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  • A regular expression that matches 8-16 digit numeric and alphabetic passwords


    The password of a user registration function has the following requirements: it is composed of numbers and letters, and it should contain numbers and letters at the same time, and the length should be between 8-16 bits. The splitting requirements are as follows: Not all numbers Not all letters Must be numeric or alphabetic As […]

  • Python module learning — hashlib module


    1: Introduction to hashlib 1. What is hash: hash is an algorithm (different hash algorithms have different complexity) (MD5 module and Sha module are replaced in 3. X, which mainly provides SHA1, sha224, sha256, sha384, SHA512 and MD5 algorithms). The algorithm accepts the incoming content and obtains a string of hash values through operation2. The […]

  • Node user login and registration function summary


    Introduction: I have done a small project before, which involves the function of user registration and login. Now record the implementation process for future viewing and maintenance. catalogue Principle analysis Actual combat cases Principle analysis Simple flow chart of user registration Enter user name and password Check if this user exists If it exists, the […]

  • Swagger3 update configuration details


    1. Import dependencies. Only one dependency can be imported in version 3.0.0 <dependency> <groupId>io.springfox</groupId> <artifactId>springfox-boot-starter</artifactId> <version>3.0.0</version> </dependency> 2. Configure swaggerconfig package org.fh.config; 3. Swagger interception configuration package org.fh.config; 4. Visit / swagger UI / index.html 5. Interface description case Annotate the processing class, such as swagger3 This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the […]

  • Explore swoole — start a hello world with swoole


    catalogue Explore swoole — start a hello world with swoole Wonderful use of memory — PHP can finally vs java Primary application — realize user registration and login [writing] Outlook — Analysis of the limitations of swoole and my personal expectations [writing] Old time sake Remember our first PHP program? <?php echo “hello world”; Save […]

  • Workflow of httpserver startup and request in swoft (2) — server setting and callback function


    As mentioned above, swoft creates an asynchronous HTTP server, and then starts one click programming before calling server > set() After starting the coroutine, swoft initializes the server and calls the corresponding lifecycle hook function Set the basic configuration of server: Set the event callback of the server (because the print result is very long, […]

  • Four implementation schemes of IOS swiftui data form from rookie to expert


    Collecting data, processing data and displaying data are the most basic functions of a program. Today, let’s learn how to use swiftui’s form to collect data. In this issue, we will take the most basic user registration interface as an example to introduce four different levels of data collection. Beginner‘s way I believe friends who […]

  • E-commerce project 2020-11-27


    E-commerce projects Work content on November 27, 2020 Write user module Display user registration interface Pay attention to the packet guiding path and set the correct packet rewinding path Writing user model classes Using Django’s own user authentication system and authorization system, the core is user, inheriting, adding custom fields, correctly migrating custom user model […]

  • Nodejs realizes SMS verification function with native mode


    Here, I use the SMS interface of SMS suppliers in big cloud market to demonstrate nodejs’s method of realizing sms verification function in native mode. The code is as follows:`var https = require(‘follow-redirects’).https;var fs = require(‘fs’); var qs = require(‘querystring’); var options = { ‘method’: ‘POST’, ‘hostname’: ‘vip.veesing.com’, ‘path’: ‘/smsApi/verifyCode’, ‘headers’: { ‘Content-Type’: ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=utf-8’ }, […]

  • Wechat system


    Wechat is a platform with huge traffic, with 100 million users. How can Lamo access some of its capabilities?For example, wechat login, wechat payment, message notification, etc. Wechat login [better user management] Reduce user registration cost and improve user retention rateAccount exchange and data exchange For the same user, the unionid is the same for […]

  • node.js User registration, login and verification process


    1、 Preface Through this article, you can master node.js The code blocks in this article are all in one file for registering users, logging in, and validating index.js Medium. 2、 Related technical points Main tools vscode postman mysql Node related package express body-parser bcryptjs jwt 3、 Document preparation Create folder Open the vscode console, CD […]