• Redis requires ruby version2.2.2 solution


    Today, when running a redis cluster, the following error is prompted when executing gem install redis:     gem install redis     ERROR:  Error installing redis:      redis requires Ruby version >= 2.2.2. The version of ruby in the centos7 Yum library supports 2.0.0. The minimum required for installing redis from gem is 2.2.2. Use RVM […]

  • Elasticsearch version control — Java implementation


    1、 Foreword In the recent work, there is a scenario in which elasticsearch (hereinafter referred to as ES) is written. Flink processes the data and writes it to es in real time. Now you need to load a batch of historical data into es through Flink. There are two points to ensure: For historical data, […]

  • Devexpress 15.1.8 Breaking Changes


    | Devaxpress 15.1.8 installation file downloadASPxGridView and Editors Suite Bc3133: setting PageIndex property to 0 will not affect endlesspaging mode In previous versions, set the PageIndex property in endlesspaging mode to 0, and the scrolling data will return to the first page. From version 15.1.8, this operation will no longer affect the grid. You can […]

  • Master the basic operation of GIT without Linux foundation


    Git is a tool used to manage projects. Its remote warehouses include GitHub, gitee and gitlab code hosting centers, which can be used not only for individuals to share code, but also for teams to collaborate and publish projects. Let’s learn how to use Git~ Git is divided into three parts on the local computer: […]

  • Quickly create and manage Ubuntu server virtual machines using multipass


    Multipass is a desktop tool officially provided by Ubuntu to manage Ubuntu server virtual machine. This article will introduce how to use multipass to build Ubuntu server virtual machine. Multipass can help us quickly create and manage Ubuntu server virtual machines. 1、 Installation The official website of multipass ishttps://multipass.run/, we can download the linux/windows/mac version. […]

  • Use of Sam BA (Linux)


    Use of Sam BA (Linux) MCU burning tool 1. Download Download the appropriate version on the official website Website:https://www.microchip.com/ Search input in the search box in the upper right cornersam-baSearch, select the appropriate version to download, and then extract it 2. boot from Flash By default, samv7 boots from ROM, we want it boot from […]

  • MapServer is a better GIS Engine than GeoServer (I. exploration of technical scheme)


    Recently, I have made a comparison between MapServer and GeoServer. To be honest, if I want to do secondary development, I must be based on MapServer. If I just use it simply, I must first choose GeoServer. MapServer is based on C language and CGI mode. It is easy to wrap in other languages. The […]

  • Abandon Java 8, Apache Kafka releases the official version of 3.0


    Yesterday, Apache Kafka 3.0 was officially released, which is a large version involving many aspects. In this version, Apache Kafka 3.0 introduces various new functions, breakthrough API changes and improvements to kraft: Apache Kafka’s built-in consensus mechanism will replace Apache zookeeper ™。 Although Kraft has not been recommended for production (list of known gaps), we […]

  • Feeling about seeing the air conditioning page of Yunyou gentleman


    ​ Today, I saw the air conditioner page of Yunyou Jun and was unwilling to copy and paste directly, so I knocked out my own version of the air conditioner.​  ​ It helped me practice some of the usage of reacthooks perfectly, but the audio part hasn’t been completed yet. It will be published on […]

  • Ubuntu install mmcv full


    background Run a baseline of the target detection model. The baseline address ishttps://github.com/yuantn/MI-AODError installing mmcv full Device version Baseline required version: GPU Linux development platform (Ubuntu and CentOS are recommended. We have tested Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS 7.6.) Anaconda3 Python 3.6+ (Python 3.7 is recommended and we have tested it.) Pytorch 1.3+ (pytorch […]

  • [git series] git basic concepts


    Version control system Version control system is a kind of software that helps software developers realize team cooperation and historical version maintenance. A version control system should have the following basic functions: Allow developers to work concurrently; One developer is not allowed to overwrite the modification of another developer; Save all version history. Version control […]

  • Switching the node version under windows is very simple!


    If you are busy or in a hurry, please read step 3 1、 [question background] I occasionally shuttle through the streets and alleys in my life, and often work in parallel with multi project tasksWhen multiple projects are in parallel, due to factors such as creation time or human selection, there are different node versions […]