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  • Git Learning Guide


    Version management tool (VCS) Distributed version control Multiple developers work together Effectively monitor who makes changes Local and remote operation Configuration (GIT config) Before using git, configure git first, otherwise the code cannot be submitted There are three ways to configure git users /Etc / gitconfig (rarely used)git config –system ~/. gitconfig (global, very common)git […]

  • Svn command list


    Original link Svn is an open source version library, which is a rewritten and improved version of CVSexport increase Add specified file or directory Svn add ‘file’ or ‘dir’ Add all catalog files svn add * Create included in version directory svn mkdir -m ‘commit message’ ‘url/dir’ Delete Delete specified file svn delete ‘file’ Recommended […]

  • Learn git version control tool again


    What kind of system is git? Why is there a version control tool like git when SVN is very popular as a version control tool? What’s the difference between GIT and SVN? What are the advantages of GIT? Let’s talk about git in detail with Lei Xuesong, a php programmer. Git is a version system […]

  • The process and experience of initial installation of SVN


    This is my experience in the whole process of completing the after-school experiment assignment of software project and process management. I hope it will be helpful for you to use SVN for the first time. Software project and process management is a course that I only studied when I was a junior in my major,. […]

  • Quick installation of subversion service with urlos


    Environmental needs The minimum hardware configuration: 1 core CPU, 1G memory (1 + 1). Note: if you have more applications, but the hardware configuration of the host node is low, it is recommended to enable virtual virtual memory when deploying the node; 2G or more memory is recommended for production environment; Recommended installation system: 64 […]

  • Importance and implementation of version control for API


    One of the most common problems I have encountered in API design is how to version the API. Although not all APIs are identical, I find that some patterns and practices apply to most teams in API version control. I’ve collected all of this, and I’ll provide some suggestions on version control strategies that will […]