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  • Introduction to git branch management


    Branch Management Version control and branch management of software run through the life cycle of the whole software product. Daily project management is also very important for the development team to deliver the software rhythmically and smoothly. This branch management and version control specification is mainly divided into three parts: branch management specification, version number […]

  • NVM, NRM and yarn


    nvm Node Version Management NVM list view all installed node versions NVM install version No. install the node of the specified version NVM use version number switches to the specified version number NVM proxy proxy address configuration proxy for download nrm(node registry manager) Download using Taobao’s cnpm image source: npm install –save express –registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org First: […]

  • NPM you don’t know


    Introduction Act asnodeThe package manager tool, which comes with thenodejsCommunity andWeb front end EngineeringIn the context of growing field development,npmIt has become a necessary tool for each front-end development student. Every day, countless developers usenpmTo build the project,npm init、npm installBut most of the students only use NPMnpm installHere. (trust to deletenode_modulesFolders, re executingnpm installYou should […]

  • Fe.base – further nodejs version management and automatic switch: two or three things of enginestrict


    This article does not discuss version management and use of NVM. When there are multiple front-end projects, thepackage.jsonBe sure to write configuration items in”engineStrict”and”engines”。 Example: //package.json “engineStrict”: true, “engines”: { “node”: “8.10.0” }, If usednpm installFor installation, the above configuration items cannot be detected at present, that is, the node version is incorrect and will […]

  • Database version management: flyway exploration and Practice


    Introduction:If you are an independent developer or do not need to maintain multiple systems, maintaining the database version is not complicated. But if your team is rapidly iterating or developing multiple functions at the same time, deploying your services on multiple production servers in parallel in multiple environment versions, database management will become a hassle. […]

  • Secure migration of tikv cluster version


    Problem description In the product iteration of tidb, there are some compatibility problems. The compatibility of protobuf on general protocol It has been able to help us deal with it very well. In the process of function development and performance optimization, it is usually guaranteed that the version is backward compatible, but not forward compatible. […]

  • Application of Maven profile


    Maven’s profile applications will more or less appear in large and medium-sized companies. If you are the first time to contact the Maven profile, you may not care what it is used for, just like me. Even if I have seen it many times, I don’t need to configure it by myself. It’s good to […]

  • Electron packs H5 web page to run program for desktop


    1、 Install configuration environment Electron (a kind of desktop application runtime), which combines chromium and node into a single runtime, is very suitable for developing desktop web-based applications. Through node, it provides capabilities that are not provided by browsers. First, you need to install and configure the node environment on your computer, Download nodejs, and […]

  • . netcore2.1 interface add API version version version control


    Use guget to add microsoft.aspnetcore.mvc.versioning package reference. Because my. NETCORE is version 2.1, to avoid incompatibilities, I chose version 2.1 to add Add the following code to public void configureservices (iservicecollection services) in startup.cs services.AddApiVersioning(o => { o.ReportApiVersions = true; o.AssumeDefaultVersionWhenUnspecified = true; o. Defaultapiversion = new apiversion (2, 0); // set the default version […]

  • Summary of using SVN in Ubuntu


    Svn has been used under windows. Now, the development environment is transferred to Ubuntu, and SVN under familiar command environment is used. Through exploration, a summary is made as follows:Installation: sudo apt-get install subversion subversion-tools I installed Ubuntu in VirtualBox. The SVN server is still under win7. I used to create a new library, and […]

  • Node version switching


    Nodejs version control and switching NVM is the version manager of node.js, which can install and switch different versions of node.js Step 1: Download Download address: https://github.com/coreybutler/nvm-windows/releases Step 2: installation Follow the prompts to complete the installation. After the installation, you can check whether the installation is successful Enter NVM at the CMD command line. […]

  • Package and publish from zero use typescript development project to NPM


    Preface Typescript, as the mainstream framework of front-end development in the future, will become more and more important in the process of front-end development. I believe this article will help you a lot! Construction of development environment Creating the Ming NPM package folder I created a Ming NPM package folder on the desktop and opened […]