• Centos7 install docker CE


    Preface This article is the leading article of “build gitlab CI / CD pipeline from scratch”. Because the whole CI / CD environment depends on docker, you need to install docker first. The whole environment is built on centos7. The process is simple. If your environment is the same as mine, you can copy the […]

  • Using non root user to operate docker


    This article is reproduced on the Internet: https://blog.csdn.net/lynnyq/ By default, the docker command uses UNIX socket to communicate with the docker engine. Only root and docker group users can access the UNIX socket of docker engine. For security reasons, root is not directly used on Linux systems. Therefore, it is better to add users who […]

  • Thinking about Android App architecture


    About theSmall architectureI made a demo. The address is as follows:https://github.com/xiaxvelian… ##########################The text begins############################### From 2011 to now, I have done several years of Android application and OpenGL es application development on Android platform. Here are some thoughts on the development architecture of Android App: The ultimate goal of building the framework is to enhance […]

  • Kill the mouse! Greatly improve MAC keyboard efficiency with these four apps


    Good things, collection. Turn to kill the mouse! Greatly improve MAC keyboard efficiency with these four apps At the beginning, personal computers did not support “mouse”. All users had to input monotonous and complex commands to achieve the most basic functions. That’s why scientists at that time urgently needed to develop a more simple and […]

  • [video tutorial] configure MySQL user’s permission and query data


    After MySQL installation, you need to allow external IP to access the database. Modify encryption configuration, add new users, and configure user rightsModify the configuration file and add the configuration item of the default encryption method. When connecting to the database, an error will be reported that the verification method does not exist. This is […]

  • In depth understanding of the relationship between Apache pulse connector and functions


    It takes about 10 minutes to read this article. background knowledge Connector: the connector of Apache pulsar, including source and sink components. Functions: lightweight computing component of Apache pulsar. Instance architecture When you use the pulsar admin source, pulsar admin sink, or pulsar admin function commands to operate the source, sink, or function, an instance […]

  • [reading notes] calculation advertisement (the third part)


    By logm This article was originally published at https://segmentfault.com/u/logm/articles and is not allowed to be reproduced~ If the mathematical formula in the article cannot be displayed correctly, please refer to: Tips for displaying the mathematical formula correctly This article isComputing advertising (Second Edition)Reading notes. This part introduces the key technology of online advertising, which is […]

  • How to build personalized recommendation from 0 to 1?


    Author: Zeng Qinbang 58 senior technical manager in the same city Editor: Zhou Xiaoxia Content source: 58 Technology Salon Production community: datafun Note: welcome to reprint. Please leave a message in the message area. Guide: with the rapid development of science and technology, the Internet is widely used in various fields, and the recruitment mode […]

  • HTTP authentication (basic auth, session, JWT, OAuth, openid)


    Become a certified driver This paper is translated from auth boss. If there is any inappropriate or wrong translation, please point out. Become a certified old driver, understand the different authentication methods on the network. The purpose of this document is to document and catalog authentication methods on the web.Authentication refers to the process of […]

  • The application and practice of Flink in hungry


    Author: Yi Weiping (hungry) Organized by: Ji Ping (Alibaba real time computing Department) This article will show you the work of big data platform in real-time computing and the evolution of computing engine. You can learn the advantages and disadvantages of storm, spark and Flink. How to choose a suitable real-time computing engine? What are […]

  • Docker build prompts error checking context: can’t stat XXX


    Phenomenal description When you use docker build to build an image, you will be prompted with the following error: ➜ docker build -t image_name -f xxx.dockerfile . error checking context: ‘can’t stat ‘/Users/wang/Workspace/db/.gitkeep”. Reason The current build user is not authorized to operate on the folder DB caused by the permission problem. Solution Change to […]

  • IOS ——– get notification status and jump to setting interface settings


    Skip to system notification settings corresponding to app     if (UIApplicationOpenSettingsURLString != NULL) {         UIApplication *application = [UIApplication sharedApplication];         NSURL *URL = [NSURL URLWithString:UIApplicationOpenSettingsURLString];         if ([application respondsToSelector:@selector(openURL:options:completionHandler:)]) {             [application openURL:URL options:@{} completionHandler:nil];         […]