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  • [easeljs] graphics class of vector drawing tool


    Class introduction Graphics classAn easy-to-use API for generating vector graphs and drawing them into specified content is disclosed. Note that you don’t need to relyEaseljs framework, by calling directlydrawTo useGraphics。 Or it can be withShape objectTogether, it is used to draw vector graphics in the easeljs display list. There are two ways to use graphics […]

  • [easeljs] vector shape class


    Class introduction Inherited from displayobject A shape allows you to display a vector graph in the display list. It contains a Graphics instance with all the methods for drawing vector graphics. Graphics instances can be shared among multiple shape instances, so that the same vector graphics can be copied in multiple different positions and different […]

  • How to make the flutter application use SVG better?


    Introduction:As a powerful standard format of vector graphics, SVG has incomparable advantages in the expressiveness of picture definition. So is SVG the absolute first choice? This may not be the case. This article will take you to understand the performance problems of SVG in flutter application, and share the exploration and practice of UC browser […]

  • Introduction to SVG vector graphics drawing using HTML5


    VG represents scalable vector graphics, which is a language used to describe 2D graphics. Graphics applications are written in XML, and then XML is presented by SVG reader program. SVG is mainly used for vector charts, such as pie charts, two-dimensional charts in X and Y coordinate systems, etc. Svg became a W3C recommendation on […]