• PHP reads files and analyzes the method of solving Chinese random code UTF-8


    This paper describes the method of reading files with PHP and solving Chinese random code UTF-8. Share with you for your reference, as follows: $opts = array( ‘file’ => array( ‘encoding’ => “utf-8” ) ); $opts = array(‘http’ => array(‘encoding’ => ‘utf-8’)); $ctxt = stream_context_create($opts); $content = file_get_contents($filePath, FILE_TEXT, $ctxt); The simplest is to convert […]

  • How to match Chinese characters with regular expressions under UTF-8 encoding in PHP


    In JavaScript, it is very easy to judge whether the string is Chinese. For example: Copy codeThe code is as follows: Var STR = PHP programming;if (/^[\u4e00-\u9fa5]+$/.test(str)) { Alert (“the string is all in Chinese”);} else { Alert (“the string is not all Chinese”);} Of course, to judge whether a string is Chinese in PHP […]

  • The method of transforming Chinese into UTF-8 in HTML


    In HTML, “study hard” in Chinese can be expressed as “study hard” In the project, SMS alarm needs to be connected, and the return data of SMS alarm is required to be utf8 Later, I continued to communicate and found that what I wanted was html-utf8; No suitable golang toolkit was found. The packages involving […]

  • Using UTF-8 to solve the problems in Ruby on rails program


    1. Save. RB file and. Rhtml file to UTF-8 format;2. Add the following code to / APP / controller / application.rb:Ruby code Copy codeThe code is as follows: before_filter :set_charset def set_charset headers[“Content-Type”] = “text/html; charset=UTF-8” end

  • The skills of UTF-8 and half width conversion in Ruby


    1. Japanese to UTF-8The difference between iconv. New (‘cp932 ‘,’ UTF-8 ‘) and iconv. New (‘shift JIS’,’ UTF-8 ‘)The following formats are not supported by iconv.new (‘shift JIS’, ‘UTF-8’):Section № 001-18 XXXXXXX can only replace № in the character space with NoHowever, iconv. New (‘cp932 ‘,’ UTF-8 ‘) supports2. Half width conversionLook at the following […]

  • VBS implementation GB2312, UTF-8, Unicode, Big5 code conversion tool


    DemonstrationEcho “ABCDE &! @ # $^ < > ()%% ABCDE test! “> before processing.txt“Gb2ue.vbs “before processing. TXT” “after processing. TXT”Ue2u8.vbs “after processing. TXT”U82gb.vbs “after processing. TXT”Gb2u8.vbs “after processing. TXT”U82ue.vbs “after processing. TXT”Ue2gb.vbs “after processing. TXT”@Echo after 6 times of processing “after processing. TXT” and “before processing. TXT” are still the same codeIf you do not […]

  • Some thoughts on efficient string interception by [go]


    Original link: https://blog.thinkeridea.com/ Recently, I found the problem of string size of 20 character in go forum“hollowaykeanho”Given the relevant answers, and I found that the program of intercepting strings is not the best way, so I did a series of experiments and obtained efficient methods of intercepting strings. This article will gradually explain the process […]

  • Solution to the possible style disorder caused by UTF-8 BOM


    When using UTF-8 encoding to write web pages, the problem of BOM (byte order mark) often leads to some unknown blank lines or garbled characters in web pages. This is because UTF-8 encoding is not mandatory for BOM. Therefore, when UTF-8 code saves files, there will be different processing methods. For example, some browsers (Firefox) […]

  • Spring MVC solution to Ajax post garbled


    Recently, I helped my friends to build a standard web management membership system. Only in the late stage of project development, did I find a very fatal problem: Chinese random code.OK, the specific problem is as follows: under the eclipse + Tomcat development environment, Firefox, Google browser and IE will not enter Chinese in the […]

  • Summary of UTF-8 coding problems encountered in web development page 1 of 2


    There are mainly five aspects: I. UTF-8 encoding of HTML pages 2. UTF-8 encoding of PHP page The problem of using UTF-8 encoding in MySQL database IV. JS related UTF-8 coding problems V. UTF-8 encoding related to flash I. UTF-8 encoding of HTML pages 1. After < head > and before < title >, add […]

  • How to convert utf-16 code into UTF-8 code in JavaScript — utfx.js source code analysis


    Summary When you need to communicate with the server through binary data in the front end, you may encounter binary data coding problems. Most of the server-side string encoding types are UTF-8, while in JavaScript, the string encoding type is utf-16, so you need a method that can convert strings between two encoding methods. Through […]

  • Introduction to the Differences and Relations between UTF-8 GBK UTF8 GB2312


    UTF-8 contains all the characters that need to be used in all countries of the world. It is an international code with strong universality. UTF-8 coded text can be displayed in browsers that support UTF8 character sets in various countries. For example, if UTF8 is encoded, Chinese can also be displayed on the English IE […]