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  • What is the state in HTTP stateless?


    preface Recently, when I was learning about HTTP, I found that I couldn’t understand the first sentence [HTTP protocol is stateless, connectionless] about http: what does stateless [state] mean?! Looking for a lot of information, not only did they not find anyone who answered this question directly, but also some explanations were full of all […]

  • Egg.js Build back-end service API


    Words written in the front I’ve been studying recently Egg.js It is a koa based node development framework launched by Ali, which is born for enterprise level framework and application.Egg.js Official document ofIt’s perfect. I want to learn Egg.js You can view the official documents directly. Because the usual development is the mode of front-end […]

  • Trust learning — error handling


    Rust divides errors into two categories: recoverable and unrecoverable. For recoverable errors, such as the file not found error, it is reasonable to report the problem to the user and then try the operation again. An unrecoverable error is always a symptom of an error, such as an attempt to access a location other than […]

  • Configuration of flutter environment variables in Mac OS


    reference resourcesThis article) //Android SDK environment variable configuration (those not configured need to be configured) export ANDROID_HOME=”/Users/WES319MAC/Library/Android/sdk” export PATH=${PATH}:${ANDROID_HOME}/tools export PATH=${PATH}:${ANDROID_HOME}/platform-tools //Open (or create). Bash_ profile open -e .bash_profile Add the following code to the file edit and save the fileexport PUB_HOSTED_URL=https://pub.flutter-io.cnexport FLUTTER_STORAGE_BASE_URL=https://storage.flutter-io.cnexport PATH=/Users/WES319MAC/Library/flutter/bin:$PATH be careful:1. Because some flutter commands need to be connected to […]

  • Mysql database


    Command: To view the installation path of MySQL: 1. select @@basedir as basePath from dual; 2. show variables like “%char%”; – character_ sets_ This is the installation path. View the data path of MySQL: 1. select @@datadir as dataPath from dual; 2. show variables Like ‘%datadir%’; Command line connection to database: MySQL – H localhost […]

  • Redis: 11. Simple social networking


    brief introduction The implementation of ad targeting is introduced in the front. It is a query intensive program, so every request sent to it will cause a lot of calculation. In this paper, we will implement a simple social networking site, which will reduce the work that users need to do when viewing the page.P184 […]

  • Realizing remote connection and setting account and password in mongodb on Linux


    Local system: Fedora 28Server system: CentOS 7 install Install client locally sudo dnf install mondodb Install the server on the server sudo dnf install mongodb-server There are many basic operations on the Internet (such as specifying the database path — dbpath, specifying the port — port). I don’t want to describe them here. I think […]

  • Nodejs initial experience, using node to write a simple mailbox to verify the registration and login


    Open the door and enter the mountain Pre Foundation According to the official manual, plug-ins will be used nodemail ,mongoose. (this paper uses mongoose to store data. If the database is not used, the content related to mongoose can be ignored.) 1. Directory structure ├── server.js //Service entrance Db // database folder (can be ignored […]

  • Upload personal third party library to cocoapods


    Upload personal library to cocoapods 1.1 creating projects in GitHub Fill in the project name Fill in the project description Set library public Add the certificate and readme file. The certificate can also be downloaded after the project is createdCreate new fileAnd inputLICENSE, click theChoose a license templateSelect the required certificate and add it After […]

  • Mongodb permission control (6)


    Overview of permissions The users in mongodb belong to the database. Each database has its own administrator. After the administrator logs in, he can only operate the database he belongs to. Note: generally, users created in the admin database are granted super administrator rights, and can operate any database after logging in. Create super administrator […]

  • Gitee add Shh public key


    Public key Many servers need authentication, Shh authentication is one of them;Generate the public key on the client side and add the generated public key to the server. When you connect to the server in the future, you don’t need to input the user name and password every time;Many git servers use SSH authentication. You […]

  • PHP simple user login system


    PHP simple user login system Recently, I just saw an example of PHP connecting to database, so I made a simple user system Code directly Connect to database: connect.php $servername = “localhost”; $username = “formbd”; $password = “formbd”; $dbname = “form”; //Create a connection $conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname); //Detect connections if ($conn->connect_error) […]