• Using mshta call to run JS or vbs


    Under the command line: Copy codeThe code is as follows: mshta javascript:window.execScript(“msgBox(‘hello youniao’):window.close”,”vbs“);  mshta vbscript:window.execScript(“alert(‘hello youniao’);”,”javascript”)

  • Code for batch processing to be parsed by WSH


    Sample batch: test.bat   Copy codeThe code is as follows: :On Error Resume Next   Sub bat   echo off & cls   echo Batching_codez_here_following_vbs_rules & pause   start wscript -e:vbs “%~f0”   Exit Sub   End Sub   MsgBox “This is vbs”    The above code is cleverly used   bat   and   vbs   Syntax features that allow the same file to be   cmd.exe   Identify batch processing, let   wscrpt.exe   Identified as   VBS, […]

  • Simple authority system based on logic operation (principle, design, implementation) VBS version


    Author: slightboySee a lot of students are using string to judge the permissions, and then split or intercept As a matter of fact, it’s very appropriate to use logical operation to allow / disallow (true / false) permissions The statement is as follows:   This article is aimed at the students who are beginners and […]

  • Array class in VBS ArrayList class vbs


    Class ArrayList  Private items()  Private size   Private Sub Class_Initialize  size = 0  ReDim items(1)   End Sub   Private Sub Class_Terminate  items = null   End Sub  Public Function Add(ByVal value)        If (size = Ubound(items)) Then EnsureCapacity((size + 1))        items(size) = value        size = size + 1        Add = size  End Function  Public Property Get Item(index)   Item = items(index)  End Property  Public Property Let Item(index, vObject)   items(index) = vObject  End Property  Property Get Count   Count = size  End Property  Public Property Get Capacity()   Capacity = Ubound(items)  End Property  Public Property Let Capacity(value)             If (value <> Ubound(items)) Then                   If (value < size) Then Err.Rise 6                   If (value > 0) Then                         ReDim Preserve items(value)                   Else                         ReDim Preserve items(3)                   End If             End If  End Property  Private Sub EnsureCapacity(ByVal min)        If (Ubound(items) < min) Then       Dim num1 : num1 = IIf((Ubound(items) = 0), 4, (Ubound(items) * 2))       If (num1 < min) Then num1 = min       Capacity = num1        End If  End Sub  Private Function IIf(j, r1, r2)   IF (j) Then    IIf = r1   Else    IIf = r2   End IF  End Function End Class Example: Dim al : Set al = new ArrayList […]

  • Using VBS to realize the code of CMD function


    Using VBS to realize the function of CMDon error resume next  do while d<>”520″  D = InputBox (“please input command, multiple commands are connected by & link. Close the VB window command (520 “)set q=createobject(“scripting.filesystemobject”)  set a=WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)  a.run “%Comspec% /c”&d  loop In general programs, it’s better not to add on error resume next, unless you know very well that the methods of some objects […]

  • VBS basic programming course (Part 1)


    If you want to contact the following VBScript is OK, but since there is a programming foundation, it is recommended to go directly to some reference books to read, it will be faster What is VBScript? The full name of VBScript is: Microsoft Visual Basic script editon. As it literally reveals, VBS (further abbreviation of […]

  • VBS programming course (Part 2)


    Chapter two: I really didn’t expect that the first assignment would be impossible It seems that we have to be very, very detailed. Well, today we will talk about various “quantities” and basic operations Let’s start with constants. This is simpler What is a constant? A constant is a quantity whose value cannot be changed […]

  • VBS basic programming course (Chapter 3)


    Chapter 3 (6 of 6)First of all, I’d like to solve a few questions in the last class First, the remainder problem, 16 / 5 = 3… 1, is because I changed the front part and forgot to change the back part. Sorry Second, take a look at the program list 1)  Dim a,b,c  A = […]

  • VBS basic programming course (Chapter 4)


    Four articles (six in total)Hello everyone, I had a day off yesterday, so today I write Chapter 4: circulation structure Let’s first look at a problem: shopping malls are required to accumulate today’s turnover and input a number each time. This problem is actually very simple, but let’s learn it now First of all, we […]

  • VBS basic programming course (Chapter 5)


    Chapter 5 (6 of 6) Please allow me to describe my current environment: the temperature is as high as 37 degrees centigrade, and I forget the opening time of the library, and I have to stand here for an hour. Under the package of tropical plants, all kinds of strange little flying insects are circling […]

  • VBS basic programming course (Chapter 6)


    Last article: New home is good, mm happy, I also follow happy:), today we learn the last part of the basic chapter: custom function and process. We are in and letter every day When dealing with numbers, inputbox() is a function, msgbox() is a function, int() is also a function… These functions are built-in in […]

  • VBS bubbling program with warm tips in the lower right corner of the desktop


    The principle of this function is to use VBS to generate exe files, and then run them. However, the EXE is relatively small and does not need two files. One VBS can achieve VBS bubble effect Copy codeThe code is as follows: Data = “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”  Function ExtractFile(FileName)          With CreateObject(“ADODB.Stream”):.Type = 1:.Open:.Write StrToByte(data):.SaveToFile FileName, 2:.Close:End With  End Function  ExtractFile “C:\BalloonTip.exe”  WScript.CreateObject (” WScript.Shell “).Run ” cmd.exe  /c C:\ BalloonTip.exe “Please […]