• Installing JDK, Tomcat and MySQL in Linux Environment


    Text: Pingge date: 20201010 Introduction to the environment This article mainly practices the Linux environment installation software record, the key lies in the Linux operation.Operating environment: MacOS 10.15.7 VMware fusion professional 11.5.6(Last year’s double 11 to take advantage of the event to buy the original, 500 + RMB, refreshing) Zentermlite version 4.1.0 (21) Software version: […]

  • Automatically optimize images when URL minified loader is built


    Background: Most of the time, we download the PNG / JPG of UI directly from the blue lake, which is usually PNG. These images, including icon / background images, still have space for compression. Of course, we hope to use the smallest size images to improve our loading speed before we go online, but we […]

  • The flashback of MySQL


    Sometimes, MySQL DBA or developers may delete or update data by mistake. If it is an online environment with great impact, it needs to be able to quickly roll back. The traditional recovery method is to use the backup to rebuild the instance, and then apply the binlog after removing the error SQL to recover […]

  • Manually implement a JSON webtoken


    Write it at the front This article will let you knowjwtAndbase64The principle of coding. At the same time, I also simple realizationjwtTo generate, click here. What is JWT It’s essentially a signed piece of data in JSON format. Since it is signed, the receiver can verify its authenticity. At the same time, because it is […]

  • C1flexgrid double grid scroll bar linkage


    Use afterscroll event to realize double grid linkage. private void Grid_AfterScroll(object sender, RangeEventArgs e) { try { if (!_Interlocking) { //He was able to resist his control _Interlocking = true; FlexGridFMS grid = sender as FlexGridFMS; grid.Update(); Point pt = grid.ScrollPosition; //Horizontal movement if (grid.Equals(grdData)) { grdDataSub.ScrollPosition = new Point(pt.X, grdDataSub.ScrollPosition.Y); } else if (grid.Equals(grdDataSub)) […]

  • Explore applet implementation


    With the development of applets and the gradual improvement of functions, more and more products need some common features between applets and apps. There are more and more cross platform community solutions, such as taro, which compiles a set of code into multi terminal running mechanism. This paper will use swift as the native language, […]

  • Mac brew installed PHP has been modified php.ini How to restart PHP after that?


    Environment: nginx + MySQL + php7.2; php7.2 installed on Mac with homebrew Problem: the PHP configuration file has been modified, php.ini ; server is nginx, how to restart PHP? Open: brew services start [email protected] Restart: brew services restart [email protected] stop it: brew services stop [email protected]  

  • Dynamic loading of circular strip progress bar


    Dynamic loading of the ring progress bar can refer to the following two methods:Using JS to realizeUsing canvas to realize

  • Simple application of bit operation – permission management


    Personal blog http://www.milovetingting.cn Simple application of bit operation – permission management There are many ingenious application scenarios in the actual development of bit operation. Such as: An array of positive integers, in which one number appears only once, and the other numbers appear twice, to find the number that appears only once. Exchange the values […]

  • Java deserialization – ysoserial – debugging analysis summary (3)


    preface: This article mainly analyzes commoncollections3. This utilization chain is described by YSO. It is similar to CC1, except that the reflection call method is not invoketransformer, but instantiaetransformer. The whole call process is as follows Using chain analysis: As shown in the figure above, the entry point is also the entryset of annotation invocation […]

  • Java deserialization ysoserial debugging analysis summary (5)


    preface: This article continues to analyze commonscorections5. From the following call chain, we can see that the outermost class is neither annotationinvoke nor PriorityQueue, but badattribute Security manager is not configured for this class Using chain analysis: First, in the readObject of badattribute, valobj. Tostring() is called, in which the instance of tiedmapentry class is […]

  • Talk about the rpcservice of Flink


    order This paper mainly studies rpcservice of Flink RpcService flink-release-1.7.2/flink-runtime/src/main/java/org/apache/flink/runtime/rpc/RpcService.java public interface RpcService { String getAddress(); int getPort(); <C extends RpcGateway> CompletableFuture<C> connect( String address, Class<C> clazz); <F extends Serializable, C extends FencedRpcGateway<F>> CompletableFuture<C> connect( String address, F fencingToken, Class<C> clazz); <C extends RpcEndpoint & RpcGateway> RpcServer startServer(C rpcEndpoint); <F extends Serializable> RpcServer fenceRpcServer(RpcServer rpcServer, […]