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  • Git related configuration


    Configure user name and mailbox //Configure user name git config –global user.name “username” //Configure mailbox git config –global user.email “[email protected]” Generate SSH key ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “[email protected]” Ignore changes in file permissions or file owners #Current version Library git config core.filemode false #Global configuration git config –global core.fileMode false ssh Git public key This […]

  • Oracle create tablespaces and users


    1. If it is opened in tools such as PL / SQL, directly modify the [bold italics] in the following code for execution 2. Ensure that the path exists, such as [D: \ Oracle \ oradata \ Oracle9i \], that is, the path where you want to save the file exists /There are four steps/ […]

  • Docker WARNING! Using –password via the CLI is insecure. Use –password-stdin


    I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. The whole industry is not very optimistic this year. I joined a new owner to beg for food under the recommendation of my friends. It’s rare to calm down for a weekend. Well, there’s no more nonsense, Today, we updated the docker toolbox of windows docker […]

  • Clickhouse installation and remote login on


    1、 Installation of Clickhouse 1. Add Yum source yum-config-manager –add-repo http://repo.red-soft.biz/repos/clickhouse/repo/clickhouse-el6.repo 2. Installation yum install clickhouse-server clickhouse-client clickhouse-server-common clickhouse-compressor 3. Start service /etc/init.d/clickhouse-server start 4. Login test [[email protected]_server_yayun_01 ~]# clickhouse-client ClickHouse client version (official build). Connecting to as user default. Connected to ClickHouse server version 20.5.2 revision 54435. VM_0_15_centos 🙂 VM_0_15_centos 🙂 VM_0_15_centos […]

  • Qunhui / cat disk and other private NAS use netcloud for intranet penetration access tutorial


    Demo environment:  Qunhui system  cat tray  netcloud Linux arm version 1: Query the device CPU type. The cat disk in this tutorial uses arm 64 bit CPU, so download the Linux arm version. 2: Remote login background management (1) Turn on the SHH function of Qunhui / (2) Open the CMD command […]

  • Backup onetab data


    Recently, I found that I have too many chrome tags, which take up too much memory. I searched around and found that onetab works very well. It’s really good to try.However, there are still some bad news in the search results, such as upgrading chrome, or some crashes will cause onetab to lose data.Therefore, a […]

  • Steps to build a personal hugin


    1. Install docker 2. Install hugin docker run -it -p 3000:3000 huginn/huginn 3. Access services [http://docker-machine ip:3000] Default user name / password: admin / password Automatic reminder of microblog update useWeibo User Agent, uid should be filled in correctly. In the example, it should be queried every 30 minutes { “uid”: “602949”, “access_token”: “2.00f1xxxxdfbcTwwWUD”, “app_key”: […]

  • Node installation tutorial!


    Installation tutorial under Windows Download node. The address is herenodejs By default, everyone is a Windows 64 bit system ! 1. Fool installation tutorial confirmation2.Open CMD input after installationnode -vandnpm -vView version 3.Configure the path of NPM when installing the global module and the path of cacheBecause when executing commands such as NPM install webpack […]

  • Mongodb backup and restore database


    backups mongodump –host=mongodb.example.net –port=27017 –username=user –password=”pass” –authenticationDatabase=test –db=test –collection=myCollection –oplog –out=/opt/backup/test-2013-10-24 –Host: defaultlocalhost:27017, specify the connection host –Port: default27017, specify the connection port –Username: Specifies the user name for authentication –Password: Specifies the password for authentication —Authenticationdatabase: Specifies the database for authentication. If not specified, it is assumed to be the exported database –DB: Specifies […]

  • Use vite to quickly build vue3 + elementplus project


    Building vue3 projects with vite You can use vite to quickly build a Vue project by running the following command in the terminal. $ npm init vite-app <project-name> $ cd <project-name> $ npm install $ npm run dev Introducing element plus Installing element plus: npm install element-plus –save Complete introduction of element plus in main.js: […]

  • Git common commands and problems


    Common commands Configure user name Git config — global user. Name ‘user name’ Configure mailbox Git config — global user.email ‘mailbox’ Generate secret key SSH keygen – t RSA – C ‘mailbox’ Connect to remote warehouse Git remote add origin ‘warehouse address’ View remote warehouse git remote -v Delete remote warehouse Git remote RM ‘warehouse […]

  • Shiro combat tutorial (Part 2)


    Note: the Shiro tutorial comes from a tutorial on site B. since the source code is paid, I won’t share it. The next article will explain the use of springboot with Shiro. My personal blog: Tianya Zhi My official account: rookie thanks. 6. Integrate springboot project practice 6.0 integration ideas 6.1 creating a springboot project […]