• Latest installation and use methods based on IOS pod (share)


    1. Installation First of all, you need to know that Taobao’s Ruby software source cannot be used. Now you can use this source that Ruby China community focuses on maintaining( https://gems.ruby-china.org/ )。 First, open the terminal and execute the following command to delete the original Ruby source: gem sources –remove https://rubygems.org/ Then add the source […]

  • Detailed explanation of NLog configuration and use cases in. Net project


    introduction: Because log4net has always been used as the project logging framework in the project development before, I suddenly feel a little tired of it recently, so I try to use NLog as the logging framework of new projects (of course, as an ambitious siege lion, I can never only limit myself to the current […]

  • Generation and usage of graphic verification code in Java Web Development


    In this paper, an example is given to illustrate the generation and usage of the graphic verification code for Java Web development. Share with you for your reference. The details are as follows: The main purpose of graphic verification code is to enhance the security and increase the difficulty of users to crack the password […]

  • Summary of Gorm used in go language


    First of all, there are many advantages of using orm in a project: Prevent SQL injection vulnerability by directly splicing SQL statements Convenient for unified management of modules Focus on business and accelerate development The disadvantages are also obvious: Developers are separated from the final SQL statement by one layer of ORM, so they may […]

  • Detailed explanation of procedure writing and using in Oracle


    1. Create / modify CREATE [OR REPLACE] PROCEDURE procedure_name [(parameter_list)] {IS|AS} [local_declarations] BEGIN executable_statements [EXCEPTION exception_handlers] END [procedure_name]; a. The format of parameter list is as follows parameter_name1 [in | out | in out] type, parameter_name1 [in | out] type [,……..] In is the input parameter, which can have a default value. For example, emp_no […]

  • Laravel 5.7 framework installation and use learning notes


    This article describes the installation and use of laravel 5.7 framework. To share with you for your reference, as follows: [install laravel] Composer installation: composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel Directory structure: The root directory of the website points to / public, and an error is reported when visiting: The reason is that there is no vendor. […]

  • Detailed explanation of crontab’s use and precautions under Linux


    Crontab is an instruction used to set the periodic execution. Its daemons are crond. Crontab is divided into two configuration modes: user level crontab and system level crontab. Let’s talk about them separately. User level crontab When users use the new circular work schedule, the crontab command, crontab-e, can be used by all users, and […]

  • Some notes on using C + + vector


    1. initialization After C + + 11, the initialization method of braces {} has been added. The difference between braces {} and () should be noted, such as: STD:: vector < int > vectest1 (5); / / initialize 5 elements, each of which is 0 STD:: vector < int > vectest2 {5}; / / initializes […]

  • A detailed explanation of why vector is not advocated in C + +


    Vector < bool > is not an STL container, not an STL container, not an STL container! First of all, vector < bool > is not a vector container in the usual sense, which comes from the legacy of history.As early as C + + 98, there was vector < bool > type, but in […]

  • How to install WordPress locally


    Keyword Description: how to install the local WordPress download environment / / version of windows How to install WordPress in the last tutorial? The installation process of WordPress is finished. This time, I should explain the use of WordPress. But before we talk about the use of WordPress, let’s talk about how to install WordPress […]

  • How to use WordPress to write your blog


    Keyword Description: how to use blog writing article can WordPress function here The background settings for WordPress were introduced in the previous tutorial. You have a general understanding of this area. It can be said that WordPress management is very convenient. Now let’s start using WordPress to write your blog. WordPress divides articles into two […]

  • Steps to install virtual machines with VMware 15 and CentOS 8


    Preface: Recently, I am learning Linux and. Net core and some cross platform knowledge. First of all, the virtual machine software I used was vmware-15.1.0, and the Linux system was centos–8-x86_-1905-dvd1. One, install VMware 15.0 First of all, download the software from the Internet, and do not do more introduction if the installation is relatively […]