• Only 4 steps can detect and eliminate distributed deadlock through SQL


    abstractThis paper mainly introduces how to detect and recover distributed deadlock by SQL statement in gaussdb (DWS). In the application scenario of distributed data warehouse, we often encounter the problem of hang in the database system. The so-called hang means that although the database system is still running, part or all of the business cannot […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 14-1 on demand content processing


    On demand content processing HTTP clients may send protocol headers to tell the server which resources they have seen. This is when getting the web page (using HTTP)GETRequest) is very common to avoid sending the complete data already obtained by the client. However, the same protocol header can be used for all HTTP methods(POST, PUT, […]

  • There may only be a distance of flutter MVVM from web development to app development


    As a developer, it is particularly important to choose a handy development framework to improve productivity and pleasant coding experience. In the past two years, I have shifted from back-end development to web-end development, and the focus of development has changed from the previous data level to the present presentation level. There are many excellent […]

  • Popular third party libraries and their names


    CocoaPodsAre you tired of dragging libraries into Xcode projects? Well, the emergence of cocoapods will help you solve this problem. Cocoapods is the most famous class library management tool in Objective-C project. It can solve the dependency between libraries and download the source code of the library for our development. Most importantly, most open source […]

  • Pastate.js Responsive react state management framework


    Introduction to pastate What is pastate Pastate is a responsive react state management framework, which implements asynchronous responsive state management. Pastate is a lean framework that encapsulates many high-level concepts, which means that youYou don’t have to learnSome concepts that are difficult to understand can be easily used in a simple application. In the process […]

  • Technology sharing | zookeeper rapidly deploys dble cluster environment


    Author: ye XiaoliThis paper requires readers to master the basic principles of zookeeper and dble.If you want to learn about dble, you can see the dble open class at the end of the article. Zookeeper – distributed coordination technology / dble – distributed database middleware are used to build a cluster, which can provide a […]

  • E-commerce back office from January 25, 2020 to January 31, 2020


    Background of E-commerce mall 1、 Project construction 1.1 prepare the front page 1.2 background preparation environment 1. Install Django restful framework 2. Install Django CORS headers to realize cross region 3. Install djangorestframework JWT to keep the state 1.3. Establish project Establish sub application background and register 2、 User login 2.1 interface analysis Interface path […]

  • [tutorial] Pastate.js Responsive framework (2) multi component application


    This ispastateWelcome to the second chapter of the series of tutorials. In this chapter, weLast chapterAdd more information to the state structure of, and use multiple components to organize the pastate application. Update state structure We package the personal basic information data in the previous chapter asstate.basicInfoProperty, andstateAdd inaddressProperty to save personal address information: const […]

  • MacOS development view and scrolling view


    MacOS development view and scrolling view View is the basis of control. This chapter introduces the basic concepts of coordinate system, view hierarchy management, drawing method and event response; how to manage large-scale view with scroll bar. NSView We all know uiview for IOS, but the view coordinate system of MacOS is (0,0) in the […]

  • ordinary Vue.js How to get started


    1、 Why use it?Previously, jQuery was basically used. JQuery is based on DOM operation. MVVM development mode also liberates the front end from the original DOM operation. We no longer need to spend a lot of time on maintaining the unification of view and data. We just need to focus on the change of data, […]

  • [reprint] SQL server user defined functions


    Original address:https://docs.microsoft.com/zh-cn/previous-versions/aa686015(v=msdn.10)?redirectedfrom=MSDN SQL server user defined functions 2013/06/05 John Papa A user-defined function (UDF) is a prepared code fragment that can take parameters, process logic, and then return some data. According to SQL Server Books Online, SQL Server ™ UDF in 2000 can accept any number of parameters from 0 to 1024, but I must […]

  • Angularjs form validation


    When using angularjs for development, form filling is a very common requirement, and form verification is a headache. This paper makes a summary of this. The form used in the angular view is no longer the normal form in HTML, but an instruction encapsulated by angular. It can complete functions that ordinary form can’t realize, […]