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  • How to publish an NPM package


    How to publish an NPM package demonstration:https://stardew516.github.io/… 1、 Preparation 1. written widget vueui: https://github.com/stardew516… 2. NPM package storage warehouse tinny-vue-ui: https://github.com/stardew516… 2、 Implementation steps 1. prepare a written component (vueui) 2. create a new GitHub warehouse (tiny Vue UI) for NPM. You need to add a license:mit when creating a new one, as shown in […]

  • Elasticsearch advanced level (I) — version control


    1、 Foreword Elasticsearch (hereinafter referred to as ES) supports high concurrency in data writing. High concurrency will bring common data consistency problems. A common solution is locking. Similarly, to ensure the data consistency of highly concurrent writes, ES adds a lock like implementation method — version control. Lock can be divided into optimistic lock and […]

  • CentOS system deployment nginx1.18.0


    For image download, domain name resolution and time synchronization, please clickAlibaba cloud open source image station 1、 Install dependent packages # yum –y install gcc gcc-c++ openssl openssl-devel pcre pcre-devel zlib zlib-devel If Yum installs dependent packages, an error is reported: terms of settlement: #~ wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo http://mirrors.aliyun.com/repo/Centos-7.repo ##Download a network source when you […]

  • HBase reading notes – data structure


    Skip table Jump tables are widely used in kV databases, such as redis, leveldb and HBase, which take jump tables as a basic data structure to maintain ordered data sets.Property 1 the probability of a node falling on the k-th layer is Pk-1.Property 2 a jump list with n elements in the lowest linked list, […]

  • node. JS and Vue cli scaffold download installation configuration method


    1、 Node JS installation and environment configuration 1. Download vue js Download address: https://nodejs.org/en/   2. Install node js After downloading, double-click the installation package to start installation. The installation address should be changed to the address specified by yourself.   This step is based on your own needs. I’ll choose the first one here. […]

  • How to quickly check whether Huawei intermodal game SDK version is successfully integrated


    Scenario description The company has integrated the intermodal game SDK version and put it on the Huawei application market, but still received a notice: the on-board game needs to be connected to the Huawei anti addiction SDK as soon as possible before March 1, 2022, and the SDK is upgraded to the anti addiction […]

  • Npm5.0 adds package lock JSON file


    1、 From package JSON speaking What is?package.jsonSimply put: ManagementnpmPackage file, which contains thenpmConfiguration information of packages and projects.Creation method:npm initFill in relevant information according to the system prompts (enter is set to blank).For detailed configuration instructions, seepackage.jsonField total solution 2、 NPM 5.0 changes UpgradedNode.js v8.0Since then, the built-in NPM has also been upgraded to 5.0. […]

  • Elasticsearch version control — Java implementation


    1、 Foreword In the recent work, there is a scenario in which elasticsearch (hereinafter referred to as ES) is written. Flink processes the data and writes it to es in real time. Now you need to load a batch of historical data into es through Flink. There are two points to ensure: For historical data, […]

  • Webpack tutorial (2): webpack installation


    Webpack installation is divided into global installation and local installation. In the previous section, we used local installation, and we also recommend using local installation. What is the difference between a globally installed webpack and a locally installed webpack? The webpack installed globally can be packaged by executing the webpack command in any directory. For […]

  • How Android generates local or remote AARS


    On some special occasions, such as the confidentiality of source code and the provision and use of SDK, certain function logic will be extracted into an AAR, which will be provided to those who need it. In the development of Android, this method is common. It only hears the use method and does not know […]

  • Zookeeper of big data


    data model The zookeeper data model is a tree like data structure, similar to the file system; The difference from the file system is that each node in the tree (leaf node and non leaf node) can save data, and the access of each node must start from the root node, with a slash as […]

  • Node installation configuration in centos7 system


    Introduction: This article explains how to configure the node development environment so that your node code can run normally in the web page. Preparation Linux centos7 operating system SSH software nginx Node resource To learn more about node, visit: Nodejs official website Install node This installation introduces the installation methods of two versions, one is […]