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  • New elements of HTML5


    HTML5 semantics header, section, footer, aside, nav, article, figure { display: block; } nav,header,p,article{ width: 1200px; margin:0 auto; }<br> ul{ height:40px; background-color: #fff; list-style: none; display: inline-block; width: 1200px; padding: 0px; }<br> li{ line-height: 40px; text-align: center; float: left; width: 400px; margin:0 auto; } li:hover{ background: pink; }<br> a{ text-decoration: none; } .post{ border:1px dashed […]

  • Four diagrams show the relationship among users, permissions and tenants


    1. The simplest user system A most simple user system, only need to have user and authentication module is enough. As shown in the figure: Here’s a hint: the upper level data depends on the lower level data. For example, authentication relies on user data. 2. User system with authority management If you need permission […]

  • PostgresConf.CN & PGConf.Asia 2020 conference is coming!


    PGConf.Asia Held in China for the first time In the global scope, the application and development of PG in various countries are rising rapidly, and the Asia Pacific region is becoming the largest application position in the world. This is due to the popularity of open source culture and values, the development of global new […]

  • The first experience of Xiaofan in Linux


    Linux learning This is the first blog. It introduces the configuration environment when I just worked. I don’t have any experience in blogging, so it may be messy. I hope you can include it more. 1、 Common instructions Linux command Encyclopedia -EQ / / equal to -NE / / not equal to -GT / / […]

  • SAP hybrid discount group, discount group, discount record and user group


    Create a new customer discount group under the price Settings > discount > customer discount groups menu in backoffice. This is just a place holder to store the specific discount information created later Maintain a discount record in discount. The discount is 20% and the ID is jerrydishcount_ 20: There is also a way and […]

  • Linux user related operations


    Create, delete modified user You can refer to it firstLinux user and user group management Create user There are two forms of commands to create users in Linux $addUser < user name >The first is to automatically create the user directory in the home directory and prompt to create a login password. $useradd < user […]

  • Linux basic (2-2) common commands for users and user groups


    Add, delete and modify user account Add user account — useradd -C comment specifies an annotative description. -D directory specifies the user home directory. If this directory does not exist, you can create a home directory by using the – M option. -G user group specifies the user group to which the user belongs. -The […]

  • Domain learning note 1: local login of computers in working groups


    1、 Create users and user groups 1.1. Right click “this computer” and click “manage”. 1.2. Click “tools” and select “computer management”. 1.3. Under “local users and groups”, right-click “user” and select “new user”. 1.4. Create two users test1 and test2. 1.5. Under “local users and groups”, right-click “group” and select “new group”. 1.6. Create a […]

  • Record an intranet penetration (web server)


    It is understood that the key sensitive data of the bank is stored in C: consle on the web server ( I don’t want to say much nonsense. Now that we have a clear goal, we should scan nmap directly. The results show that cve-2012-0152 (Microsoft Windows Server RDP denial of service vulnerability) and cve-2012-0002 […]

  • Centos7 Tomcat service opens Web access directory browsing mode


    By default, due to security considerations, Tomcat does not allow files under the directory to be listed. However, in certain scenarios, you may need to use this function again. Here are the steps: 1. Configuration web.xml File location:%tomcat_home%/conf/ Tomcat’sweb.xml There is a property value in the configuration filelistingThis property value controls whether the virtual directory […]

  • Big data learning


    Introduction to big data 1、 Basic definition A kind of data collection which is large enough to exceed the capability of traditional database software tools in acquisition, storage, management and analysis. It has four characteristics: massive data scale, fast data flow, diverse data types and low value density 2、 Basic features Volume:The size of the […]

  • Linux distribution teaches you how to choose


    Linux distribution teaches you how to choose Linux distributions are more than just dazzling. They’re just popping into your eyes. Should you use popular Ubuntu? Red hat of orthodoxy? Or something else? Choosing a distribution is often the first consideration before installing Linux. This article will introduce the author’s experience in choosing the distribution version, […]