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  • Tensorflow 2.0 datasets data loading


    Import package import tensorflow as tf from tensorflow import keras Loading data Tensorflow can call the datasets provided by keras. It’s very convenient. It’s a little annoying that FQ is needed for downloading, and this agent is not very convenient to open. So here I download all the data and upload it to the nut […]

  • Python crawler – fangtianxia – login


    Fangtianxia – login The website of this crawling is:https://passport.fang.com I. analysis request Enter the user name and password, and click the login button The requested parameters are: uid: 123456789 pwd: 64ccd4212d87e6cc149d0545ad1d46263ef70eb7cd66543419dc639ff4842c4a8cd1f84a519933040ba2c2aa9045934d4c33c72c006fe98ef51a3bd643aa40cb28a2fce9c5b40c49881db90c0bf372188a98747308071a995d19caf3ef63ab402ff81865159717b495b2f393b079fda964c8872297b7360f5c58e951e59f42d1 Service: soufun-passport-web AutoLogin: 1 uidIs the user name entered,pwdIs the encrypted data. We just need to find out the encryption method of the password […]

  • Token based authentication of Vue & nodejs JWT


    Now the more popular way of verification is to takeLogin verification of token principle 1. When logging in, the client sends the user name and password 2. The server verifies whether the user name and password are correct. After verification, a valid token string will be generated and sent to the client 3. The token […]

  • Window server 2008 R2 FTP service user isolation


    Window server 2008 R2 FTP service user isolation Original title:Install the FTP service, and create a new FTP site. The main directory is C: \ ftproot. When users soft1 and soft2 log in to the FTP site anonymously through appropriate technologies, they can only browse the contents of the “public” subdirectory. If they log in […]

  • Oracle notes Basics


    1 login start Sqlplus / as SYSDBA login as Administrator Sqlplus user name / password – local login Sqlplus user name / password @ // host IP / instance name (default orcl) ා remote login SQL > startup / shutdown – start / shut down the database instance Lsnrctl start / stop – start / […]

  • Oracle imports DMP file with imp


    Oracle command line login Sqlplus user name / password Create user Create user user identified by password; Create tablespace Create tablespace tablespace name datafile ‘d: \ oracle11 \ oradata \ database name \ XXX. PDF’ size 200m AUTOEXTEND on next 50m maxsize 1000m; User authorization Grant connect, resource to user name; Log in to Oracle […]

  • Windows uses sqlpus to connect Oracle Database


    1. Install the instant client program first. 2. Open CMD to execute sqlplus command, as shown in the following figure 2. Note that the bin directory of Oracle install needs to be added to the system environment path, as shown in the following figure, add environment variables and save them   3. Reopen CMD to […]

  • Springbootsecurity learning (08) web version login integration mybatis


    Create database The way that spring boot security integrates JDBC to query users from the database is introduced earlier, with limited applicability. The most commonly used integration mybatis is introduced below, which is the most commonly used and practical in the development and production environment. First, you need to create a database table. Let’s create […]

  • The creation, import and export of Linux database and some basic instructions


    First, under Linux, check MySQL related directories ViewmysqlInstallation path for Execute querySQL mysql>show variables like ‘%dir%’; datadirData path Determine the running path and execute the command of importing and exporting MySQL databaseI. use mysqldump command to export database(Note: first CD to MySQL running path, and then execute the following command):1. Export data and table structure:Mysqldump […]

  • Spring Boot Security Learning (10) Web Log-in to remember my function


    scene Many logins have the function of remembering me. After the user logs in once, the system will remember the user for a period of time. During this period, the user can use our system without repeated logins. Remember the basic principles of user functions as shown below: When the user logs in, the request […]

  • PHP prevents form duplicate submission instances by session judgment


    PHP uses session judgment to prevent form duplicate submission instances. To prevent duplicate operations after the user submits the form, session judgment is used to determine whether it is the first submission or not, otherwise, let him return to the previous form page. The current form page is_submit is set to 0 (); $_SESSION[‘is_submit’] = […]

  • The use of pymysql module


    I. Connecting to MySQL Server import pymysql # Connect to the database and call the Connect function (the Connect function returns an object of Connection) Conn = pymysql. Connect (host =’localhost’, # host ip) Port = 3306, port # User=’user’, # username Password=’passwd’, # password Database=’db’, # database name Charset=’utf8′, # Character Set ) 2. […]