• Vue – custom component bi-directional binding


    preface No matter in any language or framework, we advocate code reusability. The same is true for Vue. The same code logic will be encapsulated into components. In addition to reuse, the more important thing is unified management to improve development efficiency. I’ve really taken over a project, a list that can be used in […]

  • FREEBSD6.0 Setting up FTP Server


    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a common network protocol. Its main function is to transfer files. We often download files from FTP platform. This chapter will introduce how to use FreeBSD to set up FTP server, and explain the management skills of various FTP servers. In addition to FTP server software attached to FreeBSD, this […]

  • FreeBSD6.2 Setting up FTP Server


    Two Modes of FTP OnlineFTP adopts Client/Server architecture. The special feature of FTP protocol is that it must establish two online systems when it is used: one for transmitting instructions and the other for transmitting files. When we use FTP software to connect to the FTP server, the client will first connect to port 21 […]

  • Commands not to be used in Unix systems


    fsck — file system consistency check If possible, do not run the fsck command manually. There are many examples of more catastrophes caused by human calls to fsck “fix” systems. The RM Command Problem of Unix The RM command is probably the easiest command to cause trouble to Unix users, but I don’t think it’s […]