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  • Laravel integrated picture captcha


    1. Please refer to the project document for the installation / usage of the foundation github: https://github.com/mewebstudi… 2. API call interface http://localhost/captcha/api/mathMath can be replaced with the captcha type defined in the configuration fileThe interface returns JSON, mainly using two parameters key and imgKey needs simultaneous interpreting to the backstage for verification.IMG is a picture […]

  • EditText, bmob SMS verification explanation


    1:edittext: The difference between EditText and textview is that EditText can be edited. Compared with all the attributes of the view mentioned before, EditText has the following properties: android:inputType= In the figure below, except that textview is not EditText, the following are the input forms of “number”. The inputtype mode corresponds to the following input […]

  • Operation steps of generating random number verification code by SSH


    1、 login.jsp Page program Copy codeThe code is as follows: <script type=”text/javascript”> function changeValidateCode(obj) { //Get the current time as a parameter, no specific significancevar timenow = new Date().getTime(); //Each request requires a different parameter, otherwise the same verification code may be returned//This has something to do with the browser’s caching mechanism. You can also […]

  • Vue realizes random verification code function


    Step 1 create a identify.vue Subcomponents of export default { name: ‘SIdentify’, props: { //Default registration code identifyCode: { type: String, default: “1234” }, //Minimum font size fontSizeMin: { type: Number, default: 35 }, //Maximum font size fontSizeMax: { type: Number, default: 35 }, //Background color minimum backgroundColorMin: { type: Number, default: 180 }, //Background […]

  • A simple example of using captcha in yii2 framework


    This paper gives an example of how to use the verification code in yii2 framework. The details are as follows: Captcha is used frequently. Yii2 has helped us with the encapsulation. First, we create an actions method in the controller, which is used to use Yii / captcha / captchaaction <?php namespace app\controllers; use YII; […]

  • Implementation of random captcha by canvas


    Canvas implementation of random verification code – user defined verification codePersonal bloghttp://taoquns.com/paper/59ba… demogithub Chinese characters (there are many traditional Chinese characters and rare Chinese characters at random, so it’s better to establish a Chinese Character Library) number letter Mixed random number and letter custom hanzi() Random Chinese characters getLetter() Random letter getNumber() Random number NumberOrLetter() […]

  • Thinkpai SMS interface officially launched


    Service overview In order to better serve developers and ThinkPHP ecology, the official preferred high-quality and stable SMS service provider officially launched SMS API service. At present, it only supports verification code and notification SMS, and more SMS services will be launched in the future. Because SMS service is planned and designed separately, the calling […]

  • A simple example of JSP verification code


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: <%@ page language=”java” pageEncoding=”gbk”%><%@ page contentType=”image/jpeg” import=”java.awt.*,java.awt.image.*,java.util.*,javax.imageio.*” %><%!Color getrandcolor (int FC, int BC) {/ / get random color in given range        Random random = new Random();        if(fc>255) fc=255;        if(bc>255) bc=255;        int r=fc+random.nextInt(bc-fc);        int g=fc+random.nextInt(bc-fc);        int b=fc+random.nextInt(bc-fc);        return new Color(r,g,b);        }%><%//Set page not to cacheresponse.setHeader(“Pragma”,”No-cache”);response.setHeader(“Cache-Control”,”no-cache”);response.setDateHeader(“Expires”, 0); //Creating images in memoryint […]

  • E-commerce project 2020-11-28


    E-commerce projects Work content on November 28, 2020 Complete user verification code 1. Graphic verification code Front end logic: Vue processes the logic of interaction between captcha and user, and generates UUID identification unique captcha Back end logic: generate, save (receive UUID from front end and store it in redis database), respond to captcha image […]

  • Login on Python crawler website


    I believe that when you write Python crawler, you will encounter some login problems when crawling the website. For example, when you log in, you will encounter input verification code, for example, when you log in, you will encounter image drag and other verification. How can you solve these problems? There are generally two options. […]

  • An example of the webpage of “vue3 + element plus” real combat chat room on QQ + wechat PC with vue3.0


    1、 Project introduction Using [email protected] + elementPlus+v3scroll+v3layerAnd other technologies to imitate QQ / wechat web interface chat project. Support text message, video / picture preview, URL link view, drag and drop to send pictures, red envelope / circle of friends and other functions. Using technology MVVM framework: Vue.js 3.0.5 State management: vuex4 Route management: [email protected] […]

  • Django e-commerce website — registration function


    Django is an open source software written by Python voice. It allows programmers to create a large website with very little code. It has the characteristics of low coupling, rapid development and easy deployment. Registration interface: the user sends the get request to the server, and the server responds the registration page to the client […]