• 11 JavaScript utility libraries you should know in 2018


    Because JavaScript is stillThe most popular and widely used programming languageTherefore, the ecosystem is expanded around it. Still, JavaScript’s small “standard library” willKeep this state。 To fill this gap, many popular utility libraries have grown on GitHub over the past few years. The following is a short list of useful and highly maintained libraries. Tip: […]

  • Goodbye to xshell. This open source terminal tool is even more cool.


    By Jack TianSource: official account “Jay brother’s IT Tour” ID:Jake_InternetFor reprint, please contact authorization (wechat ID: hc220088)Original address:Goodbye, xshell! This open source terminal tool is even more cool! Hello, I’m Jacko. Programmers are inseparable from the terminal command line. The most commonly used tool in their work is the “terminal connection tool”. Moreover, most Linux […]

  • Facebook Refactoring: abandon sass / less and welcome the era of atomized CSS


    The article is translated / polished by SSH,Original address。 Official account No.Front end from advanced to admission“, welcome to follow and add my friends to discuss. With the recent product deployment of Facebook and twitter, I think a new trend is growing slowly:Atomic CSS-in-JS。 In this article, we will see what atomic CSS (atomic CSS) […]

  • Error of vs Code: running the contributed command:_ workbench. Downloadresource ‘failed’ solution


    Error of vs Code: running the contributed command: ‘_ workbench. Downloadresource ‘failed 1 problem description 2 solution 1 problem description Previously, referring to the online tutorial, I configured the “remote SSH” plug-in in vs Code (such asThis tutorial), I use vs Code in windows to connect to a remote Linux server. But there are some […]

  • The difference between git Bash and git CMD in Windows operating system


    After installing git client in Windows 10, we noticed git bash in the installation folder Exe and git CMD Exe two executable files. What’s the difference? Refer to this stackoverflow discussionlink. Git CMD is like a regular windows command prompt with the GIT command. It allows you to use all git functions from the command […]

  • Alicloud ansible module documentation


    Tools and Resource Center Help developers work more efficiently and provide tools and resources around the whole life cycle of developersdeveloper.aliyun.com/tool?spm=a1z3… Aliyun ansible module documentation This project contains the source code of aliyun ansible module document. Follow the instructions below fromDOCUMENTATIONThe string in the module generates the document. Prerequisites (Ubuntu operating system) makepractical The make […]

  • 30 useful node.js NPM packages


    Tntweb – Full Name: Tencent News middle station front-end team. The small partners in the group have practiced and accumulated in large front-end fields such as web front-end, nodejs development, UI design and mobile app. At present, the team mainly supports the front-end development of Tencent News businesses. In addition to business development, it has […]

  • Usage of Java scanner class (detailed)


    Scanner class Import java.ulil.scanner class package Description of the scanner object Introduction to scanner package Console read input Java. Util. Scanner is a new utility designed by java5 to scan input textScanner is a read input pair string and basic type package. (hereinafter referred to as input package) import java.util.Scanner; // Introduce class package public […]

  • How to hide photos on iPhone


    How to hide photos on iPhone How to protect your iPhone photos The first line of defense is the password. Many Apple users have a face ID, which locks your device so that only you can access it and can be set when initializing iPhone. If another password protection operation fails, you can enforce another […]

  • Resources: 15 excellent responsive CSS frameworks


    Responsive Web DesignDesigned to provide the best browsing experience for a variety of devices, from desktop displays to mobile phones. This article summarizes some excellent responsive web design HTML and CSS frameworks. These frameworks are open source and free. It’s not so easy to compare responsive web frameworks. Some frameworks are suitable for designing some […]

  • Your iPhone will run Linux soon


    From newsiu SegmentFault has he reported the official account number: SegmentFault According to news from foreign media, iPhone users will be able to run Linux on their phones, Previously, all public information about IOS dual boot was targeted at 32-bit devices, such as iPhone 5 and earlier, and iPad 4th generation and earlier. Now you […]

  • How to delete IOS description file


    How to delete IOS description files? IPhone will install some non removable description files in the process of using them. How to delete them by yourself?1. First, baidu downloaded the iPhone configuration utility and installed it on the computer 2. After installation, click Start – programs – iPhone configuration utility in the lower left corner […]