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  • Windows shortcut key record


    -1: After installing IIS, run > inetmgr pops up the IIS manager 0. Hold down the shift key and right-click the mouse to open the command line window 1. ODBC data source Managerrun->odbcad32 2. Computer management (viewing devices, disk management, user groups, services and applications, etc.)run-> compmgmt.msc —Computer managementrun-> devmgmt.msc —Device manager 3.run-> services.msc Open […]

  • How to install docker in centos6.5


    1. To upgrade the kernel, because the default kernel does not support docker, docker generally requires the kernel version to be above 3.10 (1) View kernel version $ uname -r (2) Import public key digital certificate $ rpm -Uvh https://www.elrepo.org/elrepo-release-6-8.el6.elrepo.noarch.rpm It should be noted that according to the official website, the corresponding certificate of centos6. […]

  • Adding users and raising rights in Linux


    When you just get a server, you usually disable the root user to log in, but when you use other ordinary users, you need to create a new user. Add user Create a new user: $ useradd boo Set password: $ passwd boo Right raising At this time, the user can be used normally, but […]

  • Linux learning notes — user and file rights management


    User and file rights management View users $ who am i #Or $ who mom likes The first column of the output represents the user name of the user who opened the current terminal. If you want to get the user name of the current login user, you can cancel the spacewhoamiThe command can be […]

  • Linux privilege management (4) sudo privilege


    Before learning sudo permissions, learn about the system prompts of CentOS when users use sudo permissions for the first time We trust that you have learned the daily precautions from the system administrator.To sum up, there are three points#1) Respect the privacy of others.#2) Consider (consequences and risks) before entering.#3) The greater the power, the […]

  • Install docker based on Ubuntu


    What is docker Docker is a virtualization container engine, which completely uses sandbox isolation mechanism, which has great advantages over traditional VM. The differences between traditional VM and docker are as follows: Traditional VM can’t share resources. For example, a Linux operating system with 4GB of memory is installed in VMware, which means that the […]

  • Docker deploying nginx


    Environment Description: Linux CentOS environment Operation preparation: Docker installed Start: 1. Pull image docker pull nginx 2. Prepare one nginx.conf Upload the file to / root / nginx / folder. If not, post a configuration at the end for use,Note that the encoding format of the file must be UTF-8, otherwise it will fail to […]

  • Installation and simple configuration of elasticsearch


    install Download address https://www.elastic.co/cn/dow… install After downloading the installation package, unzip the file: tar -zxvf elasticsearch-7.4.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz File directory structure catalog configuration file describe bin Script files, including starting elastic search, installing plug-ins, etc config elasticsearch.yml Cluster configuration file, user, role based JDK Java running environment data path.data data file lib Java class library logs path.log […]

  • Installation and use of docker under Linux


    Reference link:https://www.cnblogs.com/lylsr/p/11173012.html 1、 Installation and configuration 1. Install the dependency package sudo yum install -y yum-utils device-mapper-persistent-data lvm2 2. Set alicloud image source sudo yum-config-manager –add-repo https://mirrors.aliyun.com/docker-ce/linux/centos/docker-ce.repo 3. Install docker CE Rebuild Yum cache To install docker CE, execute the following command to install sudo yum install docker-ce 4. Start docker CE sudo systemctl enable […]

  • Browse the basic user and user group management commands in Linux


    Linux is a multi-user and multi task time-sharing operating system. All users who want to use system resources must apply for an account from the system administrator first, and then enter the system as this account. On the one hand, the user’s account can help the system administrator track the users using the system and […]

  • Brief introduction of configuration files of managing users and user groups in Linux system


    Linux is a multi-user and multi task operating system. Understand the single user multi task and multi-user multi task of Linux; User role differentiation:Users are divided into different roles in the system. In Linux system, due to different roles, their permissions and tasks are also different. It is worth noting that the roles of users […]

  • Maven practice.pdf


    What is Maven? The word Maven comes from the Yiddish language, meaning the accumulation of knowledge. Maven is a project management tool that includes a project object model, a set of standards, a project lifecycle, a dependency management system, and the logic used to run defined plug-in goals in the lifecycle phase. Maven can help […]