• Decipher how LYFT builds an automated marketing platform


    We are proud of our mission to improve people’s lives by using the best means of transportation in the world. In the United States and Canada, there are more than 50 million “carbon neutral” LYFT hitchhikers every month, and we know little about the potential of hitchhikers. Part of the reason for our growth is […]

  • Founder of dapppreview: my understanding of NFT and metaverse


    Title: NFT and metaverse in my understandingBy Vincent, founder of dapppreview Almost three years ago, I wrote an article “talking about blockchain games that you don’t understand at all” to sort out some brain holes and ideas that can be thought of at that time point as far as possible. At that time, we talked […]

  • The use of @ value in springboot


    Springboot injects the attributes in the configuration file into the components in the container through @ value annotation (it can be used in @ controller, @ service, @ configuration, @ component and other spring managed classes) 1. Ordinary string injection Example: there is a key in YML name: zs @Value injection @Value(“${name}”) public String name; […]

  • Value of new netizens in distributed blockchain architecture in Web3.0 Era


    Author / Yin Yuchuan Web reveals the destiny of all mankind. Web family cooperates with netizens all over the world to build a decentralized future. In the Web1.0 era, everyone competes for the best, converges and innovates, and the traffic consensus is reached. Yahoo and Google have developed the economic color of search. Tencent and […]

  • Master bitcoin in 21 days


    Recently, more and more people have come into contact with bitcoin. I have also added two groups. The group friends are standard K-line party and trend party. In short, many of them are chasing up and down. Find the time to enter from every mutation of the K line, and leave when it reaches the […]

  • Daily value investment knowledge


    Official account location Introduction: keep exploring and trying, keep exploring and trying, never give up learning, advance and pursue excellence. Happiness will catch up with you and find its own shining point. On the road of pursuing happiness, it is inevitable to be bumpy, but thinking determines the level of happiness. Here is not only […]

  • Four trends of Devops in 2021


    From disruptive technologies to the continuous development of Devops tools and practices, there are many topics to talk about in the coming year. It’s important to remember that no matter how it develops, technology and talent are still key forces driving industry change. Extending containerization and choreography governance with gitops Kubernetes will be more popular […]

  • Leetcode points to offer 47


    Title Requirements: Thinking: Create a two-dimensional array to save the maximum value of the gift that each grid can get Traverse the array to get that the maximum value of the current gift is the maximum value of the two of the gifts (the previous or the left) plus the value of the current gift, […]

  • The future of IT service management lies in agility – ITIL 4 and Atlas Practical Guide


    ITIL 4 is the beginning of a new paradigm shift for the IT team. It guides the team to build an overall reference framework for business and customer value, and encourages the adoption of more adaptive methods according to the needs and working methods of the team. ITIL 4 guidelines encourage collaboration, simplicity and feedback. […]

  • Using input type = text value = STR to value incomplete solution


    Today, I encountered a very strange problem. Take a look at the following code:SimpleDateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDa Copy code The code is as follows: Teformat (“yyyy MM DD e”);String date = dateFormat.format(new Date()); The original intention is to print out XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XXThe problem lies in the following code. When I […]

  • Multi scene advertising sequence delivery algorithm based on dynamic knapsack


    Introduction:E-commerce advertising is an important means for advertisers to contact their target users. The general advertising goal is to maximize the cumulative revenue of advertisers within a certain period of time under budget constraints. Usually, the end user needs to convert the advertisement to the same application for several times. However, the existing advertising system […]

  • Devops Practice Guide – Devops Introduction (1-4)


    The first part introduces Devops   Chapter 1 agile, continuous delivery, three steps Technology value stream – (transform business vision into value delivering services – process driven by technology) Lead time – the time from work creation to work processing to work completion (work creation does not necessarily need to be processed immediately). The lead time […]