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  • The configuration of swagger3 is different from that of 2


    1. Import dependency. Only one dependency can be imported in version 3.0.0 <dependency> <groupId>io.springfox</groupId> <artifactId>springfox-boot-starter</artifactId> <version>3.0.0</version> </dependency> 2. Configure swaggerconfig package org. fh. config; 3. Swagger interception configuration package org. fh. config; 4. Visit / swagger UI / index html 5. Interface description case Annotate the processing class, such as swagger3 This work adoptsCC […]

  • JSP on the machine in the sixth week


    I         @ page language=”java” contentType=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ pageEncoding=”utf-8″%> Insert title here register user name password 确认password Gender male female EMaile date of birth agreement 123 @ page language=”java” contentType=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ pageEncoding=”utf-8″%> request.setCharacterEncoding(“utf-8”); %> Insert title here Your registered user information is as follows out.println(request.getParameter(“username”)); out.println(request.getParameter(“logpwd”)); out.println(request.getParameter(“gender”)); out.println(request.getParameter(“mail”)); out.println(request.getParameter(“hiredate”)); %>     two、 […]

  • Detailed explanation of MySQL prompt usage


    When we configure mysql, which instance of MySQL we want to use to connect to the MySQL system, and which of the following information we need to use when we configure the MySQL instance of prompt, and so on: 1. We can put it in the MySQL project of the default configuration file. When we […]

  • E-commerce shopping website – detailed design


    1. Design and implementation of user registration module Introduction to functional design of registration module Function: This module is mainly used for new user registration. The user provides user name and password information through the form. The system performs specific operations on the user according to the registration information provided by the user. Input operations: […]

  • IOS nsuserdefaults use


    Whether it is Android, H5 or PC, it is necessary to save the data locally and obtain and use it later, such as key value saving. SharedPreferences is provided in Android for saving, and nsuserdefaults is provided in IOS. In nsuserdefaults, the data structures that can be saved are: Nsstring string Nsnumber number Nsarray array […]

  • Report NPM err when solving NPM install! exited with error code: 128


    NPM install reports error code: 128 and error: eperm: operation not allowed_ terms of settlement: Execute the following command: git config –global http.sslverify “false”Then execute NPM install If the error is still reported after the above command is executed, continue to execute the following command git config –global url.”https://”.insteadOf git://You can solve the problem of […]

  • C # call SAP RFC


    Structure:     Install nuget package:     using SAP.Middleware.Connector; using System.Data; namespace DFDN.SDK.ServiceInterface { public class RfcDemo { public void Loading() { RfcDestination SapRfcDestination = RfcDestinationManager. GetDestination(GetParameters()); // Connection string RfcDestination SapRfcDestinationForConfig = RfcDestinationManager. GetDestination(“dad”); // Connection string from app Config configuration RfcRepository SapRfcRepository = SapRfcDestination.Repository; DataTable dt = new DataTable(); // data source […]

  • 02_ Mybatis plus advanced


    1.ActiveRecord Picture png 1.1. introduction Picture png Although the test case is not injected with mapper, the mapper still needs to be written, because the bottom layer of AR will call mapper 1.2. New data Picture png 1.3. Update data Picture png 1.4 Delete data Picture png 1.5. Query data according to criteria Picture png […]

  • Vulnhub actual combat – jis-ctf_ Vulnupload target 👻


    Vulnhub actual combat – jis-ctf_ Vulnupload target Download address:http://www.vulnhub.com/entry/jis-ctf-vulnupload,228/ You can get the target image from the above address, and then import it into the VM to start it. Dry now!! 1. Obtain the target IP and what services are enabled After we import the target into the VM and turn it on, we don’t […]

  • Advanced IOS localization tutorial


    Advanced IOS localization tutorial stayLastNext, we will introduce the two basic localization methods in the tutorial. Xib and storyboard localization xibandstoryboardAs two different types of UI tools, we can get rid of the pain of code layout. Their localization can not only use the method in the previous article to modify the code, but also […]

  • Windows 10 home edition perfectly modifies the system user name


    catalogue 1、 Foreword Preface description Description of terms Operating instructions 2、 Modify user name Modify through user account [recommended] Modify through control panel 3、 Modify folder name Step 1: open the super administrator account Step 2: log in with super administrator Step 3: modify folder name Step 4: close the super administrator account Step 5: […]

  • Git modifies the user name and mailbox of the warehouse, the global user name and mailbox, and the user name and mailbox of the submitted content


    Modify the user name and email of this warehouse git config user.name ‘new username’git config user.email ‘new email’ Modify global user name and mailbox git config –global user.name ‘new username’git config –global user.email ‘new email’ Modify the user name and mailbox of submitted content 1. Open the terminal 2. Copy and paste the script and […]