• HTTP in PHP spool_ Case analysis of server configuration and usage


    In this paper, an example is given to show how to use HTTP in PHP spool_ The configuration and usage of server. The details are as follows: A spool is provided for us in spool_ http_ Server class, convenient for us to handle HTTP requests. However, its support for HTTP protocol is not complete, so […]

  • Case analysis of log configuration and usage in yii2 framework


    This paper describes the configuration and usage of logs in yii2 framework. The details are as follows: Yii2 provides us with a very convenient log component, which can be used with a simple configuration. What are we doing/ web.php The configuration is as follows: return [ //Log must be loaded during bootstrap to schedule log […]

  • C + + vector how to use C + + vector method introduction tutorial summary


    C + + is the inheritance of C language. It can carry out the procedural programming of C language, the object-based programming characterized by abstract data type, and the object-oriented programming characterized by inheritance and polymorphism. C + + is good at object-oriented programming, at the same time, it can also carry out process based […]

  • Detailed explanation of Objective-C JSON example


    Detailed explanation of Objective-C JSON example By using nsjsonserialization, the mutual conversion between JSON and foundation can be realized. The following describes the use of Objective-C JSON. Json To Fundation Using jsonobjectwithdata, you can convert JSON to foundation. The top level of JSON can be {} or [], so it can have two formats: nsdictionary […]

  • How to use touch wizard script to write tutorial


    Touch genie is a software that simulates the touch and key operation of mobile phone. By making scripts, touch Genie can automatically perform a series of touch and key operations instead of hands. Touch wizard is simple and easy to use. It can record powerful scripts without mastering any programming knowledge. It can also use […]

  • Installation and use of MySQL 8.0.17


    Write on the front In the past, including the projects received now, the most used relational database is SQL server or oracle. Later, because of a request to MySQL database development project. So, I have to learn to use it. However, since learning and using it to the actual development process, there are still many […]

  • Use of idea git stash


    With the increase of the company’s developers and the parallel development of multiple requirements, the online function will get in the way; I’m afraid that my unfinished code will be deployed online by others, and I’m afraid that my unfinished code will be deployed online by myself; in short, I have to communicate with all […]

  • Git installation and use in Windows


    Git code management tool, similar to SVN client. Installation steps: 1. Download git from the official website: https://gitforwindows.org/ 2. Double click Run to finish the next installation. usage method: 1. After installation, right-click the mouse on the desktop or any directory to see git bash… As shown in the figure below: 2. Click “git bash […]

  • HTML5 localstorage Usage Summary


    1、 What is localstorage, sessionstorage In HTML5, a new local storage feature is added. This feature is mainly used as local storage to solve the problem of insufficient cookie storage space (the storage space of each cookie in the cookie is 4K). In the local storage, the general browser supports 5m size, which will be […]

  • Installation and use of docker compose


    Docker compose is a docker tool used to define and run complex applications. Using docker compose no longer requires shell scripts to start containers. (via docker- compose.yml Configuration) Installation of docker compose GitHub source sudo curl -L https://github.com/docker/compose/releases/download/1.22.0/docker-compose-`uname -s`-`uname -m` -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose #Add executable permissions to docker compose sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose Daocloud source curl […]

  • np.random.seed How to use ()


    In the study of artificial intelligence, a lot of use np.random.seed (), the seed of random number is used to make the random number generated each time the same. Let’s do the following experiment with two questions np.random.seed Is () always valid np.random.seed The parameter function of (argument)? Example 1 import numpy as np if […]

  • Problems and solutions of cmake in vscode (recommended)


    To install the vscme plug-in, follow the steps of installing vscode on the Internet After installation, create a new folder / project as follows: Among them, build is automatically generated after opening the folder. In test, there are source files, project files, etc. Open the terminal (it can be either the terminal in the PowerShell […]