• Usage of Java scanner class (detailed)


    Scanner class Import java.ulil.scanner class package Description of the scanner object Introduction to scanner package Console read input Java. Util. Scanner is a new utility designed by java5 to scan input textScanner is a read input pair string and basic type package. (hereinafter referred to as input package) import java.util.Scanner; // Introduce class package public […]

  • How to hide photos on iPhone


    How to hide photos on iPhone How to protect your iPhone photos The first line of defense is the password. Many Apple users have a face ID, which locks your device so that only you can access it and can be set when initializing iPhone. If another password protection operation fails, you can enforce another […]

  • Resources: 15 excellent responsive CSS frameworks


    Responsive Web DesignDesigned to provide the best browsing experience for a variety of devices, from desktop displays to mobile phones. This article summarizes some excellent responsive web design HTML and CSS frameworks. These frameworks are open source and free. It’s not so easy to compare responsive web frameworks. Some frameworks are suitable for designing some […]

  • Your iPhone will run Linux soon


    From newsiu SegmentFault has he reported the official account number: SegmentFault According to news from foreign media, iPhone users will be able to run Linux on their phones, Previously, all public information about IOS dual boot was targeted at 32-bit devices, such as iPhone 5 and earlier, and iPad 4th generation and earlier. Now you […]

  • How to delete IOS description file


    How to delete IOS description files? IPhone will install some non removable description files in the process of using them. How to delete them by yourself?1. First, baidu downloaded the iPhone configuration utility and installed it on the computer 2. After installation, click Start – programs – iPhone configuration utility in the lower left corner […]

  • My personal blog site love style


    This is my first time to write an article here. You can bypass it by yourself! PortalFrom last year’s domain name registration to the deployment of the server, the website has been running for more than 270 days. From the beginning of ignorance to now, I have learned a lot Domain name application:Baidu cloud Virtual […]

  • My personal blog website — love style


    This is my first time to write an article here. You can bypass it by yourself! PortalFrom registering domain name to deploying server last year, the website has been running for more than 270 days. I have learned a lot from my ignorance at the beginning to my independent completion of front and back coding […]

  • Solve the problem of “no package qualified for installation” in the installation of black apple


    When the author installed the idle version of uuos x El 10.11.6 (15g31) CDR on an old notebook hard disk, he successfully entered the installation interface, but “there is no software package qualified for installation, please contact the software manufacturer for help”. Other versions have this problem. Later, I found a solution in the forum. […]