• Node stain and pod tolerance of container scheduling system k8s


    Earlier, we learned about the working mode of Kube scheduler on k8s and the definition of pod scheduling strategy; For review, please refer to:https://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/14243312.html; Today, let’s talk about node stain and pod tolerance on k8s; What is the node stain? Node stains are somewhat similar to the label or annotation information on the node, which […]

  • How to use the serial port utility? Installation and use of serial port utility


    Serial Port UtilityIt is a compact and easy-to-use multi-in-one TLS tool, also known as friendly serial port debugging assistant in Chinese. For the personnel engaged in development and it work, its cross platform compatibility function and practicability are very satisfactory. With its flexible communication port or TCP and UDP protocol options, both novices and professionals […]

  • [pl / SQL exercise 5] multi conditional and (field 1, field 2)


    Here you can use subquery and association directly.Original table and results: SELECT * FROM EMP ORDER BY DEPTNO DESC; If we use deptno group first, then find the minimum value. The key here is to filter the two merge conditions, becauseThis is the minimum and unique value of each group after grouping If only SAL […]

  • Windows System Command Line Call Control Panel Program


    From: Windows System Command Line Call Control Panel Program Control.exe/name microsoft.folderoptions Control.exe/name Microsoft.AddHardware Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsDevices and Printers Control.exe/name Microsoft.Administrative Tools Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsManagement Tools Control.exe/name Microsoft.PeopleNearMe Control.exe/name Microsoft.AudioDevices AndSoundThemes Voice Control.exe/name Microsoft.AutoPlay Control Panel\All Control Panel ItemsAutoplay Control.exe/name Microsoft.Personalization Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsPersonalization Control.exe/name Microsoft.Backup AndRestore Center Control PanelAll […]