• Dynamic loading of circular strip progress bar


    Dynamic loading of the ring progress bar can refer to the following two methods:Using JS to realizeUsing canvas to realize

  • Simple application of bit operation – permission management


    Personal blog http://www.milovetingting.cn Simple application of bit operation – permission management There are many ingenious application scenarios in the actual development of bit operation. Such as: An array of positive integers, in which one number appears only once, and the other numbers appear twice, to find the number that appears only once. Exchange the values […]

  • Java deserialization – ysoserial – debugging analysis summary (3)


    preface: This article mainly analyzes commoncollections3. This utilization chain is described by YSO. It is similar to CC1, except that the reflection call method is not invoketransformer, but instantiaetransformer. The whole call process is as follows Using chain analysis: As shown in the figure above, the entry point is also the entryset of annotation invocation […]

  • Java deserialization ysoserial debugging analysis summary (5)


    preface: This article continues to analyze commonscorections5. From the following call chain, we can see that the outermost class is neither annotationinvoke nor PriorityQueue, but badattribute Security manager is not configured for this class Using chain analysis: First, in the readObject of badattribute, valobj. Tostring() is called, in which the instance of tiedmapentry class is […]

  • Talk about the rpcservice of Flink


    order This paper mainly studies rpcservice of Flink RpcService flink-release-1.7.2/flink-runtime/src/main/java/org/apache/flink/runtime/rpc/RpcService.java public interface RpcService { String getAddress(); int getPort(); <C extends RpcGateway> CompletableFuture<C> connect( String address, Class<C> clazz); <F extends Serializable, C extends FencedRpcGateway<F>> CompletableFuture<C> connect( String address, F fencingToken, Class<C> clazz); <C extends RpcEndpoint & RpcGateway> RpcServer startServer(C rpcEndpoint); <F extends Serializable> RpcServer fenceRpcServer(RpcServer rpcServer, […]

  • Intensive reading of unstated and unstated next source code


    1 Introduction Unstated is a data flow management library based on class component. Unstated next is an upgraded version of function component, and especially optimizes the support for hooks. Compared with the Redux like library, this library is designed in a unique way, and the number of source lines of these two libraries is particularly […]

  • 50. Pow(x, n)


    Pow (x, n) is implemented, that is, the N-power function of X is calculated. Example 1: Input: 2.00000, 10Output: 1024.00000Example 2: Input: 2.10000, 3Output: 9.26100Example 3: Input: 2.00000, – 2Output: 0.25000Explanation: 2-2 = 1 / 22 = 1 / 4 = 0.25 First, I think of the recursive solution, and pay attention to the treatment […]

  • MS17 in MSF


    1. Auxiliary / scanner / SMB / SMB ﹐ MS17 ﹐ 010 / / scan detection vulnerability auxiliary module Scanning results show that the vulnerability exists in 2, 3 and 4 hosts! 2. Auxiliary / admin / SMB / MS17? Command / / scan the 445 online host MS17? 010 to exploit the 445 SMB […]

  • SQL Server view query efficiency test


    I.Test backgroundDevelop a project, the database is SQL server. The data in the account table is one or two million, not big or small. In consideration of whether to use the view and worry about efficiency, Baidu has different opinions. Well, practice is the best proof, so let’s test it. 2、 Test environmentWin8 system, memory […]

  • Introduction to Python algorithm: Hill sort


    As a new language, Python is naturally better than Java in many functions, and it is also easy to accept. No matter you are an adult or a child, you can learn this language. Today, I’ll share the hill sorting of a python algorithm tutorial for you. Let’s take a look at it now! Hill […]

  • Duplicate substring


    Regular expression knowledge Using pattern matching, several lines of code export default (str) => { var reg = /^(\w+)\1+$/ return reg.test(str) }

  • The k-th largest element in the array


    First (poor) export default (arr, k) => { return arr.sort((a, b) => b – a)[k – 1] } Second (better: use bubble sorting) export default (arr, k) => { let len = arr.length – 1 for (let i = len, tmp; i > len – k; i–) { for (let j = 0; j < […]