• Basic introduction and difference of varchar and nvarchar in SQL


    varchar(n) Variable length non Unicode character data with a length of N bytes. N must be a number between 1 and 8000. The storage size is the actual length of bytes of input data, not n bytes. nvarchar(n) Variable length Unicode character data containing n characters. The value of N must be between 1 and […]

  • Use DataWorks to Schedule AnalyticDB Tasks


    DataWorks, as a popular large data development and scheduling service in Ali Yun, has recently joined the support for AnalyticDB, which means that all AnalyticDB customers can acquire powerful abilities in task development, task dependency management, task scheduling, task operation and maintenance, etc. Now let’s introduce them carefully as follows. How to use DataWorks to […]

  • Char nchar varchar nvarchar data type difference and usage environment explanation in SQL 2005


    Now excerpt the explanations of these data types in the SQL 2005 online series Character data types (nchar length is fixed, nvarchar length is variable) and Unicode data use the UNICODE UCS-2 character set. nchar [ ( n ) ] Unicode character data of fixed length for n characters. The value of N must be […]

  • Compare the performance of int, char and varchar in MySQL


    There are many paradoxical “rumors” on the Internet, of course, are not malicious. Most of them are developers who are unwilling to take the initiative to study, but believe other people’s words. There are also many rumors about databases, such as “int performance is much higher than char“. I recently conducted a performance test for […]