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  • LeetCode 76


    Portal: https://leetcode-cn.com/probl…Difficult problem, manual dog headdynamic programmingAfter thinking about it, I feel that I can’t solve it as a subproblem.suggestsliding windowIt seems to be a solution.See the use case S = “ADOBECODEBANC”, T = “ABC” 1.Each character of T is assigned a hash table to record its position in the sliding window. If there is […]

  • A timeout caused by fork, let’s revisit the problem of redis jitter


    Abstract:A delay jitter problem caused by fork. Background Huawei cloud database gaussdb (for redis) is a cloud native NoSQL database based on computing storage separation architecture and compatible with redis ecology; It relies on shared storage pool to achieve strong consistency, supports persistent disk storage, and ensures the security and reliability of data. Its core […]

  • How to choose API? Compare soap, rest, graphql, and RPC


    We know that two separate applications need mediators to communicate with each other. Therefore, developers usually build bridges (application programming interfaces) to allow one system to access the information or functions of another system. In order to integrate applications quickly and on a large scale, APIs are implemented by protocols or specifications, which define the […]

  • Using org mode to manage API test cases


    What are API test cases? In today’s Internet era, as a programmer of e-commerce platform, he must often deal with HTTP API. A common situation is API testing. Apart from what can be replaced by unit testing, it is often necessary to actually send HTTP requests. These things that are responsible for making HTTP requests […]

  • Automated testing series (2) | API testing


    In the lastAutomatic test series (1)This paper mainly focuses on the concept of API testing and the practice of API testing in Choerodon. API (Application Programming Interface) testing is a kind of software testing, which can perform verification directly at the API level. It is part of integration testing, which determines whether the API meets […]

  • Arrangement of big data learning resources


    GitHub addressContinue to update later in GitHub Utils4s contains a variety of common and fun tool libraries demo and use documents of scala. Through simple code demonstration and operation documents, all kinds of libraries are at your fingertips. At the same time, you are welcome to contribute a variety of fun, often used tool library. […]

  • Adjustment of GPU fan speed by Ubuntu system


    Adjustment of GPU fan speed by Ubuntu system View NVIDIA GPU temperature and speed nvidia-smi Ubuntu with desktop Can passnvidia-settingsInput image interface settings. Desktop free Ubuntu [headless Linux server] Use coolgpus script for tuning https://github.com/andyljones…Installation:Installing with pypi pip install coolgpus Use case: #Set GPU fan speed to 99% sudo $(which coolgpus) –speed 99 99 #Turn […]

  • [title] sequence counting – Blue Bridge Cup


    Title: sequence counting [problem description]Xiao Ming wants to know the number of positive integer sequences that satisfy the following conditions:1. The first term is n;2. The second term does not exceed n;3. Starting from the third term, the absolute value of the difference between each term and the first two.How many sequences are there for […]

  • Summary of interface test case ideas


    Recently, in a project, I summarized the design ideas of interface test cases mentioned in eolink usage training, mainly involving two major directions. The first direction is independent interface testing; The second direction is multi-dimensional interface testing, which is achieved by constructing scenarios to enrich the interface test data. Use case design: direction 1: Case […]

  • How Huawei cloud devcloud meets the test challenge of agile development


    As a member of the test team in agile development, in the process of microservice testing, do you also encounter the same confusion: services do not have the ability of independent verification, and the efficiency of automated use case development is low? Huawei cloud devcloud API full scene testing technology to support ~ around the […]

  • On the last day of August, we had a showdown


    Coding is now free! Unlimited number of people, unlimited functions, free use of code hosting, project collaboration, CI / CD, product library and other basic product services of coding, start the R & D collaboration management of your team at zero cost! Why free Devops is a combination of development and operations, which represents a […]

  • Mean practice — a new alternative to lamp


    Abstract: in the 1990s, lamp was popular for a time, but with the change of demand and the surge of data flow, lamp has inevitably stepped down from the altar. Recently, in the mongodb blog, Dana groce introduced a new era architecture based practice mean. Let’s go into it. [editor’s note]In the 1990s, Linux + […]