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  • React setstate mechanism


    setStatecharacteristic Immutable value It could be an asynchronous update It may be merged stateTo define in the constructor Immutable value Functional programming ideas, pure functions, no side effects When to revise and when to correctstateOperation, do not operate in advance //Operation array this.setState({ list1: this.state.list1.concat(100), list2: […this.state.list2, 100], list3: this.state.list3.slice(0, 3), list4: this.state.list4.filter((item) => item […]

  • How does Linux delete replacement variable values? Linux deletes replacement variable values


    In Linux system, after assigning variables, we need to find some problems. We need to delete or replace variables. This article will introduce the replacement and deletion of Linux variables in detail, hoping to help you. Let’s go and have a look. 1. Delete the Content of Variables [[email protected]~] # echo ${PATH} # calls out […]