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  • K8s deployment springboot project (one article is enough)


    At present, many Internet companies are trying to move micro services to the cloud. In this way, they can more easily manage micro service clusters through some mature cloud container management platforms, so as to improve the stability of micro services and improve the team development efficiency. However, there are some technical difficulties in cloud […]

  • Location of common registry


    Location of common registry Use the registry editor to get the following information for the current computer:1、 The installation time of windows system is: Tue, 05 October 2021 21:38:02 + 0800Location of registry: Computer \ HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersionAs shown in the figure below: ID of windows system: 00331-10000-00001-aa099, as shown in the following figure: […]

  • Learning record (I)


    Configure related project builder npm install -g yo npm install -g generator-react-webpack-redux Create project mkdir testOFRedux && cd testOFRedux yo react-webpack-redux function npm start Failed to run,Checked the version number. It’s not a version problem.I went to issues to find the following solution: #Forget to see if there is a webpack module package in the […]

  • Datawale clocks in and docker steps on the pit


    Why use docker? In a word, docker can provide a unified environmental management scheme. As long as you have docker, you can share code with each other and run successfully, because docker can package your dependent environment and distribute it to others without wasting time on environment configuration. Docker uses the sandbox mechanism to isolate […]

  • Discussion on NPM related knowledge


    NPM related knowledge records How to installnpm? NPM is automatically installed when node is installed (recommended)nvmTo install) RecommendedyarnTo manage NPM dependencies (faster, flat structures), and the latestpnpmWorth studying usenrmAdministrationregistry If the company has NPM private server and correspondingscope, you can set the scope to agree to specify the installation source for the packages from the […]

  • Go mod replace use


    Daily development is inseparable from third-party libraries. Most of the time, these libraries meet our needs, but sometimes we need to fork a copy and make some modifications. As the official package manager of the current go language, go mod naturally takes this situation into account. In go In the mod file, the old library […]

  • Springboot exception summary


    The spring boot Maven plugin of the POM file is red The version number should be consistent with the version number of springboot The springboot application is initially built, and the error is: failed to configure a datasource: ‘URL’ attribute is not specified and no embedded The version number should be consistent with the version […]

  • On NPM, cnpm and yarn


    NPM is node JS standard package manager, this article will focus onnpmThe mechanism is discussed and comparednpmAndcnpm、yarnThe difference. How to install a single NPM package The difference between dependencies and dev dependencies is not obvious in ordinary front-end projects. In common front-end projects, such asvueIn the framework, these two mainly specify which dependent packages are […]

  • Litepal operation database


    Litepal is an open source Android database framework, which adopts object relational mapping (ORM) mode. I Configure litepal 1. Introduction of litepal Open build.exe in the app directory Gradle file, add the dependency “implementation ‘org. Litepal. Guolindev: Core: 3.2.3’ in the dependencies closure” dependencies { … implementation ‘org.litepal.guolindev:core:3.2.3’ } Of which 3.2 3 is the […]

  • Introduction to some common configurations in spring boot!


    This tutorial will introduce you to some common configurations in spring boot, such as customizing banner, configuring log, turning off specific automatic configuration, etc. Custom banner When spring boot starts, there will be a default startup pattern called banner. The default banner effect is as follows: default This banner comes with spring boot. If we […]

  • Tutorial series from introduction to mastery of angular (2) – basic concepts of angular


    1. Angular (Angular2)v.s. AngularJS 2. Check the version of the local environment 3. TypeScript 4. Angular CLI 5. Angular version 6. How to upgrade the angular version 7. Dependency injection 8. Compilation – the difference between AOT and JIT Environmental Science: Angular CLI: 11.0.6 Angular: 11.0.7 Node: 12.18.3 npm : 6.14.6 IDE: VSCode 1. Angular […]

  • Best practices of GIT workflow in large development projects


    Gitflow WorkflowIs a git workflow that facilitates continuous software development and the implementation of Devops practices. It was first published in nvie by Vincent Driessen and was very popular. Gitflow workflow defines a strict branching model designed around project publishing. This provides a powerful framework for managing large projects. Gitflow is ideal for projects with […]