• Hyperf log viewing component


    Recently, in hyperf, you need to use the function of using routing to view the file log online. No one is found to be easy to use. I wrote a simple one to support viewing and simple content search. 1、 Interface First, the effect picture: 2、 Use 1. Install the components composer require sett/hyperf-log-viewer 2. […]

  • Android Development [1] UI interface in-depth learning


    Android UI All user interface elements in android app are composed of view and ViewGroup objects. View is an object drawn on the screen that users can interact with. ViewGroup is a layout container for holding other view (and ViewGroup) objects! View: the parent class of all visual controls, providing component description and time processing […]

  • Android | Tangram dynamic page Road (7) virtual view of hard core


    What is itVirtualviewIn short, throughxmlTo describe the view, and then compress it into binary format. The client can parse and render it into native view or submit it to canvas to draw. Series articles: Demand background Introduction to Tangram and vlayout Use of Tangram Vlayout principle Tangram principle JSON template and data separation GitHub address: […]

  • Debugging in VS Code Vue.js


    step Open vscode and install debugger for chrome Creating Vue application with Vue cli3 Add project root path“ vue.config.js “Documents module.exports = { configureWebpack: { devtool: ‘source-map’ } } In the. Vscode file launch.json add to: “version”: “0.2.0”, “configurations”: [ { “type”: “chrome”, “request”: “launch”, “name”: “vuejs: chrome”, “url”: “http://localhost:8080”, “webRoot”: “${workspaceFolder}/src”, “breakOnLoad”: true, “sourceMapPathOverrides”: […]

  • MVC and Vue


    MVC and Vue This article was written on July 27, 2020 The first question is: is Vue an MVC or an MVVM framework? Wikipedia tells us: MVVM is a variant of PM, and PM is a variant of MVC. So to a certain extent, whether Vue is MVC or MVVM or not, its ideological direction […]

  • Layout of angular material (2): layout container


    Layout container Layout and container Using thelayoutDirective to specify the layout direction for its child elements: arrange horizontally(layout=”row”)Or vertically(layout=”column”)。 Note that if thelayoutInstruction has no value, thenrowIs the default layout direction. row: items arranged horizontally.max-height = 100%andmax-widthIs the width of the item in the container. column: items arranged vertically.max-width = 100%andmax-heightIs the height of the […]

  • Configuration check of Cassandra data model and schema


    Disclaimers This documentProvides information about datastax enterprise (DSE) and Apache Cassandra Gamma General data modeling and architecture configuration recommendations. This document requires basic knowledge of DSE / Cassandra. It cannot replace official documents.   Data modeling is one of the main factors that determine the success of most projects seen by the datastax customer consulting […]

  • DRF — source code analysis of DRF authentication function


    1、 DRF authentication function source code analysis 1 APIView—》dispatch—》 self.initial (request, *args, **kwargs)–》 self.perform_ authentication(request)—》 Request.user —>self._ Authenticate (self): method of request class — > self.authenticators When is the request class property passed in when the request object is instantiated? When dispatching self.get_ authenticators()–》return [auth() for auth in self.authentication_ If authentication is written in the […]

  • Review of Oracle Database


    Oracle database review catalog Oracle database review Database integrity SQL language DDL database definition language DML database manipulation language insert update delete Table creation, modification and deletion query Single table query join query Subquery and set operation paging Data deletion recovery flashback PL/SQL If case loop while for goto Function Stored procedure Cursor Trigger Exception […]

  • Canvas frame animation games (eat apple)


    First look at the page effect. The following four buttons indicate start, end, pause and continueHere’s a frame of animation: The key of frame animation is canvas API ctx.drawImage () (9 parameters) and setinterval timer.Set the view window of the picture, and display the next picture by displacement every time the task is executed. Code […]

  • Quick layout with CSS viewer


    Author: Ahmad shadedTranslator: front end witSource: Sitepoint Like it and watch it again. Get used to it this paperGitHub https://github.com/qq44924588…On has included, more previous high praise article classification, also sorted out a lot of my documents, and tutorial materials. Welcome to star and perfect, you can refer to the examination site to review, I hope […]

  • Mongodb quick start guide and docker compose quick experience


    Mongodb quick start guide and docker compose quick experience Advantages of mongodb over RDBMS Schema less – mongodb is a document database in which a collection contains different documents. The number of fields, content, and document size may vary between documents. The structure of a single object is clear. There is no complex join. Deep […]