• WeChat public number development series -13, integration of WeChat based on RDIFramework.NET framework to develop application effect display


    1, foreword Through the learning of the previous articles, we have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the development of WeChat public number. What is WeChat public number developing to solve these problems for enterprises? We often see the development of WeChat public number, customized development of WeChat public platform, do not know what these […]

  • Mongodb v4.0 command


    Mongodb v4.0 command Official documents > Click here< Operating system library #Operation administrator Library use admin The right to identify db.auth(“root”,”admin”); #User view (format beautification) db.system.users.find().pretty(); #New users db.createUser({ user: ‘root1’, pwd: ‘admin1’, roles: [ { role: “dbOwner”, db: “yapi” }] }); #Update user information / password / permission db.updateUser(“root1”,{ pwd: “admin2”, roles: [{ role: […]

  • MySQL asynchronous replication


    Replication is the foundation of high availability, and the underlying middleware such as MHA and MYCAT all rely on the replication principle Master master master instance Slave Slave instance Classification: default asynchronous replication, semi synchronous replication after version 5.5, new gtid replication in version 5.6, multi-source replication in version 5.7, parallel replication and enhanced semi […]

  • Linux commands


    1.cd command CD enter the user‘s home directory; Cd ~ enters the user’s home directory; CD – returns the directory before entering this directory; CD.. returns to the parent directory (if the current directory is “/”, the meaning of “/”; “.” is the parent directory after execution); CD.. /.., return to the upper two directories; […]

  • Windows 2012 R2 install Rd services


    By default, only two users can connect at the same time. If you want more users to connect to the server at the same time, you need to turn on and activate Remote Desktop Services. Reference: https://jingyan.baidu.com/article/9f7e7ec0f5a8686f281554d9.html           After installation, the system needs to be activated     Then configure the […]

  • Thinking about the plan of high concurrency rush purchase


    I am often asked in interviews how to design a rush to buy scheme in a high concurrency environment. Although there are a lot of materials on the Internet, they all simply say something about using queues, without more detailed consideration. I am asked too much, and I have to think about how to design […]

  • Linux CentOS shutdown and restart commands


    Linux CentOS restart command: 1. Reboot2. Shutdown – r now restart immediately (used by root user)3. Shutdown – R automatic restart after 10 minutes (used by root user)4. Shutdown – R 20:35 restart at 20:35 (used by root user)If the restart is set by the shutdown command, you can use the shutdown – C command […]

  • Chinese input about QT unable to call fcitx under Linux


    1. Local environment: deepin 15.11 Qt 5.11.3 Fcitx input method 2 problem description Both QT creator and QT compiled programs cannot use the fcitx input method of deep system, and the traditional method (copy / usr / lib / x86_-linux-gnu / Qt5 / plugins / platforminputcontext / libfcitxplatforminputcontextplugin. So) cannot be solved. 3 solutions To […]

  • How to use proxy IP to grab data and PHP crawler to grab Amazon Product data


      What is an agent? When will agents be usedIP? Proxy server(Proxy Server)Its function is to obtain network information on behalf of users and then return it to users. The image says: it is the network information transit station. Through agencyIPVisit the target station to hide the user’s realityIP。 For example, if you want to […]

  • Stack decorator and parametric decorator of Python syntax


    I. overlay decorator Definition: in the same decorated object, add multiple decorators and execute. Decoration sequence and execution sequence of superimposed decoratorsDecoration sequence: from bottom to top.Execution sequence: from top to bottom. Note: the decorator performs the add function only when the decorated object is called. def wrapper1(func): def inner1(*args,**kwargs): print(‘1’) res = func(*args,**kwargs) print(‘2’) […]