property to 0 will not affect endlesspaging mode In previous versions, set the PageIndex property in endlesspaging mode to 0, and the scrolling data will return to the first page. From version 15.1.8, this operation will no longer affect the grid. You can […]

  • Advanced swiftui animation part 3:animatablemodifier


    We have seenAnimatableHow the agreement helps us achievepathandTransformation matrixAnimated. In the last part of this series, we’ll take this one step further.AnimatableModifierIs the most powerful of the three. With it, we can complete the task without restriction. The name says it all:AnimatableModifier. It is aViewModifier, compliantAnimatable. If you don’t knowAnimatableandanimatableDataHow does it work? Please come […]