• CentOS install elasticsearch


    1、 Download Download address: https://www.elastic.co/downloads/elasticsearch Historical version: https://www.elastic.co/downloads/past-releases#elasticsearch If the machine can access the Internet, it can also be downloaded directly by WGet shell> wget https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-5.6.4.tar.gz 2、 Install (unzip) Es runs in Java environment, so you need to install JDK first. There are a lot of online tutorials, so you can refer to my other […]

  • Using docker in wsl2


    Link to original text Wsl2 is a Linux based on Hyper-V virtualization, so I want to run docker in WSL. When I installed docker happily, I found that it could not be started because the process with PID of 1 was not SYSTEMd, but init, which made me a vegetable chicken. After a search, it […]

  • Design of privilege system based on spring security and JWT


    Write it at the front About spring security The authentication and authority module of web system is also the infrastructure of a system. Almost any Internet service will involve this requirement. In the field of Java EE, mature security framework solutions generally include Apache Shiro and spring security. Apache Shiro is simple and easy to […]

  • MySQL learning — managing user rights


    MySQL learning — managing user rights Absrtact: This paper mainly studies the method of using DCL statement to manage user rights. Understanding user rights What is a user Users refer to the people who operate and use MySQL database. Using MySQL database requires users to connect through user name and password before operation. Different users […]

  • Delete table and Oracle recycle bin


    1、 DROP TABLE statement of Oracle First, let’s take a look at the syntax format of Oracle drop table.     Explain the parameters: schema Schema represents the scheme name, which can be understood as the user name, and is the table under the current user by default. For example, to delete the EMP table […]

  • Summary of security vulnerability repair of front end and back end separation project


    Recently, the project has been scanned for security. Due to the problems in the project design, some loopholes have been exposed. In the process of repairing, the experience is summarized and shared. 1. Front end separation and traditional architecture introduction Project architecture 1.1 the front and rear ends are not separated In the application mode […]

  • How to integrate JWT (JSON web token) authentication in springboot


    This blog mainly introduces what JWT is and how to use JWT (JSON web token) in spring boot project. 1. About JWT 1.1 what is JWT At the beginning of the old saying, if we want to use such a tool, we must first know the following questions. What is this tool and what problems […]

  • Regular expressions bring in variables


    Whether the matching string contains a character.For example, it contains the C charactercbde var k =c; var str =”cbde”; var reg =/^c+.*/; var new =reg.test(str) console.log(new) Results: CBDE Now I want to replace c with variable K; Try to use the construction method var kew =’new’ var re =new RegExp(“^key+.*”) var re =new RegExp(“^”+key+”+.*”) console.log(re) […]

  • How to build a high performance load balancing system to cope with large traffic?


    load balancing Load balancing is the basic component of cloud computing and the entrance of network traffic. Its importance is self-evident. What is load balancing? The traffic input by users is evenly distributed to multiple servers in the back end by load balancer according to a certain load balancing algorithm. The server receiving the request […]

  • Springboot + neo4j in social e-commerce, tell how you are bound to offline


    In the last two articles, we mainly explained the basic knowledge of neo4j and the basic use of neo4j. In this article, we take the binding relationship in social e-commerce as an example and use springboot + neo4j to realize it. Review of neo4j articles: Don’t understand neo4j? It’s OK. Learn together Don’t understand neo4j? […]

  • Docker builds laravel development environment in win10 Home Edition


    Operating system: Win10 Home Edition Install docker: The docker downloaded from the official website cannot be installed successfully, indicating that the operating system version is wrong~~~~Therefore, we directly downloaded the docker installation package provided by Alibabahttp://mirrors.aliyun.com/doc…The community version is – ce suffix Ali image acceleration First log in to alicloud to find the container image […]