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  • JS four byte sum check


    Verify whether the last four bytes of the file are equal to the cumulative value of all the previous bytes. import { Modal } from “antd”; const buf2hex = (buffer: Buffer) => { return Array.prototype.map .call(new Uint8Array(buffer), (x) => (“00” + x.toString(16)).slice(-2)) .join(“”); }; /**Document verification and inspection*/ export const otaFileCheck = (originFileObj: Blob) => […]

  • Sharedarraybuffer and its use across domains


    What is cross domain Cross domain problem is a problem that front-end developers can’t get around.The so-called cross domain, popular point expression is that the current site requests or loads resources of other domain names.For example, at presentapp.a.comYesfile.b.comCross domain resources are loaded. When the browser renders the current page, it checks whether the resources requested […]

  • PHP interview question summary


    Garbage recycling mechanism Each PHP variable exists in a structure called zval, which contains not only the variable type and value, but also is_ Ref (= true pointer variable, – false ordinary variable), refcount (the number of points to this variable). When the element is deleted, resulting in refcount = 0, this variable is deleted […]

  • How does Mac OS X verify the SHA1 value of a file to solve the problem of missing files


    When we upload and download files, it is easy to cause the loss of files, so how to solve this problem? Users usually use the SHA1 value to check. Today Xiaobian will teach you how to detect the SHA1 value of the file. Detection method: Run the terminal (Application Utility terminal. APP) and perform the […]

  • Roll up a multi-threaded breakpoint download, I learned from these knowledge


    The article has been included inGithub.com/niumoo/JavaNotesMore Java programmers need to master the core knowledge, welcome star and advice.Welcome to follow meofficial accountThe article is updated weekly. Thank you for coming in. I have nothing to do at the weekendMy colleague, brother QiangHave you ever playedBreakpoint continuation?” Then I thought about it,Breakpoint continuationThere are a lot […]

  • Neo4j verification password generation code (Python)


    There is adbmsDirectory, which stores the identity verification fileauth: [[email protected] data]# ll total 0 drwxr-xr-x 3 112 nfsnobody 21 Jan 29 14:34 databases drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 17 Jan 29 14:36 dbms [[email protected] dbms]# ls auth To view the auth file: [[email protected] dbms]# cat auth neo4j:SHA-256,0A9FC5A9A9C368A3FD2E41F9BB024AAA3CA8808B3428A4EE2D72B13703A7AD5E,FADA2AD5718A00B0DAB07735FFD16038: The content of the file is relatively simple, and […]