• Webgl of graphics to realize the use of 3D effect / texture


    background This article is included inFront end Reading Clubspecial column The content related to texture has been introduced above and implemented in 2D using webgl. Today, we continue the content of the previous lesson. For the 3D implementation of texture, we have absorbed the MDN tutorial mode. I feel that this learning track is also […]

  • Application of vector retrieval engine Proxima developed by Dharma Institute in industry search


    Introduction:What retrieval technology is used behind Taobao Search recommendation and video search? Unstructured data retrieval, vector retrieval, and multimodal retrieval, what problems do they solve? Today, from the perspective of business issues, the scientists of alidharma Institute have taken a deep dive into the internal technology of alidharma Institute, the vector retrieval engine Proxima, and […]

  • Feature combination of machine learning: combined independent heat vector


    So far, we have focused on how to combine two separate floating-point features. In practice, machine learning models rarely combine continuous features. However, machine learning models often combine unique feature vectors and regard the feature combination of unique feature vectors as logical connection. For example, Suppose we have the following two features: Country / region […]

  • Introduction to web GL


    Opening At the beginning, let’s talk about why we wrote such an introductory article on webgl, because our recent work has been devoted to the development of 3D interaction, encapsulating and calling some business layers based on the webgl engine library, and then outputting the API to the front end, which is regarded as beginning […]

  • Numpy interprets linear algebra


    Author | soner y ı ld ı r ı mCompile VKSource: towards Data Science Machine learning and deep learning models need a lot of data. Their performance depends largely on the amount of data. Therefore, we tend to collect as much data as possible to establish a robust and accurate model. Data is collected in […]

  • Visualizing the results of word2vec using Python


    By | mate POCSCompile VKSource: towards Data Science Word2vec is definitely the most interesting concept I have encountered in natural language processing research. Imagine an algorithm that can successfully simulate and understand the meaning of words and their functions in language. It can measure the proximity between words in different topics. I think it would […]

  • Hyperplane of support vector machine for machine learning


    Support vector machine Given training sample set D = {(x_1, y_1), (x_2, y_2),…, (x_m, y_m)}, y_ I \ in {- 1, + 1}, the basic idea of classification learning is to find a partition hyperplane in the sample space based on training set D to separate samples of different categories, but there may be many […]

  • Optimization of support vector machine (linear model) for machine learning


    Move the middle line parallel to both sides until it passes through one or several training sample points.We record the hyperplane as(W, b)。definition:1. Training data and labels (x_1, y_1) (x_2, y_2)… (x_n, y_n), whereX_iIs a vector, y_ I = + 1 or – 12. A training set is linearly separable Training set: {(x_i, y_i)}_ {i […]

  • Convex optimization problem


    Support vector machine optimization problem (convex optimization problem, quadratic programming problem) 1. Minimize: \ dfrac {1} {| w | ^ 2} = \ dfrac {1} {2} (W 1 ^ 2 + W 2 ^ 2 +… + W n ^ 2)2. Subject to: y_ i[W^TX_i + b]\geq 1( i = 1\sim N )The optimization problem […]

  • Comparison between self supervised comparison loss and supervised comparison loss


    By Samrat SahaCompile VKSource: towards Data Science Supervised contractual learning this paper discusses a lot between supervised learning, cross entropy loss and supervised contrast loss, so as to better realize the task of image representation and classification. Let’s take a closer look at the content of this paper. The paper points out that there can […]

  • Vectorization code


    By Andy ReaganCompile VKSource: towards Data Science In the world of MATLAB and numerical calculation, the for loop is cut off, and the vector is the king. During my doctoral degree, Professor lakoba’s numerical analysis course was one of the most challenging courses I attended. After the course, I had a deep understanding of vector […]

  • Simple use of promql


    1、 Background stayprometheusThere are various time series data in, so how can we query the desired data according to the time series? Prometheus provides us with a powerfulPromQL, with the help ofPromQLWe can query the data we want. 2、 Data type of promql Instant vector: a set of time series. Each time series contains one […]