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  • Yarn related usage


    1. Upgrade yarn version Yarn version upgrade You can upgrade yarn by running the following command: 1: Make sure homebrew is installed $ brew upgrade yarn 2: Download the official script to upgrade $ curl -o- -L https://yarnpkg.com/install.sh | bash 2. Basic usage Initialize a new project yarn init Add dependency package yarn add [package] […]

  • Laravel pit Diary – missing pivot model ID


    Antecedents Recently, the back-end project of the company has been upgraded from the previous version of laravel 5.6 to the version of laravel 5.8. After the upgrade, there are many SQL execution errors in the system. However, the system runs well in the old version, resulting in today’s pit digging trip. Project environment Old system […]

  • Could not find iPhone 6 simulator


    Recently, there is something wrong with the old project that needs to be dealt with. After running the startup command, the following error is reported, indicating that the iPhone 6 simulator cannot be found. react-native run-ios Owaiss-Mac:pdm owaisahmed$ react-native run-ios Found Xcode project pdm.xcodeproj Could not find iPhone 6 simulator Error: Could not find iPhone […]