• Live HTML5 video using WebSockets


    This article was published in 2014 and is out of date! No more comments! Recently in a small project need to use related technology, found this article looks good, so the translation reprinted.Recently I’m interesting in these technologies and I’m working on a project related to it. I’ve found this useful article so I translated […]

  • Introduction to avfoundation


    Avfoundation framework brief introduction Avfoundation framework is a special audio and video processing framework in IOS, which integrates audio playback and processing and video playback processing and acquisition functions (to achieve recording, editing and playing audio and video functions); as well as configuring audio session to update equipment audio and video environment__ Avkit framework is […]

  • Ali AI technology behind 268.4 billion sales


    Ecological development trend of artificial intelligence Hello, I’m Lin Wei. The theme of my speech today is “Ai breaks through infinite possibilities – cloud double 11 for 500 million consumers”. I come from systems, but in some recent meetings, I found that more and more people with system background began to study AI. In the […]

  • Win8 system QQ browser download web video specific program — win10 Professional Edition


    Recently, users have reflected to me the problem of downloading web videos in QQ browser of win8 system. However, not everyone can solve the problem of downloading web video in QQ browser of win8 system. Therefore, I have summarized the complete solution for downloading web video in QQ browser of win8 system, which is as […]

  • More than 150 magic websites have been summarized. Don’t you come and have a look?


    Learning Apenology: http://yuanxue365.com/Brief book: https://www.jianshu.com/doyoudo:http://www.doyoudo.com/HowNet: http://www.howzhi.com/Learning from Xiaoyi https://www.51xuexiaoyi.com/ Looking for booksEpubw (quality e-book download website) https://epubw.com/Jiumo’s search for books: https://www.jiumodiary.com/Book Companion: https://bookfere.com/Epubee e-book library: http://cn.epubee.com/books/Superstar reading: http://book.chaoxing.com/Owllook:https://www.owllook.net/Bookcase: https://new.shuge.org/Meet e-books: http://m.xiangshi123.com/ Cold knowledge / Black TechnologyReal time map of global cyber attacks: https://cybermap.kaspersky.com/Toxic chicken soup: http://www.nows.fun/Micro view world: http://www.vizen.cn/Juice charts (all kinds of charts in […]

  • Stream series (13) groupingby method


    grouping Video Explanation https://www.bilibili.com/video/av78225682/EmployeeTestCase.java package com.example.demo; import lombok.extern.log4j.Log4j2; import org.junit.Test; import java.util.List; import java.util.Map; import java.util.stream.Collectors; @Log4j2 public class EmployeeTestCase extends BaseTestCase { @Test public void groudBy(){ //Get employee list based on salary Map<Double,List<Employee>> map = list.stream() .collect(Collectors.groupingBy(Employee::getSalary)); System.out.println(“map:”+map); //Get the number of employees according to salary Map<Double,Long> map2 = list.stream() .collect(Collectors.groupingBy(Employee::getSalary,Collectors.counting())); System.out.println(“map2:”+map2); //Get the […]

  • Tips photokit for IOS development


    summary Photokit should be the standard library introduced by IOS 8 to replace the previous alassetslibrary’s photo album resource access, which was abandoned in IOS 9. Of course, compared with alassetslibrary, its extensibility is higher, and the API is more powerful, but this is not the focus of today’s discussion. Here we mainly discuss some […]

  • Configuration steps of SRT codec with vmix software


    1、 Vmix receives the SRT stream pushed by encoder in listener mode1. Open the vmix software, click “add input” – “more” in the lower left corner, and select the “stream / SRT” option. The interface is as follows:2. Select “stream type” as “SRT (listener)”, configure parameters such as “port”, “latency”, “passphrase” (if necessary), and “decoder […]

  • What is behind the extreme user experience and brand operation? Looking at pornhub from the perspective of front end development


    According to the cultural tradition, Chinese people have always been reluctant to talk about adult related topics. But from the technical point of view, erotic culture and global adult websites are important forces to promote the development of web development technology. Using streaming media technology to continuously challenge the limit of browser video playback experience, […]

  • Using webrtc to build front end video chat room


    Webrtc brings us video and audio chat experience in browser. But in my opinion, the most practical feature is datachannel, which is to build a point-to-point data channel between browsers. Before datachannel, the data transfer from browser to browser is usually such a process: Browser 1 sends data to the server, the server processes it, […]

  • Netease Yidun won the annual excellent content security service provider award again


    The 2019 China (Nantong) short video and live broadcast industry development summit and the first China short video and live broadcast alliance award ceremony were held on November 1 at Nengda Hotel, Nantong, Jiangsu Province. At today’s award ceremony, Netease e-dun won the annual excellent content security service provider award from the organizer. This is […]

  • Test method of dual screen display difference


    The configuration of the same or different video and related instructions are displayed on two screens. The following is what I realized with the electronic fish sail-imx6q.Main screen play video commandInstruction 1: gst-launch-1.0 playbin URI = file: / / / img_ 6009.mp4Instruction 2: gst-play-1.0 / img_ 6009.mp4To control video playing on different screens or on […]